Funny Ways To Cheer Someone Up Over Text and Make Them Smile Again

Last updated on June 6, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Having a rough day? Or a bad week? The cure to that cloud hanging over someone’s heads is simple but seriously overlooked. It is laughing. Science have proven over and over again that laughing is good for your physical and mental health.

People can get sad sometimes and we need to help them put things in perspective. We especially need to do this for our friend because after all, that’s what friends are for.

Put science to the test and help a friend out by using some funny ways to cheer someone up over text:

1. Send Them A Wholesome Meme

Good friends always exchange good memes. Find an appropriate and laughable meme to send. It is so easy to make someone laugh, isn’t it?

2. Send Them A Funny Selfie

Making yourself look funny is hilarious to other people. Maybe put on some weird looks or dramatic, silly make up then snap a selfie. It’ll take them by surprise and definitely make them bend over laughing.

3. Send Them Funny Videos In Instagram

Instagram is truly the home for all sorts of entertainment, especially funny videos that can make someone laugh. Simply go to explore and find some funny hashtag, you’ll find loads of videos there.

4. Recommend Them A Funny Account on Social Media

Are videos and memes not enough? If they want the whole package, recommend them a funny account so they can explore it themselves.

5. Send Some Inside Jokes

Friends always have inside jokes. Pull it out from the shelf and use it to make your friend happy. This is a great Messages for A Friend Who Is Sad.

6. Playfully Flirt

A flirt between friends will not be taken seriously, it will even be hilarious! Use the Ways to Flirt Without Coming On Too Strong. But remember to read the mood first. If they’re too sad, don’t do it.

7. Try Self Deprecation

We’ve all done this before and it makes people know they’re not alone in this sadness. You’ll find a ton of it if you search the self deprecating humor hashtag in Instagram.

8. Tell Them A Funny Memory With Them

tell them a funny memory with them

Remember something funny that you did together with them? Use it to remind them of the better days.

9. Tell Them Your Funny Moments Of Yours

Tell them one of a few of your embarrassment. Laughing about yourself can help someone lighten up too.

10. Plan Some Pranks

Pranks always make someone snicker and laugh. Plan a pizza call prank or a prank on your other friends.

11. Asks How They Are Doing

Sometimes, all you need to do is ask them how they are truthfully doing then use the Ways to Make Your Best Friends Feel Better when They're Down.

12. Send A Recording Of Funny Voices

Impersonations or off key singing are some short and easy ways to make someone laugh by texting.

13. Send Stand Up Comedy Videos From YouTube

Youtube have tons of stand up comedy videos. Find one that makes you laugh and recommend it to them.

14. End Cute Lines

Last but not least, try using Funny Ways to Tell Your Friends You Love Them.

Signs That Your Friend Is No Longer Gloomy

signs that your friend is no longer gloomy

Sadness can be a hard thing to move past from but with a bit of funny ways to cheer someone up over text, you’ll soon see these signs that they are happy again :

1. They Reply To Your Jokes

One of the signs that they are back up on their feet is their willingness to interact and experience joy, which is by replying to your jokes.

2. Coming Up With Their Own Joke

Many psychologist notice that a strong signs of recovery from depression is a strong sense of humor. If they come up with their own Sweet Things to Say to An Aquarius Man to Make Him Feel Happy, you can rest assured that they’re on the road of healing.

3. They Talk About Their Sadness With Ease

Now that it’s over, they can easily talk about their sadness and even find some lessons in it.

4. They Help You The Same Way

When you are struggling, they are willing to help you to which shows emotional strength.

5. They Are More Active

They’re no longer dragging their feet, having a long face, or crying. Now they go about their day as usual.

Funny ways to cheer someone up over text can help your friend get in a better mood. It is a reminder that in this life, we don’t always have to take things seriously. Sometimes the best way out of a problem is to understand how small it is and to laugh about it.

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