27 Things To Say To An Ex Boyfriend To Make Him Feel Bad

by Michelle Devani

Has your heart been broken by your ex-boyfriend? 

Are you looking for a way to get back at him? 

Perhaps you’re just looking for the best way to explain how much he hurt you? 

If so, this guide might prove to be an inspiration...

It contains 27 ideas for things to say that will make your ex boyfriend feel truly horrible. 

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Below is my list of things to say to your ex-boyfriend to make him feel bad.

Words To Say To Your Ex-Boyfriend To Make Him Feel Bad

Many words will be spoken when someone is hurt during a breakup. Saying it may hurt the other person. People often do this to blame their ex partner or to hurt his/her feelings or simply just to feel better. There are many different things that we may say when we are hurt. Below are things to say to an ex-boyfriend to make him feel bad:

1. How I am now happy to be released from you

This word is usually expressed by the former who feel in the limit physically and inwardly, the sense of disappointment Because it persisted or unable to say want to split. Then late you may see some Signs a Cheating Ex Wants You Back

2. You always do what you want

you always do what you want

All decisions are on the one hand, humans can not be fully set to follow prolonged rules

3. Hope you do not regret after parting with me

Showing that we have no regrets for breaking up with him, being happy will make him feel bad and always thinking about us

4. You will not find someone like me

Like a curse, he will always remember that word and will have trouble finding your successor, even he will compare his future lover with you. But I hope you will see some Filthy Signs That Your Ex Still Cares About You

5. I thought everything would be fine with you

Wrong when choosing a partner or knowing how bad the nature of the couple and you choose to decide. It looks evil, but saying it sometimes will make the ex-conscious what his mistake

6. I wish time back when I did not know you

These words are often pronounced when deciding on her lover, choosing not to meet when time can come back. As knowing from the beginning will be hurt but still trying to establish a relationship with her lover and want to make his ex also sorry

7. Be separated with you is the best reality I've ever had

When we meet again and our life gets better this word is right to make him feel bad has let us go. Well, you will win when you show him some Ex Girlfriend Got Hotter After We Broke Up.

8. I am so grateful to have met you for your blessing, now I become a stronger woman than ever

Of course this word is spoken when the two decide to split up and one party feels so bear the pain alone because of the separation

9. Do we ever know each other?

When we meet the former who made such a big mistake and we try to forget it then he tries to talk to us like it's the right word to make him feel bad when greeting you first. Absolutely, he will just be that Obvious Signs That Your Ex Girlfriend Misses You

10. I hope I will not see you again

To warn him that we do not want to see him anytime, it will make him annoyed to see you again

11. God knows best for me. Therefore I am separated from you, because you are not the right person (good) for me

This kind of phrase is commonly spoken by a person who graciously and maturely respond to his separation either split up either and as a result of one of the couple's mistakes

12. Thank you for letting me go

thank you for letting me go

The words are usually spoken someone who is grateful for being able to part with his ex-boyfriend because while still in a relationship someone feels restrained or can not stand the attitude of the couple

13. You say you can not live without me, are you now a living corpse?

Someone who says this sort of thing usually hates their ex-spouse so much that they may split badly and quarrel beforehand. The phrase could mean that the person is disappointed with his ex-partner because of a promise that can not be kept by the ex-spouse. Well, what a nice things to say to an ex boyfriend to make him feel bad.

14. Do not expect you'll be happy after dumping me

Usually this kind of phrase is expressed by someone who has been dumped by her ex-spouse and wishes the ex-spouse to accept the same thing as received by her, such as cursing her ex-partner to never be happy with others

15. I will not cry over you

The phrase of someone who split with his ex-partner who has hurt him yet remains tough and does not regret what has happened because he thinks parting with his ex-partner will actually make her happier than ever. Here is some  Ways to Move On From Your Ex (These Tips Works!)

16. Farewell is the best way

The words are usually spoken by someone who is separated because the two sides have no match with each other, feel bored each other and feel no longer if their relationship continued, then they choose the way of separation although usually people who split like this still feel heart to leave each other

17. This is the reason I want to be apart with you

Often spoken by someone who met his former spouse who was separated because he was tired or could not stand the attitude of his former partner who could be bad and make it uncomfortable while with him

18. You say sorry after all that happened?

This phrase is commonly used by someone to answer the ex-spouse who reveals that they have regretted their past mistakes that left them separated. Usually in the past the former pair made repeated or continuous mistakes that made him not stand with the ex-spouse and then choose to end their relationship

More "Nice" Things To Say To Your Exes

more nice things to say to your exes
  1. Plays Taylor Swift song and sing, "We are never ever ever getting back together!"
  2. "Were I drunk dating you?"
  3. "It was my biggest mistake loving you!"
  4. "I wish I could be a little smarter to break up with your earlier!"
  5. "Well, my best friends was right that you were a bad idea"
  6. "I am done with you, honey!"
  7. "Like seriously?"
  8. "The number you are calling is moving on"
  9. "My new boyfriend is way hotter than a piece of you."

Many people say that parting is the best decision or the best way, when all that happens feels sorry and hurt. There is no painful separation, how someone who is always beside us just disappear must somewhere in our body will feel lost. There will be sadness that will be hidden. There may be regret for a moment even if the person wants the breakup to happen. So, that's all the best things to say to an ex boyfriend to make him feel bad.

Michelle Devani
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