Reasons Why Pisces Man Loves Scorpio Woman (9 Interesting Reasons)

Last updated on May 14, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Scorpio and Pisces are both very interesting zodiac signs. They're both romantics and cherish emotional connection a little more than other star signs do. These two signs are both similar to each other in some aspects, in other areas, they tend to complement each other despite their differences.

It's no surprise that the Pisces man finds himself crazily attracted to a Scorpio woman. He loves to openly express his emotions and he finds that the Scorpio woman doesn't only welcome this, she also reciprocates. For Pisces, this is very refreshing, because they love to have ease in their relationships. 

Are you a Scorpio woman wondering why your Pisces lover is so attracted to you? Well, there's a clear answer to that question. Below are a few reasons your Pisces boyfriend is so drawn to you.


9 Reasons Why Pisces Man Loves A Scorpio Woman

1. She's one of the most sincere star signs.

Pisces males are quite tender and slightly submissive. Consequently, they tend to be more compatible with a partner who wouldn't take advantage of these attributes. The Scorpio woman is perfect in this regard; she's sincere, open and won’t take advantage of her Pisces partner and his sensitive nature. She may even be a better partner for Pisces than her fellow star sign- the Scorpio man. 

To the Pisces man and Scorpio woman, romance is quite serious because they're more in tune with their emotions compared to other star signs. So, when they find a partner, they don't see any reason to hold back. They're quite open and honest about their feelings. 

The female Scorpio is more deeply emotional than other female star signs. When they're in love, they give themselves fully to the experience. When they love you it shows in their actions, it's undeniable. A Scorpio woman would never tease you if she isn't interested in you. This is what keeps the Pisces man coming back. 

2. Her mysterious nature keeps him curious.

Just because the Scorpio woman is open about her feelings does not mean she's easy; she has a mysterious side to her regardless. She has no problems expressing deep emotions, in fact, she quite enjoys doing so. However, she intrinsically reserves certain aspects of herself, leaving her lover constantly searching, digging, discovering, and having a good time doing so. 

This attribute is very attractive to the Pisces man. This is because Pisces males get bored easily. They appreciate a little spontaneity, adventure, and mystery in their love lives. A partner who puts everything out there and leaves nothing to be searched out, is not suitable for the Pisces man. This is why Scorpio is highly compatible with him, she feeds his craving for change and progress. 

3. She's nurturing and affectionate.

If a Scorpio woman loves and trusts you, she will pamper and care for you boundlessly. Much like the Pisces zodiac sign, Scorpio is very caring and loves to take care of the people she loves. Pisces men love this because they don’t have to worry about giving love without getting any in return. He’s able to form a strong connection with her.

The Pisces man’s appreciation for thoughtfulness and affection is visible and he finds all of this in his Scorpio partner. He can love and care for her freely without having to worry about being neglected. He’s secure in her love for him and isn’t afraid to let her see his intense emotions.

4. She's passionate.

she's passionate

Having passion is just generally attractive. It's hard to find anyone who isn't drawn to passionate love. The Pisces man isn't exempted from this, he loves a passionate woman because he's quite passionate himself.

A Scorpio woman isn't only passionate in her love life, she's very intentional and hands on in every aspect of her life. She's dedicated and serious about the things that interest her. This passion reflects greatly in her interactions. If a Scorpio woman meets a man she can trust, she becomes very passionate about their relationship. She will love her partner with all her heart and she'll invest everything; her energy, time, and even money (if necessary), in that relationship. 

The Pisces appreciates this because he also has a lot to give. He's aware that being with a woman who isn't willing to explore her emotional depth with him, would bore him. This is why he chooses the generous and passionate Scorpio.

5. She's emotionally sensitive.

Pisces and Scorpio are both water signs and both represent the depth of human emotion. The Pisces man and Scorpio woman are perfect for each other in this regard, since they would each be careful not to hurt each other

The Pisces man especially needs a woman who understands how fragile his emotions are because he will definitely protect her own. He's not only aware of his own sensitivities but empathic and careful about his partner's feelings.

The Scorpio woman's sensitivity is most noticeable when she's hurt. Scorpio women will not accommodate mean jokes or any form of mocking on her part. This kind of woman doesn't like to be treated with anything less than respect. This means that she prefers to be with a kind, thoughtful and respectful gentleman. This is why these two personalities share a unique compatibility.

The Pisces man fits into this description and is more than willing to be the gentleman she deserves. He actually prefers to be with a woman who welcomes chivalry and this is why Pisces loves her. 

6. She's assertive.

Unlike, kind, gullible and people-pleasing Pisces, Scorpio is quite assertive. She has no difficulties saying no and is not apologetic about it. This would really help the Pisces man with his weak will. When he's having problems putting his foot down on an issue, she can step in and give him a little boost. 

Even though the Scorpio woman is emotional, sensitive, and caring, she has a strong personality. She isn't easily deceived or naive. She's fully aware of her rights and won't let another human being rob her of them, or try to overstep their boundaries. She's ready to call anyone out if they attempt to play on her intelligence and she does it with utmost class and confidence.

The Pisces and Scorpio compatibility is displayed in this area. These beautiful souls complement each other. Assertiveness is a very attractive trait for a Pisces male since he really struggles in this area. Being with a Scorpio female will inspire him to stand up for himself more often and may even make him a bit more assertive with time. 

7. She's adventurous. 

Another major compatibility found with the Pisces man and Scorpio woman is the fact that they both love adventure. Pisces and Scorpio are very adventurous. A Scorpio woman believes that life should be fun and not always about serious stuff. She enjoys spontaneity every now and then and cherishes every opportunity she has to do some exploring. 

The Pisces man loves to give himself a break from everyday routine every once in a while. In fact, he isn't very friendly with the routine at all. He loves to do things based on inspiration and gut feeling. He uses travel as an escape from his everyday life and problems. You could say he equally loves spontaneity. 

The Pisces man loves Scorpio because her character cushions this part of him. Even though she can cope with routine way better than Pisces himself, she loves to shake things up a little. She can turn a routine and seemingly mundane day into an exciting one. 

She knows how to enjoy her life. This is why Pisces enjoys his relationship with her; every moment with her can feel like adventure. He doesn't need to take long trips to escape, he just needs to spend some time with her and he'll feel refreshed. 

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8. She knows what she wants.

she knows what she wants

It's common knowledge that Pisces males are very indecisive, they have problems making decisions. Even though this trait is one of his weaknesses, it doesn't seem so when his Scorpio woman is around. She has no problems making the right choices, and she's ever willing to help a confused friend in need. 

Indecisiveness is a real problem for the Pisces man, primarily because it makes him procrastinate often. He can't seem to decide on things because of the cascade of 'what ifs' going through his mind. 

A Scorpio woman believes in herself and her abilities make it easy for her to make decisions. She hardly ever makes the wrong choices and even if she does, it doesn't bother her as much as it would a Pisces. Scorpio girls are confident enough to make mistakes and learn from them.

This is why the Pisces male loves to be in a relationship with her, he can depend on her to make the tough decisions for him and he believes it will be the right one. 

9. She's active. 

Both the Pisces man and Scorpio woman are dreamers. However, people belonging to the Pisces zodiac have big dreams, yet prefer to live them out in their heads. They don't have a good relationship with reality, they prefer to live in La La land and this makes them quite lazy

The Scorpio woman is the complete opposite. She's ambitious, diligent, and very active when it comes to accomplishing her goals. She hardly second guesses herself which is one of the reasons she doesn't hesitate to take the right steps. 

This is one thing that attracts the Pisces man to her and supports their compatibility. He draws inspiration from watching her take action. The ease at which she does it equally motivates him to take his own bold steps. 


What does a Pisces man think of a Scorpio woman?

The Pisces man and Scorpio woman really love each other. They have a mind blowing compatibility that other signs cannot compete with. Their relationship is enviably smooth and they can go months without having any friction because of their easy-going nature. Pisces males love Scorpio females and are drawn to their good energy. 

Why are Pisces so attracted to Scorpios?

Pisces and Scorpio are both very spiritual signs; they know how to read energies. Pisces males are drawn to Scorpio women's cheerful energy. They admire their strength, confidence and how they make everyday life look fun and easy. Pisces especially love the fact that Scorpio girls are romantics just like they are, and this makes their relationship magical. 

Are Scorpio and Pisces soulmates?

Pisces and Scorpio are very compatible, they make a very good couple. It's safe to say that they're soulmates and their relationships are exceptional. Some believe that the Pisces and Scorpio bond is literally out of this world; they're attracted to each other's auras. Though the Pisces sign can be conflicting, Scorpio is sure about him

How can a Pisces make a Scorpio Fall in love?

 These two-star signs are both romantics, so there's not much persuasion needed. A Pisces guy has almost no difficulties wooing the ladies since they're an all-around creative sign. He especially finds ease with a Scorpio lady because they're both water signs and they bond very easily based on their similarities.

Why is Pisces so good in bed?

Pisces are said to be the best love makers relative to other zodiac signs. Their adaptable and mutable nature makes them open to trying new things. Their Sensitivity makes them generous lovers and they love to give too. The icing on the top is their ability to be affectionate and passionate. 

In Conclusion

I hope you found this write-up helpful. The Pisces Scorpio woman couple is a great mix. So if you're a Scorpion woman and you're wondering how your Pisces beau feels about you, just remember that the Scorpio-Pisces bond was literally written in the stars. Please drop your comments below and remember to share the article with friends.

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