Send These Comforting Messages for A Friend Who Is Sad

by Michelle Devani

Sadness is a normal part of the human experience. With a little bit of sadness, we learn to appreciate happiness better so in the end we have a more fulfilling life.

But, sometimes that sadness can be overwhelming. How do we help someone who is tired of battling the sadness?

If someone is sad and in need of help, especially our friends, we need to help them out. Most of the times, the help that they need is simply a few encouraging words.

Best Comforting Messages For A Friend Who Is Sad

  1. It’s Okay, All Storms Will Pass
  2. You Are Stronger Than Whatever You Are Fighting Right Now, I Believe In You.
  3. You’ve Survived Plenty Bad Days Before This, Right? You’ll Survive One More
  4. I Am Here If You Need Someone To Talk To
  5. I Am Here To Help You Get Through This In Any Way
  6. As Your Friend, I Will Not Leave Your Side In This Tough Times.
  7. You Will Come Out Of This Stronger, I Am Sure Of That.
  8. You Need To Let Yourself Feel This, Don’t Block Out The Feelings
  9. It’s Completely Normal To Feel This Way
  10. You Don’t Have To Feel This Way Forever
  11. Slow Down, Breathe Deep. Let Yourself Process The Emotion.
  12. Send Them The Things to Say to Your Best Friend to Make Them Cry Happily
  13. Try To Talk To Me About What’s Bothering You. Maybe That Will Help You.
  14. I Am Here For You And I Care About Your Well Being
  15. Your Mental Health Is More Important Than Anything, You Should Let Yourself Heal
your mental health is more important than anything you should let yourself heal
  1. Recovery Takes Time, Be Patient With The Progress
  2. If You Don’t Want To Be Happy Right Now, That Is Okay. Let Yourself Feel Whatever You Want To Feel.
  3. This Won’t Be For Long. Your Sadness Will Soon Go Away Without You Noticing.
  4. Sadness Is Normal, It Is A Part Of Life
  5. Use  Signs Your Best Friend is Suicidal and How to Help Them
  6. You Will Be Fine, Whatever You Are Worrying About Will Be Manageable
  7. You Can Manage This, You Have The Strength Inside You.
  8. I Know You Are Tired Of Life Right Now.But Try To Focus On Getting Through The Next Minute, Then The Next Hour, Then The Next Day. In Between The Surviving, You’ll Find Beauty
  9. I Can’t Imagine How Hard This Is For You.I’m So Sorry.
  10. You Will See Better Days. Until Then, Hang In There.
  11. I Care About You So Much, I Really Do. How Can I Make You Feel Better?
  12. Too Much Happiness Makes A Desert, Remember? Let This Rain Flow Through Your Body.
  13. This Is Not Pain. This Is A Lesson In Disguise.
  14. Right Now, Be Gentle With Yourself. Do Small Things To Make You Happy.
  15. I Know It’s Hard To Get Out Of Bed Right Now. But Please Try, You’ll Find Happiness Outside Of Your Room
  16. I’ve Been Here. I Know How It Feels.
  17. Text Them The What to Say to Your Best Friend When She Wants to Kill Herself

Extra Tips On How To Make Your Friend Happy Again

Maybe a comforting messages for a friend who is sad isn’t enough. As a good friend, you need to do some things to make them feel loved and cared for in this dark times.

Here are the extra tips on how to do just that :

1. Be A Good Listener

Sadness comes out from suppressed emotions that stems from a problem they didn’t have the courage to speak about. Being a good listener always make someone feels better. Don’t judge, just listen.

2. Bring Them Some Care Package

A sweet gesture is when you bring them the things that they love like a bunch of chocolate, cute letters, and more. They will show you the Signs That a Man Loves You.

3. Spend Some Time With Them

spend some time with them

Sadness can go away when someone is distracted. Take them out to do something fun.

4. Allow Them To Be Alone

Remember, there are a lot of benefits of Being Alone. Sometimes, they just need a moment to sort things out by themselves.

5. Read Psychology and Self Help Books

This is important for the long run. Reading these types of books makes you know yourself better and understanding others too. You’ll help yourself not get stuck in sadness and your friends too.

Sadness can have such a strong grip on us that we forget how happiness feels like. Help your friend find the silver lining by using these comforting messages for a friend who is sad. Believe us, a little gesture can go a long way.

Michelle Devani
My name is Michelle Devani, and I've been helping people with their relationships since 2003. In 2017 I decided it was about time I started a blog on the topic, and since then more than 2 million people worldwide have read my relationship advice. Drop me a comment below to let me know what you think.