What To Say When Your Boyfriend Is Tired From Work (15 Things To Say To Help Him Relax)

Last updated on May 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Do you have a boyfriend with a demanding job, who is always tired from working so hard? 

Does this affect the way he acts around you?

Are you wondering if there is something you can say to cheer him up and make him act like his old self? 

This guide is here to help you with that. It features a broad range of ideas for things you can say when your boyfriend is tired from work. 

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With that said, let's dive deep into my list of things you can say to a man if he is tired from work.


How To Handle A Workaholic Boyfriend

Jobs can be stressful even for those that do not have a lot of responsibilities to deal with. The pressure to meet those deadlines and optimize profits in an organization can be very demanding and strenuous. 

Stress from a tasking job can even affect a relationship, making either or both of the partners grumpy or rude unconsciously and causing strain between them.

Most times, there is a build-up of such strain which can lead to disproportional and unsolicited arguments and fights with each other. It is best to nip this in the bud by encouraging your partner and calming him down after a long, tiring day. 

If your boyfriend is punching in the clock a lot, here are 15 things you can say to make him feel better.

15 Things To Say To Your Boyfriends When He’s Tired

1. “Let me make you a nice dinner.”

Let me make you a nice dinner

I am sure you have heard the saying; the stomach is the best way to a man’s heart. Well, it’s true. Most men have at least a moderate to a large appreciation for food. So, offering to make him a meal will go a really long way to make his day a little brighter after a long day. 

You might want to go for a nice simple meal that doesn’t take too long, or if you’re feeling nifty you can opt to make him his favorite all-time meal. We guarantee you’ll make his day.

2. “I will run you a hot bath.”

Hot baths can be very therapeutic. Offering to help him run a bath suggests to him that perhaps he needs to have one to relax him a bit. The nice steam will open up his pores and help him release some of that in-built tension. You might want to pair this with a nice glass of red wine, scented candles, and some calming music. 

3. “Do you want to talk about it?”

A lot of times, your man just wants to let go of certain frustrations from work. So, when you say this, you give him an avenue to express those frustrations and let it all out

Men need to vent too, and he will appreciate being able to talk to you about the work that he does and the inevitable, yet annoying politics that come along with it. It wouldn’t hurt to proffer solutions in areas where you have insight as well.

4. “Let’s just sleep early tonight.”

For a man tired from work, these are probably some of the most comforting words he could hear. Giving him permission to sleep early excuses him from all sorts of responsibilities of having to do other things around the house. Even if you might really want to, sometimes, just let him rest if you see he is too tired to talk.

5. “Let me give you a massage.”

Massages are muscle rubs you give to a person in order to relax their mind and de-strain their muscles. Massages are a relaxation technique for many and will definitely aid him in loosening up for the next day.

6. “Let’s play some relaxing music.”

If your man is really into music, playing him some smooth soul, RnB or even Jazz (depending on his taste) might just be the boost he needs to put him in a better state of mind. Make sure you play the music that you’re sure he likes, otherwise it could have a directly opposite effect.

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7. “You are great at what you do!”

No one likes to be criticized when they are tired, it’s like adding salt to injury. Instead of reminding him of one thing he forgot to do, pay him a compliment instead. Let him know that you see what he does every day and admire it. That would give him extra energy for the incoming days and lets him know that you appreciate him.

8. “I’m proud of you!”

Letting him know that you are proud of how hard he works and all he does for the relationship could encourage him a lot. Appreciation always makes a partner feel special and loved, so when he feels exhausted, he knows he has a safe place with you. 

9. “It’s almost the weekend.”

Imagine getting a text message like this? It puts one calming smile on your face, even though you have more to do on the weekend. One way to make each other feel better about stressful days is to make light jokes and say things that would make your partner smile

10. “Do you want to just cuddle and watch TV?”

Do you want to just cuddle and watch TV?

Sometimes, watching television can be really relaxing as well. You can get a few snacks and snuggle up with a nice tv show until bedtime. However, try not to stay up too late if it’s a weeknight, that might only make him feel more tired and cranky the next day.

11. “Do you want to be alone for now?”

This is for our more introverted men, after a full day of being in an extroverted professional environment, it might feel best to come home to peace and quiet and recharge. 

For introverts, having to stay in an environment filled with a lot of strangers/acquaintances for an 8-9-hour period might feel like hell. Your boyfriend may just need a quiet and peaceful environment where he can rest and recharge before facing more of the ‘chaos’ the next day.

12. “Hang in there.”

If your boyfriend is trying to meet a tough deadline for a project is working really hard for a promotion, he may be taking more time at the office.  In this case, it may be best not to try to distract him, but to encourage him to persevere. Perhaps you might also remind him of the rewards looming in the near future.

13. “It’s okay, I’m here with you.”

This is also another form of re-assurance. You might be missing your boyfriend a lot due to his demanding profession, and feeling abandoned. 

But you should try as much as possible to let him know that you are going through this period with him. Be there when your boyfriend needs you and let him see that you’re offering all the support you can muster.

14. “Taking a break is also part of the work.”

Perhaps, you have seen that your boyfriend is a little bit of a workaholic at this point. There is no deadline, no urgent project, but he still keeps those deadly hours at work. 

It is good to remind your boyfriend that taking a break is also a good thing to help him rest and recharge. Get him to take some time out to travel, see family, or engage in extracurricular activities.

15. “You’re so hardworking.”

Most men like to feel like they dominate in whatever they do. This would be a great ego booster for him when you see he is feeling down or tired. Don’t just let him know that he is a hard worker, but that you can’t imagine anyone else working harder than him.


How do I motivate my boyfriend at work?

The best way to motivate your boyfriend is to remind him of the reason he is working so hard. If you don’t know, ask him. Also, make it a regular habit to remind him of his goals whenever he feels discouraged. It will help him to remain focused on achieving those goals. 

You could also motivate him with a looming reward, such as the promotion he’s waiting for, a vacation he’s looking forward to, or even just the weekend that is a few days away. It’s always nice to have something worthwhile to look forward to in a difficult situation.

Why is my boyfriend tired all the time?

Probably because he works a lot. It could also be that he doesn’t manage his time and energy properly. For instance, he may be giving too little credence to the things that actually matter like family, friends, and personal time and giving too much importance to catching the game after working. 

Another reason may just be that he does not like his job. In this case, you should ask him why he’s sticking to the job and ask him what his real passions are. Ask him what he’s passionate about, or what he would be doing if money was not an issue. 

How do I treat him after a long day at work?

Treat him like you appreciate him, and do your best to spoil him in subtle ways to encourage him. You can also make him feel special by making him his favorite meal or giving him a nice foot rub to calm his nerves. 

Another great thing to do is to help him put his things in order before he gets home. Your man may not always have the time to be organized, so it would be really helpful if he comes back to a more organized house. Note that these are ways you can help and should be expected or demanded.

What to say when you’re tired?

When you are tired, you might want to ease some of the stress from yourself as well. Maybe go with cuddling and tv, or you both can just retire to bed earlier than usual.

How can I empower my BF?

You can empower him by encouraging him daily to be the person that you know he can and will be. Let him know that you believe in him and what he is trying to do and behave similarly.

On That Note,

We hope you enjoyed the list and will use these tips to help your man feel a little or a lot better after a tough day's job. If they are ingenuine, he will be able to tell intuitively. Genuinely appreciate the things that he does well, and watch the dawn of a brighter, better relationship. 

Another point worthy of note is we must not wait for bad situations before soliciting to give kind words or offering to do kind things. Did we leave any tips off the list? Let us know in the comment section below. Please like and share this article if you enjoyed it or found it useful.

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