Ways To Get Revenge On Someone You Hate (101 Ways)

Last updated on June 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

It could be painful to watch someone go unharmed after offending you, especially when they did it to affect you emotionally. It's okay to feel offended because some people do wrong things to people without caring how those people would feel. You may expect them to apologize afterward, but not everyone knows this.

This is one of the things that trigger people to think about revenge. Did someone do something bad to you? Do you think it's worth it to go ahead and pull a revenge against them? Sometimes, it takes energy to get revenge even though it could be fun when you're doing it and getting your expected results.

But, sometimes, you need to think and be sure it's the right thing to do. Weigh your options as many times as you can before making any move. Because the truth is, sometimes, you may end up hurting yourself more in the process of getting revenge if things don't go well. 

If someone you hate does something to you and you analyze it and are convinced that the best way to get back at them is to get revenge, it means you're ready for any consequences that come with it. Keep reading to learn 101 ways to get revenge on someone you hate. 


101 Ways To Get Revenge On Someone You Hate

1. Hide something foul-smelling in their favorite space.

It could be their bedroom, living room, or office. Make sure it's a place they love to relax in. That's how to get revenge on someone you hate.

2. Pour superglue in something very special to them.

You could pour it on a document, shoe, or cloth they cherish so much. They won't know who did it and won't take legal action.

3. Sign them up for many spam emails.

This will annoy the person in satisfying ways. They would fall victim and it would take them a while to unsubscribe from all those emails.

4. Leave threatening notes at strategic places.

This is the best option if they don't like trouble. Make it sound like a real threat to them and pretend to console them to remain in their space.

5. Mix their styling gel with super glue.

One of the ways to get revenge on someone you hate is to mix their styling gel with super glue. This would be best if they don't like messing with their hair.

6. Change their phone language to a different unknown language.

You could pretend like you want to use their phone to make a call, then do this. They'll only discover it later.

7. Make them believe something scary happens in their house.

Come up with a nonexistent fake horror story about where they live. It will play with their psychology for a while.

8. Fill their toothpaste tube with hair removal cream.

You do not need to empty the paste. You could mix it up like that. The aim is to make them spit it. That's good revenge.

9. Add the weirdest songs to their playlist.

add the weirdest songs to their playlist

This is one of the ways to get revenge on someone you hate if you're this close to them. Change their entire playlist to weird songs.

10. Spread an irresistible and unchangeable rumor about them.

You may have just one chance at this, make it work. It could be a rumor about their personal life or past.

11. Invite them unanimously for a nonexistent meeting.

One way to get revenge on someone is to tell them that there's a meeting being held. It could be work, but they find out it's not true when they get there.

12. Exchange their house and car key with a fake.

You could use a key that looks like their house key or not. The aim is to let them discover that it is not there anymore. That sweet revenge.

13. Set numerous alarms on their phone.

You could set up to five alarms at close intervals and let them suffer it with or without being there. That's one of the ways to get revenge on someone you hate.

14. Send threatening messages with different numbers.

This is another fun way to get revenge on someone. Send anonymous messages to them and leave them to figure out who the person is.

15. Say bad things about their loved ones with their names as the informer.

One of the ways to get revenge on someone you hate is to tell people horrible things about their friends and family and tell everyone that they told you.

16. Unanimously call an ambulance on them when they’re not sick.

Phone calls are the best. Invite the attention of an ambulance when they're not sick and leave them to it. That's how to get revenge on someone you hate.

17. Tell everyone their dislikes and make them feel it’s their likes.

You confuse everyone about the person you hate, making people believe that their dislikes are their likes, so people's nice gestures become their worst nightmare.

18. Sprinkle sugary things on their seats, so ants follow them anywhere they go.

It could be anything like honey, a sugary liquid, something you know ants will follow. That's one of the ways to get revenge on someone you hate.

19. Order them surprise lunch packs of foods they hate most.

Find the food they hate most or the ones they react to and buy it for them during lunch as a surprise.

20. Send them a fake unpaid bill notice.

Sometimes, it's okay to do something close to legal action. You could use a social media account for this, but make it look real.

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21. Replay anything that irritates them.

replay anything that irritates them

If there's a particular story you know that irritates them, keep saying it whenever you're with them. It will irritate them the best way.

22. Use a permanent marker to write in their favorite dress.

It could be annoying for your favorite dress to be a target for revenge, so you could do this to get revenge on someone. Draw it in a way that they can't wash it off.

23. Invite them to the same-sex party. 

Convince them to go for same-sex parties, but don't tell them what the party is about. Let them be surprised about it.

24. Remind them of their weaknesses.

Nobody wants their weaknesses to be rubbed in their faces. When you remind them of their weaknesses, that's the sweetest revenge.

25. Be sarcastic at the wrong time.

Sarcasm could be nice, but it's bad when you do it at the wrong time. Being sarcastic when it's unnecessary is one of the ways to get revenge on someone you hate.

26. Tell everyone how they messed up in public.

You could act this as a drama to mimic it exactly the way she did it. That way, you get good revenge on them.

27. Use their number as customer service for sick people.

One of the ways to get revenge on someone is to advertise their number as customer service for sick people. Let it ring all day.

28. Open a porn social media page with their name.

Won't it be hilarious to see their expression when they see this porn page with their picture? You can do this and share it with people.

29. Set them on a blind date with their worst enemy.

This could be their ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, or a work colleague they dread so much. Set them on that blind date and act like you didn't know.

30. Give their loved ones updates about the wrong things they do.

Nobody wants to appear badly to their loved ones. You can spread the wrong things about what they do to their friends and family.

31. Spread their secrets to the whole world.

If you're close friends with the person you hate, you could spread the secrets they tell you to everyone. That's the sweetest revenge to try.

32. Say disgusting things when they’re eating.

You could tell a very disgusting joke in a way that would make them see their food or snacks as being disgusting.

33. Rub their mistakes in their faces.

Rubbing someone's mistakes on them is one of the best ways you can get revenge on someone you hate. It's the worst feeling they could have. 

34. Give them wrong information about you to make them look stupid while saying it.

A good revenge you can get on someone is to tell them case information about you, especially if they talk too much. Let them say it, while you correct them.

35. Put up their number and tag them ‘single.’

One of the ways to get revenge on someone you hate is to post their number in a public place and tell everyone that they're single.

36. Tell people about their past and emphasize the negative aspects.

If you've heard any past stories about them, the sweetest revenge is telling other people those stories and emphasizing on the bad ones they did.

37. Always say things to make them feel bad.

When you want to talk to them, speak in a way that would make them feel terrible about life as a whole. Downgrade everything about them.

38. Invite them for a hangout and leave them hanging.

invite them for a hangout and leave them hanging

Ask them out on a date, leave them sitting there for a while, don't show up, and give a flimsy excuse for disappointing them.

39. Encourage them to do negative things.

You have to be very convincing here. Whether they ask you or not, talk about things they'll like to hear, but tell them the wrong things to do.

40. Make them a nice dress with loose stitches.

Act like you want to give them a nice gift. Get an old outfit with loose stitches, but don't make it obvious. That way, it loosens when they sit outside.

41. Ignore everything they say or do to you.

A great idea of a good revenge is to ignore anything the person you hate says. No matter how interesting or irritating it could be, ignore it.

42. Mix their hair removal cream with oil.

This could be so annoying. Oil would reduce the effect of the hair removal cream and make it disgusting to use. You should use this revenge.

43. Swap all their belongings to confuse them.

This depends on how close you are to them. You could swap their sugar and salt containers when they're not around.

44. Be kind to them.

Nothing beats a betrayer like your kindness. If you're seeking revenge, this is the best revenge to do to anyone. You'll leave them having many thoughts.

45. Pretend like they don’t exist.

This is another way to ignore someone you hate. Don't say any greetings and always relate with other people except them. It's a good way to get revenge.

46. Be very loud when they’re around you.

Most people don't like loud people. The sweetest revenge is talking, laughing, and behaving like you have no manners, just to them and no other person.

47. Pay deaf ears when they’re talking to you.

Pretend like there's nobody there with you. When they talk, the right option is to ignore them and keep doing anything you're doing. They'll feel threatened.

48. Look better and prettier every day.

look better and prettier every day

The best revenge for someone you hate is looking good. Dress well, have a good hairstyle and make them wish they never betrayed you.

49. Be nice to other people around them, but don’t be nice to them.

One thing that could be awkward to someone you hate is being nice to everyone except them. Make it dramatic by letting them know you mean it.

50. Give an obvious sarcastic smile when you come across them.

This is a good revenge. Smiling sarcastically would make them feel uncomfortable being in the same space as you. So, your smile will give them mixed feelings.

51. Compliment their mistakes in a bad way.

Instead of making them feel better about making mistakes, be sarcastic about them. This is one of the satisfying ways to get revenge on someone you hate.

52. Only tell people the bad things they say about those people or similar ones.

One good way to break their relationship, especially with the people they love by saying the horrible things they say about them.

53. Develop your skills.

The sweetest revenge is to work hard and develop your skills to be better than them even when they expect you to retaliate.

54. Be close to the people they hate the most.

You could take advantage of the wrong thing they did to you by getting close to the people they hate. You'll break them.

55. Do things to embarrass them in public.

You could have a little fun by doing things to embarrass them in public. You could speak rudely to them, knowing they may not fight back.

56. Write something on their car glass with a permanent marker.

It would take them hard work to wash off the marker when they see it. Write something degrading.

57. Be unnecessarily loud when they're trying to concentrate.

Get into their space and thoughts. Act like you don't know what you're doing, let them feel bad about it. They would all be victims for this.

58. If they don't love attention, always make them a center of attraction.

If they're quiet, the best way to get revenge on them is to dare them to speak in public when you know they can’t.

59. Use your body gesture to make them feel uncomfortable.

Using uncomfortable body gestures to get revenge is the best option if they read meaning into that. It could disturb them more than words.

60. Say something to make them feel insecure.

say something to make them feel insecure

It could be as simple as making a side comment about a rash on their face. It's good revenge because they'll feel uncomfortable.

61. Suggest them for meaningless gigs.

If they get a hundred dollars per hour, suggest them for five-dollar gigs. It's a great idea to stamp on their pride.

62. Use their belongings and keep them recklessly.

You could borrow their pen to write, but use it to do something very disgusting. It's one of the satisfying ways to get revenge on someone.

63. Pretend like you're sleeping and drool on their outfit.

This could take a few seconds of pouring stored-up saliva on them, but pretend you did it by mistake.

64. Scratch the body of their car.

Do this revenge secretly. Nobody will have any evidence to prove or take any legal action against you.

65. Shave their pets to look weird.

This would be hilarious and fun, and it would be a great idea if their pet knows and loves you. It's the best course of revenge on someone you hate.

66. Drip something sticky to their seat.

Make it blend with the seat, so they don't notice it before they sit on it. It will ruin their outfit and waste their time.

67. Talk about their horrible past.

One way to pull good revenge on someone is to talk about their past, especially if they don't like going back there.

68. Reshuffle their office desk, so it confuses them.

To put them into more trouble at work, you could disorganize their office desk and leave them confused.

69. Add salt to their pack of juice.

It may not necessarily be juice, it could be their bottle of cold water. That's a simple and good way to get revenge.

70. Tell them a disturbing and traumatizing story.

It could be a story of a child whose leg was amputated forcefully. It doesn't need to be true. After all, they won't have any evidence to prove you were lying.

71. Upload a recorded video of them doing something very nasty.

upload a recorded video of them dong something very nasty

It could be a video of them puking in public after a drink or random video of them doing something nasty privately.

72. Empty a pack of milk into their office drawers.

If there's a colleague that pisses you off, this is the best revenge to pull on them. It will leave them messed up.

73. Use their whole day for something very meaningless.

You could make them escort you to do grocery shopping, then spend the whole day there without considering their feelings.

74. Use their face towel to wipe dirt.

If they love face towels, the best revenge is to use their far towels to wipe something dirty. It could be on the floor or table.

75. Play loud music, especially when they're trying to sleep.

If you stay in the same house, you could place a speaker near their door while they're trying to sleep. That's good revenge.

76. Draw a tattoo on their body with a permanent marker.

All you need to do is deceive them that it's a washable marker. Add as many layers as you can and leave them to their fate.

77. Give them the wrong advice on how to handle an issue.

It could be a relationship, career, or general life advice. Give them enough proof to trust your words. That's a good way to get revenge.

78. Puncture their tires at the most critical moment.

It could be before they wake up in the morning for work or after work hours at the office. It's a revenge that would leave them stranded.

79. Drink directly from their pack of juice.

You could do this right in front of them, so they get upset. That way, you intentionally ignore them without even apologizing for the wrong thing you've done. It's like a dare.

80. Order their favorite food or snacks and don't invite them to join you.

Pick the right time and that could be when they're hungry and broke. Let them read the sign that you're intentionally doing this to offend them.

81. Pour wet ink on their favorite cloth.

All you need to do is to spill ink on their outfit. You could pretend it's a mistake or make it obvious that it was intentional.

82. Eat something to make you gassy and fart when you're in the same space with them.

You could take concentrated milk or egg and make sure to walk up to them whenever you want to fart. That's a nice revenge.

83. Say something rude to them every morning.

say something rude to them every morning

This is a great sign that you're out to frustrate them. You could text, call or walk up to them to say something rude every morning.

84. Make a degrading comment about anything they do.

Another way to get revenge is to make degrading comments about them. This could give them a sign that you truly dislike them.

85. Scare them with balloon popping sounds.

Burst balloons when they least expect and pretend it's a coincidence. This is one of the best ways to get your revenge on a person you hate.

86. Find a way to mess with their most loving relationship.

It could be the relationship with their mother, lover, or best friend. You may not break it, but you'll mess with it for a while.

87. Dump garbage inside their cars or on the bonnet.

Depending on how close you are to them, you could either dump garbage on top or inside their cars. When they see it, they'll know it's a sign from someone who dislikes them.

88. Call them late in the night and keep mute.

The best revenge for someone who values their sleep is to call them late in the night for nothing. Make the call and keep mute. It'll piss them off.

89. Use their name to write love letters to people they hate most.

This always works, especially if the people they hate most are the opposite sex. This is a good way to get revenge on someone.

90. Talk to them with food in your mouth and chew loudly.

This could be very disgusting, especially if you're eating directly in front of them. It doesn't matter if they know it's your revenge or not.

91. Pour water into their lunch, pretend it's a mistake, and don't apologize.

One good revenge you can try is spilling cold water into their lunch. Act like you didn't realize what you did and move.

92. Dip their most valuable shoes inside water.

This would be to their nerves. Dip the shoes in water and leave them there for a longer period of time for faster damage.

93. Burn some original documents that you know they'll need.

Burning original documents is extreme and an irreversible act, so think before doing this. But, it's a satisfying revenge you could try.

94. Make them miss an important appointment.

You could delay them by asking for help. If they don't agree, you pressurize them to, until they accept. It's an awesome revenge.

95. Talk while they talk, so you confuse them.

When you talk while someone is talking, you annoy them, and discourage them from talking further. That's good revenge for anybody.

96. Remind them and make them think of a horrible situation all day long.

remind them and make them think of a horrible situation all day long

If they did something they were not so proud of, make sure you do this to get back at them for what they did to you.

97. Stick an already chewed gum on top of their office desk.

A simple and nice revenge is to stick a chewing gum you've chewed on their table where their hands can touch it unconsciously.

98. Show them disgusting and sensitive content online.

If you can't give them a disgusting gift, you could show them a disgusting video on a social media platform to ruin their day.

99. Always tag them on meaningless posts online.

The best revenge for a serious-minded person is to tag them on every meaningless post online and make sure they see it.

100. Take them out on dates and leave them without any notice.

Take them out on a date and excuse yourself to either pee or make some phone calls outside. Then leave them there.

101. Talk to them with your morning breath.

You could use your morning breath to your advantage if you stay in the same house with the person you hate. Use it to talk to them.


How do you get revenge on someone you hate?

It depends on your relationship with the person. If you're close to them, you could use body gestures, and do the things that irritate them the most. Or, you could simply ignore them. But, if you're not that close to them, you could get into their space in a passive-aggressive way. For instance, getting the wrong lunch pack for them.

Can hating someone make you sick?

Yes, hating someone can make you sick. That's because you're holding back and bottling emotions. Doing this continuously will release stress hormones in the brain, hence, causing different health issues. The truth is, not everyone can recognize this even when it happens. So, you should watch how you hate someone.

What are the signs of hating someone?

Their presence irritates you. You both will have little or no eye contact. Your laughter or anything good you do together will seem forced. You both will resist each other whether you're together or not. These and more are signs of hating someone. You'll feel it in your guts.

How do you deal with people you can't stand?

You should first find out why you can't stand them. Is there any past or present reason? It could be something they did that consciously got to you. But, you should also have it in mind that whatever relationship you have with them is temporary, so be positive when you're with them, and be kind even if it's fake.

How do you get back at someone who hurts you emotionally?

Most times it's not worth getting back at anyone who hurts you emotionally because you may end up hurting yourself more. You should know that there's nothing you can do to reverse the situation. So, do the things that would make you happy and try to forgive them. Let them deal with the after-effects of the situation alone.

In Conclusion

Remember, it's not worth it getting revenge on anyone you hate. That's because it drains so much energy from you. But, if you insist, you could start with the 101 ways I've mentioned. Did you like this article? If yes, don't forget to drop a comment and share it with your friends and family.

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