What to Say When Someone Asks You Out and You Don't Want to Go

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There are a lot of things in life that could become easier if we are able to say no to some things. By saying no prioritizing what is important for ourselves and trying to avoid the things that we think is less important and less urgent to do.

A simple example of this will be, someone who asked you to go out. Maybe during that time you feel sick and you need to have some rest to make you feel better. And by being able to say no you can have the rest that you need to make yourself feel better.

But if you cannot say no then there will be a possibility that your sickness become worse. I understand how hard it is to actually say no to someone especially when you are not used to it. But start from now on, you need to try.

Especially if you don't like the person and you want him to go out of your life, it will be better to say it to him as soon as possible so he will know how to move on from a relationship when you are still in love, and move on faster from you. And here are some tips on what to say when someone asks you out and you don't want to.

  • Tell his friends

The second way that you can try to do is by telling his friends that you cannot go with them because of something. However, by telling his friends that you cannot go together with them means you are indirectly rejecting the offer.

And if you can talk to his friends this also mean a good thing since you have a good relationship too with them. But then, in the end you will need to face him directly to explain why you cannot join to go out with him. And if you feel more comfortable to talk to his friends, it means you know how to solve misunderstandings between friends. By then you will convince his friend better to help you to convince him that you cannot go out.

  • Say no in person

The best way to say no when someone over you something or ask you to go out is just to directly say no to them. It will work best when you say know that person in person directly. So you will be able to try to lean why you cannot join them showing his offering to ask you to go out.

Oh so it will be more proper for you to say it in person. And make him understand why you cannot go. Meanwhile, if he is currently trying to get closer to you and expecting to have a relationship with you, he will understand and try to find a proper time where you can go out with him. But, if he is not then you need to know the how do you know when a Virgo man has lost interest in you. 

  • Send a text message

I think mostly when we are not able to go out when someone ask us to go, we tend to send them a text message. And in the text message, what to say when someone asks you out and you don't want to is simply to say no.

But, if you care about the person who ask you to go out, you will explain why you cannot go out. Saying no in the text message become the frequent option since we feel more secure and can make our bold argument rather than saying no in person.

This can be the best way for you but just know that you still need to say it properly even though it is through a text message. And if you feel bad because you cannot go when he ask you to go out, you still can do some things to do to stay in touch with him beside texting.

This is the end of our topic today which talks about what to say when someone asks you out and you don't want to. Know which one is the best way for you to say no to him. Hopefully from now on you are able to learn how to say no for your own good and the people good.

Thank you for reading this article on till the end. Hopefully you can learn something and get the information that you need. And please find out another related article on our website such as things to know before dating a highly sensitive person.

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