Send These Comforting Messages For A Friend Who Is Sad (23 Sweet Messages to Make Them Smile)

Last updated on June 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

People experience tough times almost always. Sometimes, these periods could affect emotions, making them cry, sad, depressed, or withdraw from the world. It’s not easy facing sadness, and nobody readily expects it, which is why you should try as much as possible to be there for a friend who is sad.

When something bad happens to someone, the first instinct most people have is to give a call or pay a visit. But, in reality, not everyone appreciates it, making text messages the easier way to reach out to them, or finding out if they’re okay. 

It doesn’t mean it’s a crime to call, but it’s better to send a message asking them their preferred way of support. It may be hard to do this, especially if your friend has a different personality from you, or you’ve never experienced what they are going through. 

You may lack words to say or actions to take to make them happy. However, even though it may be a bit tricky, it’s not rocket science to send messages of encouragement to a friend who is sad. Here are 23 comforting messages you can send to your friend if they’re going through dark times.


23 Comforting Messages To Send To A Friend Who Is Sad

1. Don't worry; it’s a phase

Most times, when people go through hard times, they feel it’s the end of life. The outgoing ones may start posting depressing things on social media, while the quiet ones may stay indoors crying day in day out without reaching out to people.

If you have a friend going through the trauma of losing a valuable possession or person, send them a lovely message telling them it’s a phase. Sometimes, they may need to hear this to cheer up. Joy is not only found in comedy films, skits, or things that make people laugh. It could be in a simple text.

2. You're stronger than you know

you're stronger than you know

When you remind a person of the strength they have to overcome a situation; you naturally add to their courage to face that challenge. For instance, a friend going through heartbreak. Maybe they’ve been through a couple of toxic relationships

And as you may already know, heartbreaks make you feel like you won’t survive the next minute without your ex. Sending this sentence as one of the consoling messages to your friend is another way to boost their happiness in times of deep sadness. It will strengthen their hearts to move.

3. Hang in there

Prolonged sadness most times turns to depression. It could take a bit more than encouraging words to get anyone out of that zone when it gets to that stage. No matter what your friend may be going through, “hang in there” is a text you may want to send to them.

It may not be the first or last thing you send to them. It could be a line in an entire message or a sticker made with that statement with a bear hug or empathizing face. This has proven to work for many people, especially those that love to be mostly independent when they’re sad.

4. You'll be fine in no time

When your friend is going through a hard time, all they may need to hear from you is that they won’t have that sick feeling forever. They could be broke and need financial help. Whether you can afford it or not, they just want to know they can overcome it.

Messages like this to your friend may not make them happy immediately, but it shows you care and wish them more happiness. It means you can see the possibility of them finding a solution faster than they expect. A phrase like this is enough to make someone take bold steps.

5. Take some time off and rest

There are a few people out there who can relax and rest when they’re facing challenging problems. But, not everyone can do that. You can text this to your friend; though most of your friends may not like to hear this, you still need to tell them.

Rest doesn’t only relax sad feelings and emotions; it makes you rethink and strategize faster to solve them. If you send sentences like this as part of a whole text, it means you want the best for your friend and wouldn’t want them to die because of an issue.

6. I'm here if you need to talk

Sometimes, your friends want to be sure you have their backs, physically and otherwise. They want to call or turn and see you have time to listen to anything they have to say, whether it’s relevant or not. It’s your way of letting them know they have your shoulder to cry on.

Even if you don’t have anything to offer, it’s simple enough to tell them they’re not alone in the situation. Texts like this will give them the free will to ask you a favor they need from you and are sure you can handle it at that time.

7. It's okay to feel sad

Sadness doesn’t make you weak. It’s only an expression of your feelings when you’re disappointed about something. Most people have a particular mindset, feeling that they shouldn’t act sad even when they are. Let your friends know it’s okay to feel sad when they’re not happy. 

Texts like this will make your friend express his feelings without boundaries or vent his worries, which will unburden their heart for the best in the long term. Tell them to mourn and let it all out until they feel better about it. 

8. I'm sorry for your loss

A phrase like this is best for a friend who’s unhappy because they lost a loved one. For people who go through situations like this, you have to be careful what you send as text to most of them because they may be more sensitive than you know.

So, one of the best messages you can send apart from is “I’m sorry for your loss”. It covers up for any other thing you would love to say to them and expresses your feelings towards their current state of mind. You could also send it to friends who have lost their jobs or relationships.

9. You won't be sad forever

One good way to talk to people to eliminate some sadness is by letting them know they won’t be unhappy for a long time. No matter how bad the sadness is, when someone reminds you it’s just an experience that will end soon, it encourages you.

Do the same thing to your friend. Send this phrase as part of your messages to them to tell them the world hasn’t come to an end yet. And, they’ll always find something to bring them happiness even in the saddest moments. It fits into any context; relationships, career, or loss of a valuable friendship.

10. Take a deep breath

take a deep breath

Deep breaths help relax people’s nerves, especially when they’re close to having panic attacks. It helps people become more aware of themselves and how best to handle the challenging situation they’re going through. 

You can send it as part of your few or numerous texts to your friend. It will help to comfort them, especially if you’re not physically present when they’re fighting that phase of sadness. It could be after you’ve spoken to them on call, and it goes a long way to show how much you value your friendship. 

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11. Do you want to go for a walk?

If you’re close with your friends, they need your support to face a problem, and you know text messages may not do the trick; send them a text asking if they would like to go for a walk. Going for a walk doesn’t only mean walking on the street.

It could be driving them around to a restaurant, going out for coffee, taking them to see a movie at the cinema, or attending a show. It depends on your friend and what they’d prefer to do at that time to loosen them up a bit.

12. Take it easy on yourself

Something could happen, making your friend feel like they’re the cause of the problem. It could make them crash temporarily or even permanently. If you have pretty emotional friends going through dark times, they may start drinking, smoking, or doing drugs.

Some of them could constantly repeat hurtful things to themselves, thinking it will make everything seem better. “Take it easy on yourself” is one of the best messages you can send to them. It’s you telling your friend it won’t solve the problem if they’re hard on themselves.

13. I'll be glad to help whenever I can

“I’ll be glad to help whenever I can” is one of those texts of support you can send to any of your friends when they’re going through a challenging time. It means you’re ready to contribute to their happiness if they need you or reach out to you. 

This would not only give them hope but go as far as strengthening your friendship. Sacrificing your time, finances, schedule, and needs to help your friend in a challenging situation is something they would be grateful for; for the rest of their lives.

14. I may not be in your shoes, but I know how bad it feels

These are the words to send as texts to a friend who’s in deep trouble. You can still categorize this act under empathy. You could say you understand how they feel, but not all your friends want to hear this because they think no other person is having feelings of sadness about a situation.

That’s the best reason why you should compose your text messages like this. That way, you make it more about them instead of personalizing it or making it seem like you’re stealing the show.

15. Give yourself time to heal

People fail to understand that healing from a challenging issue is not as simple as they imagine. It takes time, and when they think it’s gone, they begin to have a few flashbacks of how it happened. That alone could cause a different sadness on its own.

“Give yourself time to heal” is one of the best messages you can send to any of your friends going through this stage of uncertainty to bring more hope. Let them know their complete joy won’t come back at once, which is why they need time to heal.

16. Do you mind if I come over?

For your friends who are afraid to leave their homes or comfort spaces, you could send them messages asking if you could go over to their place. This is because they may not be in a state of mind to receive calls or text messages, just visits.

If they accept, you could go over with drinks and food or snacks to cheer them up a bit. You could even encourage them to play games, sing karaoke, or dance. In all these events, you’ll make them smile or even laugh.

17. Leave your space for some time

The probability of slipping into depression from sadness is higher when people are left alone in their personal space. Send a few text messages advising your friend to step out of their homes or offices to stretch their bodies or breathe in some fresh air.

Of course, you may need to sound a bit firm and persuasive, especially if you feel that’s how you should talk to them to listen. But, if they’re defensive, you may want to say it as politely as possible to avoid causing additional sadness or a conflict.

18. It feels bad, but a lesson is learned

it feels bad, but a lesson is learned

This sentence could pass for one of the text messages you send to any of your friends going through some heartbreak of a series of unsuccessful relationships or losing a contract due to carelessness. Or, it may be a silly mistake on a plan they could have corrected but failed to.

Sending your friends messages like this during dark times is a way of advising them to toughen up, learn from the mistakes they’ve made, and move on. Not everyone likes to hear this, especially when the hurt of the problem is still fresh. This means you have to be sure it’s the right time to send this.

19. Focus on other happy things

Sadness could make people feel like their entire life has crumbled. It happens, but they need friends and loved ones to remind them about other things they have that will bring more happiness. Send them texts reminding them of their career success or the beautiful car they have.

It could be their lovely kids or future vacations they’ve planned and paid for. These are things that are enough to make them smile and have greater hope for living. A text like this is one way to make your friends recognize and appreciate the things that bring positive feelings.

20. Eat some comfort foods

Food helps a lot. Eating certain foods, fruits, or snacks like bananas, chocolates, or those containing sugar helps boost happiness. If your friend is a lover of food, you could send this as one of the texts of encouragement to give them more strength, physically and otherwise.

Full tummies are never known to be sad or affected by any kind of sadness. So, sending “you should try and eat something” or “I know you’re going through a tough time, but don’t stay hungry” is one of the text messages you can send to cheer your sad friends up.

21. Do you think you need a therapist?

Most people who go through dark times and can’t heal from it alone are afraid to open up and say they need therapists. Reasons being that; they may be seen as weak, their friends may advise against it, or they may not be financially capable.

Sending them a text to ask this question is one step to show you’re willing to go any mile to support them. You may not have to assure them of your support, but that line of text could raise awareness that they need help.

22. Scream if you need to

It’s not easy to coordinate yourself to think straight during a challenging time, which is why pillows have been created for people to punch when they’re emotional. You could send a text advising your friend to scream if they need to.

As funny or minor as it may sound, screaming helps to reduce sadness. It may not bring instant or as much happiness as they want to experience, but it will bring immense relief to them, making them feel much better.

23. Everything will fall into place

everything will fall into place

If there are words that help restore happiness faster, those are “everything will fall into place”. That’s because they sound soothing to the ears, they bring hope, and they’re just the right words anybody needs to hear during a tough time.

Send this as part of the messages you send to your friends going through hard times to encourage them to keep moving. It’s the best way to assure them that no matter what they’re facing, there’s light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s one of the ways to eliminate sadness.


How do you comfort someone who is sad over text?

People want to know you’re there for them to confide in. Ask them to brief you on a summary of what they’re going through if they’re okay with it. Advise them to worry less. Let them know you feel their pain and would try your best to help them or contribute to their happiness however you can.

What to send to a friend who is sad?

Depending on your friend’s personality, you could send a funny video, meme, or a funny write-up to them. Some friends are spiritual, so you send them little letters with motivational quotes. Or, you could send them little thoughtful gifts. Anything positive could work, depending on how serious the situation is.

How do you make someone smile in words?

Remind them of their strengths to face any challenge and emphasize it. Try to reminisce the best memories, whether you were together when it happened or not. Talk about a recent funny event that happened during your day. These are the little things that bring happiness to people.

How do you cheer someone up in lockdown?

Lockdown is a period when people are limited to the freedom of a few options of reaching out to their loved ones. Besides sending texts, you could video call them, play an online game that involves teammates, or suggest a comedy movie you can both see and talk about. 

What do you text someone going through a hard time?

There are numerous things to text someone going through challenges. But, to mention a few; “you’re strong enough to survive this challenge,” “you’ll scale through like you always do,” “I love you, and I’ll be here for you whenever you need my support.” These are suitable messages to motivate anyone to live life.

In Conclusion

It’s impossible to be fully there for a friend in need of happiness, but you can try your best to support them. Send these comforting messages to a friend who needs the motivation to survive a hard time and see how things go. If you like this article, please drop a comment and share it with others.

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