Evil Ways To Get Revenge On Someone You Hate

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Being betrayed, wronged, and cheated is something that all of us will never to get a taste on. However, sometimes there are people who are not sensible enough and treat us really bad. Even though hatred is never a good thing, that feeling naturally comes out. At first you try the Ways to Kill Someone with Kindness, but things get no better. You have done so many Ways to Prove You Don't Hate Someone, but they continue to treat you bad.

You have nothing left but to get revenge. It doesn't have to be extremely bad things, but enough to give them some lessons that you are not someone to be messed with. Here are the most evil ways to get revenge on someone you hate.

1. Ignore Them

ignore them

You don't really have to keep up with someone who treats you bad. Just sit back and do nothing. It's the best way to get revenge since they will be stressed out watching you are not affected by the hatred they send at all. It's the best way to react at the Signs a Family Member Doesn't Like You.

2. Cut Them From Your Life

There's no need to be in a good terms with someone you hate at all. Especially when they are the bully who is always belittling you and insult you in front of others. Don't ever save any of their contacts and don't try to keep in touch.

3. Have Fun With Your Life

Prove that they have no influence in your life at all. You still be able to have fun without them, and that's how the best revenge works. Just act as if nothing happened and you are perfectly fine.

4. Block Them

Cutting of all contacts with them seems to be not enough. You should also block them from your social media as well. If they happen to be bullying you online, report their account to be suspended. You can do this when you see the Signs That YourBest Friend is a Frenemy.

5. No Need To Help Them

Helping others is a good deed that everyone should do since we never know when we'd need help from others. But make them an exception. You don't need to help them even when they're desperate for it.

6. Show Some Rebellious Act

You need to do something to get revenge. If they are your schoolmates or workmates, ignore all of their request and don't do any favor they ask for. Let them know that you hate them for their own doings.

7. Take A Legal Action

This is for some serious matters like borrowing money. You may take a legal action with some evidence like receipts or messages the sent. It's the rightest thing to do to deal with it anyway.

8. Speak Up

Be brave enough to talk back at them. Whenever they put on an act to hate you, answer them back with wit. They have to know what kind of person they deal with. Tell them all the Reasons Why You Don't Have Many Friends because of them.

9. Achieve Something

achieve something

Prove that you are better than them by beating them. This works best with your friend at school or work. Work hard in silence and let success be your noise. Everyone around will finally be able to see the truth.

10. Make Them Silent

You don't have to face them one on one, since all they want to do is to embarrass you in front of others. In a situation like group lunch, dominate the conversation so that they don't have time to talk, let alone insulting you.

11. Be Kind

Killing someone you hate with kindness will never go wrong. Even if you only put an act into it. This way people around would think how nice of a person you are and how bad they are.

12. Play Dirty

Dirty means dirty. Make sure this placed at most bottom list of your ways to get revenge on someone you hate. Pull a prank or frame them in an unfortunate situation. Just don't take it too far. You mean to get revenge, not doing something wrong to them.

13. Send Them Terror

When you are already highly irritated, they need to sense some kind of danger around them too. Send an anonymous letter, calls, and texts to them late at night. Make them freak out so that they have no time to wronged you.

14. Give Them Disgusting Gift

Actually this is a little bit funny. It gonna give you a big laugh, too. Try to send them a box contained five living mouse. Don't forget to choose the prettiest box possible to lift up their mood before freaking out.

15. Embarrass Them In Public

Don't stop to make fun of them. Order some of dirty movie online with their name and make sure it will be delivered to your office and try to choose the right time like in a meeting.

16. Expand Your Connections

expand your connections

Don't exile yourself from the society just because someone is belittling you. Grow yourself by expanding you connection. The more you know many people, the more support you will get.

17. Be Prettier

Hit the gym and make over yourself. Try some new styles and haircut. At least you have to physically cooler or prettier than them. It may have nothing to do with revenge, but seeing you getting prettier will make them feel small.

Hating someone with no solid reasons is surely wrong, so make sure that the one you get your revenge on is someone that hate you first. But once again revenge is not a good thing.Unless they're already passed your limits, don't do all the ways to get revenge on someone you hate. It only makes things worse. Isn't peace is all we need in the world?

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