How to Break Up With Someone in Long Distance Relationship?

Last updated on June 15, 2022 by Michelle Devani

A long distance relationship can strengthen someone’s relationship but it can also prove that the relationship is not worth the fight. A stretched place and time can really do that to a couple.

When you can’t think of a way out, maybe you should start considering breaking up  with them. Why should you stay in a toxic relationship anyway? If you start considering that option, you also need to know the ways on how to break up with someone in long distance relationship :

  1. Calculate The Timezone

Long distance relationship means a difference of space and time. Make sure you are calling them in the right time.

  1. Calculate Their Schedule

When are they working or sleeping? The middle of the day when they are awake would be a good time.

  1. Ask Them To Be Somewhere Private And Comfortable

Whenever you are contacting them, ask them to do this because it wouldn’t be good if they break apart in public.

  1. Ask Them For More Time To Talk Or Contact Them

Make sure they aren’t busy. Say that you need them with you for a considerably long time.

  1. Ask About How They Are Doing First

Making sure they are in a good mood at first is important because you don’t want their world to crumble.

  1. Listen Intently To What They Have To Say

Being listened to is a nice feeling and it sets a good vibe at first.

  1. Call Them And Explain It

Hearing your voice and having a genuine talk is probably the best thing to do because it will soothe them more.

  1. Text Them And Explain It

If you are not big on talking, texting them with long paragraphs will be good enough as well.

  1. Don’t Say Bad Words About Them

Calling them names or saying bad words about them will just make things more rough.

  1. Tell Them About The Happy Memories You Have With Them

Remind them of the happy memories you have with them because it will make them look back with a smile.

  1. Tell Them How The Relationship Hurts You

Remember to be detailed about this because this is the main reason why you guys broke up.

  1. Tell Them Why The Relationship Is Not Working

Also remind them why the relationship can’t be repaired anymore with the Ways to Bring Back Love in A Dying Relationship

  1. Don’t Put All The Blame On Them

Putting all the blame on them will just make them feel bad and possibly angrier at you in the future.

  1. Never Leave Them Right Away

Make sure not to end things abruptly. Always stay with them a little while to make sure they are okay.

  1. Answer Questions That They Are Confused About

They might be confused on why you guys break up so they ask questions. Answer them with kindness and in detail.

  1. Say Good And Hopeful Things For Them In The Future

Remember to wish them a great and happy future even if you are not with each other anymore. 

  1. Give Them The Distance

Sometimes in order to do the Tips to Move On from a Long Term Relationship, you need to have some distance and you need to provide them with that.

  1. Never Ridicule Them

Ridiculing them after the break up is a big no and it will lead them to do the  Ways to Make Your Ex Girlfriend Regret Dumping You

  1. Don’t Reject It If They Ask To Meet You

If they ever ask to meet you, say yes because it must mean a lot to them.

  1. Expect Bad Emotions From Them

Almost everyone reacts badly after a break up so what you need to do is to expect that it is coming.

  1. Be Patient

Being patience on handling the outcome is key to a good break up.

More Tips On How To End A Long Distance Relationship

It is never easy to end something that was once so beautiful and rewarding. But if it is unrepairable, it needs to be done. Because of that you need to follow these tips on how to end a long distance relationship ;

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  1. Don’t Block Them

Not only blocking them is an immature thing to do but it also prevents each of you to reach out to each other.

  1. But Expect Them To Block You

They might block you because of their anger, be patient with that decision. 

  1. Still Be On Friendly Terms With Them

Remember to still be on friendly terms with them because it will make both of you happy.

  1. Don’t React To Their Negative Attempts To Bring You Down

If they try to do the Ways to Get Revenge on Someone You Hate, don’t react.

  1. Don’t Post Things On Social Media About Them

It’s better to stay out of this territory to make things better.

  1. Treat Them With Compassion

Compassion is important in any bad situation.

Signs That You Nailed The Break Up

Break up will never end nicely if it involves a lot of feelings. But if you have done the right things,you will at least see these signs that you nailed the break up ;

  1. They Aren’t Trying To Ruin Your Life

Although they have some bad emotion towards you, they are not trying to ruin your life which means that they have made peace with the fact that you broke up with them.

  1. You Are Still On Good Terms With Them

Despite the Reasons Why You Should Not Be Friends with Your Ex, it is actually the sign of maturity,

  1. They Understand Why You Broke Them Up

If they understand, that means you really did a good job.

Long distance relationship sucks but breaking up sucks even more. To make it suck less, you need to use the know how to break up with someone in long distance relationship. With that tips, your life will get back on track and things will be fine again.

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