Funny Ways To Cheer Someone Up Over Text And Make Them Smile Again (53 Ways To Cheer People Up Via Text)

Last updated on May 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

We all have friends, spouses, partners, and other loved ones that need cheering up once in a while. Adulthood is one stressful ride, and negative energy can come from work, family, disappointments, or just having a rough day. So, how can you stir up that inner light that gets them back in a positive mood? Through laughter of course. 

Laughter is the best medicine and stress reliever. You can’t imagine the things a good laugh could cure. It turns on positive emotions and even improves health. Stress, anxiety, and negative energy do the exact opposite. Being sad doesn’t just affect your mood, it also weakens the immune system

This means that being sad or moody can increase the chances of physical ailments, depression, and auto-immune diseases. That’s why it’s pertinent to keep your friend happy whenever they feel upset or down. By paying attention to your friend's face, you’ll know when they are not in a good mood or going through a tough time. 

There are many funny ways to cheer someone up face-to-face. But, what happens when your best friend or partner is miles away? Thanks to this digital age, sending the right text may be just the right thing to cheer them up and get them smiling


53 Ways To Cheer People Up Via Text

Sending Pictures, Videos, or Memes

1. Send a meme

There are so many hilarious memes on the web today. They are free, easy to access, and won’t take up so much data. So if you don’t know what to say initially, just send a funny meme. Maybe you don’t know what’s upsetting your friend just yet. Send a funny meme and then a few love hearts right after. 

2. Send a gif

Gifs are available on many social media and messaging apps. They are short, apt, and hilarious. Gifs could get your friend laughing in no time, especially if the gif relates to something she’s going through. A man bouncing his brows, a dog digging for a bone, a clueless baby, these are just some examples of gifs to cheer someone up over text. 

3. Send them a link to a funny video online

When you don’t have the right word to say, it’s time to employ the perfect happy helper, social media. Look up funny videos on Youtube that got you and other friends laughing. Such videos spread joy and happiness faster than anything you could say offhand. Just ensure the video isn’t inappropriate or demeaning, depending on what your friend is going through. 

4. Send a funny video of yourself

Sometimes, people may not be interested in clicking on a link that will probably redirect them to a long, unrelated video. That’s why sending a funny video of yourself is smart. 

It’s one of the best ways to cheer someone up. It will have them laughing at your goofiness, and forgetting about the past in a second. It’s also the best way to get them to talk after a long one-sided conversation

5. Send a funny picture of yourself

If you don’t have a funny video on standby, then simply take a quick photo of yourself doing something goofy. Maybe make a funny face, stand or sit in a hilarious position, or do something else that he/she will relate to. Seeing you doing silly things or making goofy faces should surely make the person smile. 

6. Send them a funny picture of themselves

Sometimes, you don’t have to put much effort into creating good cheer. Simply send the person a funny picture of themself, they’ll be laughing in no time. The goofy or hilariously compromising picture will help them remember happy days. That should cheer them up in no time. Once your friend has a reason to be and stay happy, it will be easier to lighten her mood. 

7. Send a funny picture of both of you

How long have you been friends with this person? Do you have funny memories together? Use that. Giving people a reason to smile can be as simple as reminding them of the good days. A time when you both had no care in the world and attempted something witty or totally absurd. When they see how funny the picture is, they may not be able to hold back a smile. 

8. Send a link to a comedy movie

What do you watch when trying to lighten the mood? A comedy movie right? You could choose to binge-watch Kevin Hart's movies, Eddie Murphy’s classics, or those cheesy romantic comedies that can make anyone laugh. Send them a link or text the suggestion to them. Encourage them to get some popcorn and make an effort to stay happy. After an hour or two of laughing, they will certainly be happier than before. 

9. Send the link of a hilarious influencer on Instagram

send the link of a hilarious influencer on instagram

Comedy movies are perfect for moody days. However, not everyone is patient enough to sit through a two-hour film. That’s why Instagram or Twitter is the next best solution. Look for funny comedians or influencers who constantly put up funny content. 

Once you find the perfect one, send it across. If she laughs at that one, send another one and then leave them to explore the page themselves. 

10. Send a cute picture of puppies

Who doesn’t love puppies? When humor doesn’t work, then switch to cute puppy videos. If your friend is a cat person, then send them cat videos instead. Animals are warm and cuddly, and they easily spread cheer any time, any day. 

Use Your Own Sense of Humor

11. Share a funny story

Has something funny happened to you recently? Maybe a bad date? A funny incident at work? This is the best time to share it with your moody friend. Sometimes, people think their day is pathetic until you share a worse sob story. Both of you can take turns sharing funny stories and have a good laugh about it. 

12. Think of funny jokes

Laughter heals the soul. It’s the best way to rejuvenate the body and mind. So rather than waiting for the happiness fairy to spread her fairy dust all over your friend, take charge of the situation. Think of funny jokes to share, they may not be the most hilarious, but I’m sure your friend will appreciate the effort. 

13. Share an inside joke

Do both of you have a few inside jokes you have shared in the past? It’s time to check the inventory. Maybe it’s a funny event you both laughed about back in the day, it’s time for your friend to remember that. Inside jokes about your family, friends, office, organization, or friendship will help to lighten her mood and ease his/her stress.

14. Mimic a famous comedian

Do you think you don’t have a funny bone in your body? Then look up comedians with funny lines that will lighten your friend’s heart. They may know the joke, but that’s not a problem, as long as it still sounds hilarious. 

15. Do your best Kevin Hart impression

Okay, so it doesn’t have to be Kevin Hart, but we all know that the guy is pretty hilarious. You can choose to send a picture mimicking his face, or just say something he would say via a voice note. If you want, pick another comedian and try typing all some of the hilarious things they have said in movies. 

16. Record a quirky voice note

People can’t help laughing when they hear something funny, so don’t just limit your messages to texts. Send quirky voice notes that will have your friend rolling on the floor and laughing for a good minute. 

17. Be extra positive

No matter how much you try to make a friend laugh over text, they have to feel that positive vibe. Additionally, you have to remain in a vibrant mood. Why is that so important? 

The reason is simple; your friend may not respond to all the funny things you are texting immediately, he/she may be a bit of a killjoy at first. However, if you keep encouraging them and sending love and light, they’ll come out of it eventually. 

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18. Tell knock-knock jokes 

tell knock knock jokes

Yes, when all fails, try knock-knock jokes. Once you type the words ‘knock-knock’, your friend will probably burst out laughing. It’s just not the conventional sentence he/she expected when they messaged you, which is exactly what makes it hilarious. 

19. Suggest a comic stand-off

Texting something like “Okay, I didn’t want to do this, but we’re going for it. Think about your best jokes now and prepare for battle”. They may not be up for it at first, but once they warm up to the suggestion, you’ll both go crazy sharing some of the lamest and witty puns you can come up with. 

20. Text in a foreign accent

Have you ever received a text in a foreign accent before? It’s so hilarious and refreshing when the other person reads through. First of all, they are thinking, “what the?” and the more you type all your sentences in a foreign accent, the more you’ll crack them up. 

Bring Up Funny Memories

21. Talk about a time when you overcame a challenge together

It’s hard for people to look past their current challenges. That’s why it is wise to help them remember times when they overcame. It may not sound like one of the funny ways to cheer someone up over text. However, it could be quite hilarious digging up memories and laughing over them together. 

22. Remind them of an embarrassing moment

Reminding them about an embarrassing moment is the best way to lighten the mood. While they are stuck up on this current challenge, bringing up an embarrassing story will certainly distract them from their current problems. It could be an embarrassing moment only you experienced or one you both went through together. 

23. Talk about an exciting moment they don’t know about

Did something happen to you a while ago that you forgot to share with your friend? This is the time to check those archives and bring out exciting stories. It could be a strange favor that happened or something out of this world you can’t still explain. 

24. Share a funny first date story

Everyone has a funny date story that’s unique or slightly different from everyone else’s. Maybe that’s exactly what your friend needs. A hilarious first date story she has either not heard enough or heard before. Relieving it may not be as funny for you, but these are the things we do for love, right? 

25. Share a funny break-up memory

If your friend is going through a break-up, this may be the best time to roll in the most hilarious breakup stories you can think of. If you don’t have one personally, you have probably heard of some. Sharing bum stories of what other people have gone through may just be what your friend needs. 

26. Talk about a time you both broke the rules

Do you have a rebellious streak? Are the both of you way over that now? It could be sharing a memory where you both went commando in public, snuck out of school, or did other sneaky things. When people remember all the fun things they used to do, that certainly cheers them up. 

27. Talk about a memorable experience

talk about a memorable experience

A vacation, a bachelorette night, a weekend camping, a decadent night, fashion gone wrong? These are a few experiences to bring up and more. Of course, there are things you have both done that are peculiar to you. Think about the ones that will make your friend smile and remind him/her about them. 

28. Remind them about a hilarious drunk experience

Has one of you ever gotten so drunk, that you did something stupid or hilarious? Did you get it on video or at least take a picture? Even though you have no evidence, this may be the time to bring up those memories. If you don’t have any, share one about a friend and relive the funny moments you all had together. 

29. Talk about something you both did ignorantly

We have all done something pretty dumb or unthoughtful that we thought was wise at the time. Can you remember any of them? Let your friend relive those moments with you again. You can either send picture evidence, send a long text, or simply settle for an easy voice note. Ensure your voice doesn’t sound sad, remember that you’re trying to lighten the mood.

30. Share a memory that made both of you laugh so hard

There are those moments that two or more friends can never forget. An experience that made you, your friend, and everyone around roll on the floor laughing hard. It’s time to think about them. 

They could be good memories of when something great happened, or funny ones of when someone got in trouble, ordered the wrong stripper, partied hard and got a concussion, or even got arrested. Any story that will make them remember how happy and elated you both were on that day will do. 

Be Flirty

31. Compliment them

People love compliments. They may pretend not to appreciate them, but almost everyone likes to hear nice things about themselves. So, if you don’t have many funny texts to send, there are always compliments to share. 

32. Tell them how amazing they are

When someone is feeling down, they may just need to hear how special and amazing they are one more time. Things happen and people forget how amazing they have been all this while. It’s up to you to let them know that no matter what happens, they’ll never stop being amazing and special. Not just to you, but for the others that are blessed to have them in their lives. 

33. Ask them on a date

Your friend doesn’t have to be someone of the opposite sex before you promise them a nice day out on the beach. The mere thought of getting fresh air with a close friend could lighten anyone’s mood. Plus, if you both are comfortable enough to understand that there are no ulterior motives behind the effort to get out and have fun, everything will be fine. 

34. Plan an exciting hangout

When you notice a friend is down or not in a good mood, it’s time to pull out the big cards. If your friend is stressed, a little overwhelmed, and maybe even depressed because of various pressures, they won’t mind a special hang out. 

It has to be something different from the usual bar hangouts and the rest. Maybe plan a weekend getaway to another city just to take a break from the norm and let loose a little

35. Tell them how gorgeous they look

After you notice that a friend or partner is down, you can lighten up their mood by complimenting their looks. Look for a really nice picture you have of them and psych them up. Tell them how gorgeous, healthy, sexy, or hot they looked in the picture. 

If they respond positively, then go ahead and let them know that nothing should bring them down. Text something like “gorgeous people like you should never dwell on the negative, you’re too pretty/handsome/cute for that.” that should make them smile. 

36. Reply to every phrase with dirty slang

reply to every phrase with dirty slang

This should make any open-minded and fun-loving person laugh. If they are texting you about something depressing, reply to every message with a weird or dirty sentence

If your friend texts something like, “everyone in this office is just getting on my nerves” reply with something like, “girl/dude, that’s why you need to get laid” or, “just take off your panties/boxers and fling it in their faces”. That will make them laugh really hard. 

37. Reply with a serious sentence but add sensual endearments

As much as being flirty can be pleasant and funny, it can also get annoying fast if the person is a bit more angry than usual. So if they get agitated when your tone is flirty, switch back to being serious. Text something like, “I understand babe, I’m just trying to lighten the mood, I don’t like seeing you like this. You’re such a happy person… sometimes.” 

Using terms like babe, dear, honey, sweetheart or love will help them calm down if they are agitated. Just ensure you share a close relationship with this person so they don’t mistake your intentions for something else. Also, use it a lot so they’ll ask why and you can both laugh about how annoying you were being later. 

38. Start a good phrase with a flirty anecdote

“Girl, you’re too pretty for people to be hating on you this way!” “dude, with all those hard-earned, lip-licking muscles, no one should even think of messing with you” it’s like paying them a compliment but really getting in there. 

You’re getting more personal and playing around with fancy words just to get their attention and hopefully make them laugh. If you usually don’t talk to your friend this way, they'll probably suspect that you are playing around and loosen up a bit. 

39. Promise to kiss all the problems away

If you and this person are dating, or you’re really close girlfriends, you can promise to kiss all the problems away once you both meet up. Everyone loves a nice warm hug or encouraging kiss when they are down. So, even if you aren’t there to cheer them up in person, promise that friend one of those warm kisses whenever you guys get together. 

40. Send a sexy picture

This would come as a surprise for anyone who is having a tough day. They won’t see it coming, which is what makes this funny. While they are ranting about their day, and all your attempts to help have proved abortive, it’s time to switch gears. Send them a sexy picture out of the blue and sit back and laugh at their utter surprise. They will be pretty amused as well. 

Other Ways to Cheer Someone Up Over Text

41. Listen more

Do you know what’s better than giving the best advice? Simply listening. People always feel they have to stay ready with the perfect advice. Yet the truth remains that, half the time, moody people already know what to do. 

They don’t just have the energy or motivation to do so. So rather than dishing out that million-dollar motivational speech, just refrain from typing for a moment and read through their rants first. You should only intervene if they type something really dark or concerning. 

42. Be genuine

The worst thing to do is give someone a fake compliment, or try to cheer them up will fake positive vibes. A smart person will see right through that ingenuity. To spread happiness, you must be happy yourself. So before trying to cheer this person up, ensure you are in a good place as well. If not, the depressed person may end up dragging you right down with them. 

43. Give them hope

One of the reasons people fall into depression is because they lose hope. Once hope is lost, it’s hard to cheer a person up. Even the funniest jokes won’t make them laugh. That’s why it’s important to restore their hope first before focusing on their happiness moving forward. 

Remind them of another time they were in a similar situation. Or use yourself/another friend as the perfect example. Let them know that there’s a way out, and everything will be fine. 

44. Promise a fun hangout

People love a good hangout. However, if your friend, partner, or sibling is having a bad day, the last thing they want to do is go out. It’s up to you to give them a mouth-watering deal they can’t resist. 

The truth is, the more your friend is alone with their thoughts, the worse their thoughts can get. That’s why it’s important to convince them to get out of the house with the perfect day’s itinerary already planned. 

45. Distract them with pictures of food

distract them with pictures of food

Everyone loves food, it doesn’t matter how vegan or indulgent the meal is. If you know how to cook, whip something up and send them a picture. If not, Google is your friend. 

Use the search engine or screenshot meals from popular food bloggers on social media and send them through. Reassure them that there's nothing good soul food can’t solve, and maybe add in a joke about not caring about the calories. 

46. Send them positive affirmations

Sending positive affirmations is one of the safe ways to cheer someone up when you don’t know what to say. You may not know how to make them laugh or smile, but positive affirmations could do that for you. Sometimes people forget how worthy and important they are. It’s up to you to remind them of how special they truly are. 

47. Be respectful

When someone is in a negative mood, they want to be heard, understood, and respected. This is not the best time to make them feel weak or stupid. Respect their feelings and try to listen more. You may not be able to relate to the reasons for their bad mood. 

However, try not to let that show. Since you are texting, you should always stop and ensure that every sentence stays positive and respectful.

48. Be empathetic

While you want to keep the mood light and positive, it’s important to stay empathetic. Don't mention anything that would make matters worse. Also, don’t invalidate their feelings. No matter how trivial you think the situation is, ensure the other person feels understood. That means you can’t sound judgy or condescending if you hope to cheer them up. 

49. Use sarcasm

Sarcasm does not work for everyone. That is why it is important to know this person enough before trying it out. However, for the lovers of sarcasm, it’s one of the most effective ways to cheer someone up. 

Sarcasm could either offend sensitive people or get others in fits of laughter. Before you know it, their problems disappear simply because they are having a fun time exchanging banter with you. 

50. Use fun wordplay

Not everyone is a master of words, some people find it hard to say the right things at the right time. However, if you do not have issues playing on words or being smooth with your sentences, go for it. If your friend is having a tough day, effective wordplay could cheer them up. Using quirky and funny puns is certainly an effective way of helping someone out of a bad day. 

51. Stay authentic

It’s important to stay true to yourself when cheering a friend up. Don’t think about what someone else would have done in the situation. People can tell when you’re not being real. So, the first thing is to focus on the relationship you both share. 

Think about funny ways to bring back your friend or sibling’s wonderful smile. When you’re being authentic, it’s easier to connect to spread the spirit of good cheer. 

52. Plan a prank

Planning a prank is a fun way to cheer someone up. That’s because, by the time you start talking about the basics, your friend may forget about their problems in the process. Think of something funny, and that will make your friend happy. Also, ensure she engages in the planning process. The entire process could be the stress reliever he or she needs to get over a bad mood. 

53. Promise to help them get retribution

Nothing is more hilarious than plotting the perfect revenge. The reason is simple, both you and your best friend or loved one will have a good time sharing ideas. Whether it is planning the perfect heist, or keying a car, as long as it’s unrealistic it will be hilarious. If someone you know has been left with a broken heart, this is a perfect remedy. 

Suggest only over-the-top ideas so you don’t put ideas in their head. Also, ensure you give them words of encouragement right after and convince them that revenge is not the way.


How can I cheer someone up over text?

Cheering someone up over text may sound challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. When people are upset, they either need positive energy, a distraction, listening ears, or jokes that will make them laugh. Thankfully, texts are not as basic as they used to be a decade ago. With the use of emojis, memes, and gifs, you can make a friend feel better. However, it’s important to have the right words to say as well. If a friend or partner needs encouragement, you’ll have to choose your words carefully, and ensure you are being empathetic. 

How do you cheer someone up instantly?

People love different things, that’s why there are various ways to cheer different individuals up. For example, just chatting with someone over text could lift their mood. Some people just need to hear funny jokes to start smiling. Others would love the idea of having food ordered to their home. That’s why it’s instrumental to know the individual in question. What do they love doing? What makes them laugh? Sending the love and light they will personally appreciate could take away the thought of what’s bothering them.

What can I send to cheer someone up?

Laughter is a powerful tool. Sharing a funny video or a hilarious meme could instantly cheer someone up. Plus, laughing is one of the best ways to relieve stress on bad days. It will help your friend or loved one get over their past mistakes and just relax for a while. That’s because a good laugh stimulates the heart, lungs, and other vital organs. It equally triggers the release of endorphins from the brain. Additionally, funny jokes or good memories will help to spread good cheer and lighten your friend’s mood. 

How do you make someone feel better with words?

When someone is having a bad day, sometimes they just need to hear the right words. Tough times could make anyone feel bad about themselves, so it’s best to start out with a compliment. Say genuine and positive things about them that would make them smile. Once the person realizes how cherished, loved, and appreciated they are, that will certainly lift their mood. Let them know how much they have helped you. Remind them of how supportive they have been, and how much they have inspired people. 

How do you make someone smile?

There are many ways to make someone smile, especially if you have a sense of humor. However, you don’t have to be funny to make a close friend laugh. You just have to know them enough to understand what will cheer them up. Happiness can come from fun memories, shared experiences, a hilarious past event, or what is happening around you. Buying a loved one gifts, sending them an inspirational text, or offering to hang out with them can also get them smiling in no time. 

To Conclude

Getting a friend out of a negative mood may seem daunting. However, with the tips above, you’ll be able to reach out to them and cheer them up regardless of the distance. Did you enjoy reading this list? I sure hope you learned a thing or two. If you have any views on the topic, kindly remember to leave a comment below and share this article with others. 

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