Top 31 Undeniable Signs He Misses You But Won’t Admit It

Last updated on April 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Often, when you go through a breakup, your ex-boyfriend misses you badly! But what are the signs he misses you but won’t admit it? What sign that he misses you can you think of? Today, we are going to cover the subject fully, so you know what signs he misses you to look out for. 

You know, if he misses you badly, he’ll probably try to make plans with you and keep the conversation going to the best of his ability. After all, you were his girl for some time, and he wants you back. Is there just one sign that he misses you badly? No! We are going to cover 31 signs he misses you and wants you back! This way, you’ll know exactly what this man’s thinking.

If you think your ex may not miss you all that much, you are probably wrong. Guys like to hide the signs they miss us because it makes them look vulnerable. Instead, he misses you badly; he just doesn’t want you to see the signs he misses you so much! Today, we’ll go over all the signs he misses you, so you’ll know whether it’s true or not!


31 Top Signs He Misses You (What to Look For)

Why does a guy make you look for the signs he misses you instead of just saying so? Why can’t he just admit he’s crazy about you? What are the signs he misses you and wants you back? 

There’s isn’t just one sign that he misses you to look out for. Watch for each of these signs, and if there is more than one sign he misses you, you’ll know it’s true!

However, just because you see the clear signs he misses you doesn’t mean you have to run back into his arms. Sure, he misses you, but do you miss him? Does your ex deserve a second chance? Did you give him the best years of your life, only to be dumped? The message is clear: Just because you see the signs he misses you doesn’t mean you need him in your life!

Wait until you don’t have to look for the signs he misses you, and he just comes right out and says so! If he misses you a lot, he should be a man about it and let you know what’s going on. If you see all the signs he misses you, don’t run back to him without careful consideration. Decide if he’s the right man for you before jumping into his lap again, especially if you’re just lonely!

1. He texts you all the time

he texts you all the time

When your ex sends you one text message after another, you know that he misses you and you are on his mind. The signs are clear that he wants to be with you again, but how do you feel? Are you ready to be in a relationship with him again? Did the reasons you broke up change? Did he cheat or lie? Can you really forgive him for that?

2. He finds excuses to talk to you

So, he’s calling for the millionth time to find out if he’s left something at your apartment or house. Does this mean he misses you? Definitely! He may want his college sweatshirt back, but he’s probably really only calling to hear your voice or to make an excuse to come see you. If he’s calling all the time, you know you are on his mind.

How many things did he really leave behind, and how important are they? Do you really think he cares about those things? If he didn’t want anything to do with you anymore, he’d just have one of his guy friends come over to grab it, right? This is a clear sign he wants more attention from you. 

3. He talks to your friends about you

Did your friends tell you that your ex has been asking questions about you? If they are saying that he will not leave them alone, you know that this is a clear sign he misses you and is curious about what is going on in your life. Why else would he be bothering your girlfriends? If he didn’t want you to still be his girlfriend, he’d leave them alone.

4. He does something sweet for you

Did this guy remember your birthday and send you roses? That was really sweet of him, but it’s also a sign he wants you to be happy and cares about you even though the two of you have broken up. He’s doing something nice for you because he probably still has feelings for you and wants you to know that. Watch for the signs he’s still in love.

If your ex is doing nice things for you and you think he’s doing it because he’s just a nice guy, you might question this sign and wonder if he misses you. If you want him to miss you, you should do some of these things to make him miss you. He’ll soon be chasing after you and wanting you to be a couple together again. 

5. He asks you to send pictures to him

Yeah, your ex may really miss you if he’s asking you for new selfies. Has it been a while since you’ve seen one another? He might be needing some fresh photos for his phone! This is a clear sign he wishes you were still in his life. Plus, you know he thinks you are a hottie if he needs new images of you for his screensaver or whatever.

6. He sends you a holiday card or gift

Christmas is always a time of year when people hate to be alone. If this guy has decided to send you a Christmas card or holiday gift, he probably is lonely but also cares a lot about you and wants you to be happy this time of year. It’s kind of a sweet sign that you are still on his mind, but it’s also kind of sad, especially if you are lonely, too!

Don’t worry! Another guy is just a mile away and probably would love to be your boyfriend. Don’t think that just because your ex is showing signs of missing you that you have to be with him if you get lonely. There are plenty of other fish in the sea. If the two of you broke up for a good reason, you need to remember that reason and not waiver.

7. He cares about your safety and well-being

Has this guy been calling you to see how you are doing? Does he just call to check up on you? This is a clear sign he misses you and wishes you were back in his life.

8. He calls you a lot

Is your phone ringing off the wall? According to Cosmo, some guys actually call their exes from different numbers so as not to show signs of despair but to also hear their voices. If you have had a lot of missed calls from random numbers or have had a lot of hangups when people call you, it could be your ex wanting to hear your voice!

9. He keeps the conversation going

So, you finally talk after months of taking a break from one another? It’s a bit awkward, but you notice that he hasn’t changed all that much, except maybe he’s way more chatty than he used to be. He could be just wanting to chat with you to catch up and because he’s curious how you are doing, but it’s also one of those signs he’s missing you bad!

10. He pays attention to the details of your life

As you talk to this man after having no contact for a long time, you may notice he pays attention to the details. Has he been following your status updates on social media pretty steadily? Does he say things he shouldn’t know unless he’s been talking to your mutual friends? It’s a little creepy, I know, but it’s also kind of cute!

11. He does favors for you

Many times when a guy misses you, he’ll run errands for you and “take care of you” in any way that he can. It’s his way of showing you he still cares a lot for you and wishes the two of you could come to some kind of understanding so that you could get back together again. He’s probably crazy for you and wants you back!

12. He asks if you are seeing other guys

This is a rather obvious sign that a guy does miss you, but many men just say this because they are curious as to what’s going on with you. However, the majority of the time, they ask this because they are crazy jealous and want to know if anyone else is getting your love. 

13. He likes your posts on social media

You may be wondering why he seems to be liking every photo or status update you have on social media. The truth is that he misses you and wishes he knew every detail about your life like he used to. Of course, when you were with this man, he probably didn’t seem all that interested in all the details, but he was!

14. He shows up online after you get on there

It’s like he has a secret camera in your house, right? How does he know what time you will be on, and why does that seem to be the exact time that he has to be on there? It’s a bit creepy, but he probably just really misses you.

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15. He sends you instant messages online

All you want is some peace and quiet while you surf the internet, right? You may not want to be disturbed, but your ex is ready to talk at all times, it seems. My advice is to put yourself on as invisible when you get online if you don’t want him hitting you up for a conversation.

16. He surprises you in person

he surprises you in person

Has your ex ever just shown up at your door, unannounced? It’s a bit annoying. You didn’t have time to fix your hair or makeup, but he just decided to come on over whenever he wanted to. You might wonder what he wants. If you don’t want to be disturbed, don’t feel obligated to open the door and let him in! Just let him knock!

17. He stares at you

Maybe the two of you work together or are in the same class at school. You still catch him checking you out, though, even though you are broken up. He probably can’t resist you because he thinks you are so darn beautiful! Take it as a compliment because there isn't’ much you can do about him staring in your direction from time to time!

18. He tells you all about his life

When you do talk, does your ex appear to be a bit chatty? Does he want you to know every detail about what’s been going on in his life since the two of you broke up? He may really miss you and want you to know what’s happening with him. He may be lonely, or he could miss you - the person who was his best friend for so long!

19. He wants to do video chatting

If he’s requested this, you know he’s dying to get your eye. He wants to see you again as if you were on a real date. He wants to know if you still look the same, what your tone of voice is, and how you feel about him now. If you aren’t ready to face him, don’t feel like you must have a video chat with him! No one is forcing you to do that!

20. He sends you pictures of him

Many men like to send girls pics of them because they want to be memorable and not forgotten. Instead, they want to keep things as close to the status quo as possible. They actually wish things were like they used to be, so they try to do what they can to keep the relationship together. You can ignore him if you wish.

21. He tries to make you laugh

If he’s got to make you smile or laugh, you know this guy wants you to be happy. That’s sweet and a good sign he’s still hung up on you. Your smile probably brings him a great amount of joy, so he’s doing everything he can to make you smile or laugh. He wants you to have joy in your life even though you aren’t together anymore.

22. He comments on your social media posts

Is he one of your biggest fans online? He’s still got the hots for you, then! Often, a guy who comments on social media posts is following them closely and wants to make it obvious that he still has a voice in your life. 

23. He makes plans with you

So, you ran into him again at the local fast-food restaurant? That’s a bit odd unless you live in a small town, but if he’s got to make firm plans with you for a future date, you know that you are still on his mind all of the time. He can’t resist the temptation of asking you out again in the future. He looks forward to every interaction the two of you have!

24. He asks you a lot of questions

It’s a bit nosey to ask a lot of questions to your ex, but many people do this because they are curious how their lives have changed since the breakup. If he’s asking a ton of questions, you can bet he’s missing you and wants to know every detail of what’s going on in your life. He probably especially wants to know if you’re dating anyone else.

25. He gets happy just to be around you

Maybe you see each other at school, and you notice that he’s his normal self when he’s around other people, but when he’s around you, he lights up like a Christmas tree. If that’s the case, you know that you make him happy, and just being around you makes his life a little better. That’s actually kind of cool unless you are not into him anymore!

26. He drunk dials you

If this happens a lot, you know he misses you, but also it can be annoying, especially if it is at odd hours and you are trying to sleep. Be sure to set boundaries with your ex and let him know when it’s cool to text or call and when it’s unacceptable. Make sure you are clear about what you want and expect from him. 

You don’t have to answer the phone every time. You can let it go to voicemail if you don’t want to talk to him. Plus, if he’s calling you when he’s intoxicated, you know he isn’t thinking straight and probably doesn’t mean everything he is saying. You don’t need to get mixed signals from your ex if you think he’s not thinking clearly.

27. His Facebook status tells you he misses you so much

If you are still friends with your ex on Facebook and have caught a few of his status updates, you can possibly deduce his mood and intentions. Does he mention being lonely? Does he sound sad or even depressed? He may be trying to give you clear signs that he’s still missing you like crazy!

28. He wants to know if you are okay

Does he call you just to find out if you are doing alright? Does he show up at your home to find out if you are safe? If so, you may have to set healthy boundaries with him so that he knows when it’s okay to do things like that and when you need your privacy. Sometimes, it’s hard to accept new parameters when you break up.

29. He pays attention to you

Does he know all of the details going on with you - things you wonder how he knows? He might know when your next dental cleaning is, and that’s a bit odd. He may have found out by hacking into your calendar or talking to your friends. If he’s crossing a line that makes you uncomfortable, make sure you let him know. 

If you need to, get the authorities involved. Sometimes, men don’t know when they are crossing a line, and a little intervention is needed. Just tell him what you think is acceptable and what isn’t and if he doesn’t respect that, let him know you will involve the authorities. Then, do it! It’s okay to worry about your safety!

30. He reminds you of the good times

he reminds you of the good times

When you talk to your ex, does he try to remind you of how great the two of you were together as a couple? If he feels the need to make you miss him, you know that he’s craving you again. He wishes your relationship could go back to the way it once was. Make sure you hold your ground if you made the right choice in breaking up.

31. He tells you he is lonely

Some men will come outright and let you know they miss you and wish things could go back to the way they were before. Some will just let you know they are sad being alone and wish that the two of you could just work something out and get past your differences or whatever the reason you broke up was. 

Don’t budge if you feel you made the right choice. Just because your ex is sad and alone doesn’t mean it’s your responsibility to take care of him and make him feel better. There was a reason you broke up, and you don’t have to compromise with him anymore. You aren’t in a relationship. Communication about this is the key to understanding it.


How do you know if a guy misses you secretly?

One of the signs to look for is him making an effort to make plans with you to meet up. These signs that he misses you may be kind of obvious, but some guys can pull it off without you realizing they miss you as much as they do.

Does silence make a man miss you?

Playing hard to get is one of the best ways to make a man miss you. Your ex-boyfriend may try to keep the conversation going if he does get ahold of you because he misses you so much. Make plans with your friends, find new connections, and move on!

How can I make him miss me badly?

If you want your ex-boyfriend to show clear signs, he misses you; make sure you play hard to get. If he misses you badly, you’ll get many phone calls and text messages from him - clear signs he wishes you were still his girlfriend. Avoid talking on the phone in excess!

What makes a man miss a woman?

If you want to see clear signs he misses you, you should try dating someone new. If your ex knows you have a new boyfriend, that’s sure to drive him crazy! He’ll smother you with phone calls and text messages! He’ll alert you he misses you and wants you back!

Does he miss me during no contact?

He misses you a lot during the no-contact phase because you don’t get to keep the conversation going like normal. Instead, you have a sort of long-distance relationship, except you aren’t in a relationship anymore. He gets the downside of a long-distance relationship without the perks - driving him mad!

To Sum It All Up

There are clear signs he misses you when you are away from your ex-boyfriend for any period of time! What signs that he misses you can you think of? We’d love to hear what you know best! Please share and comment in the section below! We want to know what you think!

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