How To Make Him Miss You In Long Distance Relationship

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Most people think that long distance relationship is just wasting of time because the percentage of failure is higher than success, you may need a commitment from both of you to make this relationship works. This relationship is usually more complicated to the various problems that eventually make this relationship must end.

This happens because long distance relationships make it difficult for couples to meet and communicate well, but, all of that really depends on the couple like where they can maintain long distance love relationship to run in harmony it is still possible to keep going with the bond you share with your partner.

Long distance relationship occurs for various reasons like ranging from different places of origin, work mutations, or decisions to continue schooling in distant places. Long distance relationship is true, and it's not impossible. The two most important factors and to be considered for long distance relationship is the factor of communication and trust factor must always always be treated.

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You must maintain this relationship well, keeping this relationship in order not to be flat or else it will end badly. You need your own way to make this relationship grow and you're the only one person who will do that. You have to make this relationship between you and your partner worth it. You have to prove that you're worth to wait for and of course you have to make him miss you all the time. It is the most simple thing you can do to make your long distance relationship not in a bad situation.


How To Make Him Miss You In Long Distance Relationship

If he misses you all the time, it will keep your relationship safe. It is mean he only thinking of you in every daily act he did and of course it's calming you down knowing that you're the only one he thinking about beside one hundred new people that he met. You need some tips to make him miss you while you're in a long distance relationship!

1. Be A Good Listener

be a good listener

How to make him miss you in long distance relationship? You and him are different now. You have to do something that totally different from him. You and him are doing your own life. He absolutely will have something that he has to do a whole day. Something fun, sad, suck, unforgettable, or anything. Make sure you be the one person who ready to listen all the things he shared without cutting off him. 

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Make sure he tell you all the things that he been through to you and you have to react to that positively in any condition. Like when he sad, you don't ever be sad too. You have to stand up for him, cheer him up. When he feels happy, you will be the one person who laugh with him. It will make him thinking of you all the time and will miss you, he can't wait to tell you all the things he been through at the end of the day because he likes talking to you. 

2. Be A Cooperative Partner

Stay out with his matters that he didn't involved you in. It will make you more mature than he thought. Don't be so possessive with him it will make him feel uncomfortable to do the long distance relationship with you. Support all the matters he chose, like what work he did, which club he join in his school, what thing he buy, and anything. It will show you a cooperative partner that he have to be with forever. 

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Let him tell you all the details of his life by himself, it will grow trust between you. Don't try to control or manipulate him. Don't ever do an act that will make him jealous. It will bad for your relationship. He will not miss you, he will feel uneasy with you. That's how to make him miss you in long distance relationship.

3. Care About Him 

Boys like to be take care of, they want a great attention from their girlfriend it will make him more precious while he afar. Show him your attention but don't exaggerate. Like remember his birthday or some special occasion, ask him about his day, ask him if he already eat or not, learn his schedule, remind him to take care himself. You have to make him feel so precious with you. 

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For example when he get sick, tell him to see a doctor, remind him to take a medicine, telling his friend that he already introduce to you to keeping an eye of him for you. 

4. Keep In Touch With Him 

keep in touch with him

You have to still communicate with him. You have to talk with him at least everyday even is just a single call, but don't call him every second. Make sure you have a long and good conversation every time you in phone with him or video call.

You can discuss about your future plan together, play games together, talk about what you will do if you see him now, remember about your first date or any special things you have to do together, arrange a vacation trip together, discuss about politics or any interesting topics, send a cute picture of you to make him miss you, send some gift, wish a simple good morning and good night, or anything. Just don't constantly texting or calling him, he will not have a time to think about you. He probably will not miss you so much. 

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5. Do Your Own Life 

You have to live your own life by doing something making you happy. Go out with some friends, do something fun, makeover your self, posting your daily life at your social media to let him see that and he will feel that he is a part of your daily life.

Make sure he knows that you're happy now without him and will be happier if he is with you. You have to let him saw your beautiful smile and not a fake one, and he will absolutely miss you because your single smile can alluring. That's how to make him miss you in long distance relationship.

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