How to Talk to Your Girlfriend about Joining The Military - Make Her Support You

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When you decide to join the military when you are currently in a relationship you will be receiving mixed results when you tell your girlfriend about it. There are possibilities that you girlfriend will support your decision and there also possibilities of your girlfriend breaking up with you, either way it is not an easy thing to tell your girlfriend that you are about to join the military.

How to Talk to Your Girlfriend about Joining The Military

The distance and change of routine that you both will experience will make you think of a way of Simple Ways to Make A Long Distance Relationship Work. You might want to sit down and think off the situation and possible outcomes to it, when you are going to tell your girlfriend that you want to enroll for military services then you should think off a way to tell your girlfriend about it which will give you a satisfactory result of her supporting your career, here are some tips that you should do.

  1. Think Of What You Are Going To Say

You might want to do some thinking and list down on a piece of paper of the pros and cons of joining the military forces. The pros will help you make your girlfriend realize that this is the right choice for the brighter future that you both can achieve and listing the cons will help calm your girlfriend knowing what kind of things that you will face when joining the military.

2. Be Honest About It

Don't ever sweeten the fact and reality about every inch of details of you going to the military. You may make it easier to get the approval from your girlfriend but it will make your life harder when you already a member of the army because one way or another she will find out about the things that you told her is a lie and you won't have the time and space to explain to her because you are currently answering to a call of duty.

3. Talk In Person

How to talk to your girlfriend about joining the military? When you are going to tell your girlfriend about a news this big and serious you might want to tell her in person because when you only tell her by a text message or a phone call it might be a lot for her to take in and she might have a barrage of questions to ask you even having an emotional breakdown.

Telling her in person might give you a psychological advantage because you can rapidly answers to her questions and comfort her whenever she is in doubt, tell her that you have many Ways to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy in Long Distance Relationship up your sleeve.

4. Encourage Trust

When a girl's loved one deploy to a battlefield it is a normal thing for a girl to feel concerned for her boyfriend's wellbeing. This is your job to make sure that she is in a state of trust when you leave for the battlefield, make sure that you have a positive talk to your girlfriend by saying things like "Trust me everything will be okay" or "I will come back a stronger man to protect you" or maybe "Don't have those bad thoughts yet, I will be careful not to get hurt". 

Saying positive kind of things will earn her trust in you and also make her keep your trust in her also because when you both are so far a way from each other the percentage of her cheating on you will increase, if she shown a Sign of Cheating in A Long Distance Relationship you might want to confront her ASAP to prevent worst possible outcome.

5. Don't Cut Off Communication Line

Another thing that a girl worry about when her boyfriend is going to have a career in military is the lack of communication that she will be receiving.

It is part true and part wrong, the true part is it is true that you won't be able to communicate with her as often like before you jump right into a military career and the wrong part is depend on what kind of military branch you are in you will still be able to communicate with your girlfriend through letters, some military branch may allow you to have a access through social media to have a voice or video call with your girlfriend.

When she is concerned about the communication issues make sure you comfort her by saying stuff like "don't worry we can communicate via letter writing, it'll be  fun!" or "In my battalion, they allow me to access social media, just keep your phone right beside you to answer to my phone or video call". Saying things like that will lessen her concern towards the communication issues, you can also find a way make her Miss You in Long Distance Relationship to keep the sparks lit. 

6. Talk Her About The Future

Some of you join the military because you are pursuing you dream to be a military man and some of you join it because you are looking for a way to make a living fast. It is not a wrong decision to make, you just need to find a way to explain it to your girlfriend. If you already committed a long time relationship to your girlfriend and want to make military careers as a way to look for a way to build a family with her then explain it to her because you girlfriend might not understand the main reason why you decide to join the army.

Say things like " I did this for both of us, I'm deeply in love and want to make you my forever as the mother of my children. I hope you support my decision so I can find a living for the both of us". Show her some love even when distance separate the both of you, there are plenty Ways to Show Love in A Long Distance Relationship it will straighten the bond.

7. Promise Her A pleasant Time Whenever A Holiday Comes

Like any other other job in the world, a career as a military man sure have some day off or holiday where you can come home from your deployment to meet your family and loved one. Once again, depends on which branch of military are you currently enrolled at or you are applying a military career in what country the date and duration of holiday may vary.

That fact aside, promise your girlfriend that you will take her to some place that she never visit before when your holiday comes, promise her that you will take her shopping or have a fancy romantic dinner, whatever your your date idea make sure it is something new or you both dream of doing together.

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