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There is always a pattern in dating a foreigner especially when you are a Filipino. Although each person is totally unique in their own way, the thick and thin of life are actually fairly similar.

If you happen to be a Filipino who is looking for a foreign boyfriend, you know that there are some things that are simply good and bad. Speaking of Filipino, also check the benefits of dating a Filipino man.

Actually, there is no problem in dating a foreigner besides language barrier. However if he does not know Filipino, the only language a Filipino is able to speak, it will still be fun.

It will be an adventurous journey for both of you to date if you both do not know the native language of each other. For example, you can enjoy the process of learning to say Happy Valentines in different languages.

Trying to learn each other’s native language and culture to understand each other better is what makes the relationship adventurous. It will be thrilling to discover a way to convey one party's emotion.

The question is: How do you get a foreign boyfriend? In this article, I will disclose to you how to get a foreign boyfriend if you are a Filipino. Also check things to know before marrying a Filipina. Keep on reading!

Keep Your Body Fit

Here is the thing with looking for a foreign boyfriend as a Filipino. All women are visual. Be she straight, lesbian, black or white; it does not matter.

For most men, the number one most important aspect in choosing a partner is physical fitness and foreign men are no different. They may or may not admit it but it is a different thing altogether.

When a foreign man is serious about coming to Philippines to get a girlfriend is because he wants to date someone younger than him and physically fit.  The fat part is exceptionally important in Asia because most men come to Asia wanting a partner who is not fat.

Every foreigner who ever came to the Philippines was often advised over and over again not to look for partner in Manila specifically because the women in Manila tend to be overweight.

I want you guys to understand that size matters and how important it is to look your best if you want to fulfill your international dreams.

Have an Interesting Life and Personality

If you do not have a job yet and you are not in school either, you better have something else going on in your life. Foreign men do not like leeches and if you still live with your parents, do not have a job to generate income, and are not a student, then what the hell are you doing in your life?

So, stop for a moment to take a good look at your life and work on it you before trying to get a foreign boyfriend. Or else, you might become that stereotypical Filipino gold digger that all foreign men know about. Also check signs of a fake girlfriend to understand more.

Aside from your life, you have to be interesting, too, in person. You can draw his interest by talking about your hobby and hopefully it is more than make up and new clothes. Foreign men probably do not know much about Philippines history so if you have some interesting bits of info or trivia, do not hesitate to share them.

Also, do not assume they know absolutely nothing about your culture and end up saying, “Wow, you actually know how to greet people in Filipino!” It is just downright insulting.

Stay Out of Their Money

The thing about Filipino dating a foreign man is that there is a stereotype known globally saying that Filipino women are all gold diggers. That is why do not ask him to buy you anything way too often. It may not reflect badly on your perspective. But by western standards, you have just proved you are more interested in money than the actual person.

When you are on a date in some restaurant, do not order the most expensive food on the menu because it is a typical move of a western woman who is not really interested in the man and just wants a nice free dinner. You can even offer to pay for dinner sometimes. Chance is he will turn you down but be impressed that you even offered.

Another thing to remember: Do not ask how much money he makes in a month. It is rude to begin with and absolutely unacceptable to ask a man you are on a date with. He will immediately think you just want his money.

However, if you do ask and he answers with a high number, keep your face calm and do not look too excited. Vice versa, if he answers it with a low number, do not look so depressed and be uninterested for the rest of the evening.

So, that is how to get a foreign boyfriend if you are a Filipino. Follow up and it will be easier for you. You may also want to check Phillipines dating culture.

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