29 Genius Things to Say to an Ex-Boyfriend to Make Him Feel Bad

Last updated on April 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Has your heart been broken by your ex-boyfriend? 

Are you looking for a way to get back at him? 

Perhaps you’re just looking for the best way to explain how much he hurt you? 

If so, this guide might prove to be an inspiration...

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In this article, we’ll look at what to say to your ex-boyfriend to make him feel bad and more! Plus, we’ll cover the answers to the most frequently asked questions on this topic!


Things to Say to Make Your Ex Feel Bad (What You Need to Know)

So, your ex-boyfriend broke your heart and made you cry, right? Breakups can be awful, especially if you were in a long-term relationship or were in love with him. Relationships, in general, can be tough to navigate through. If you want to get your ex back, you may have to take a different approach. To get your ex back, you may have to apologize or forgive him.

It’s best not to take revenge on your ex; dysfunctional relationships like that do not stand the test of time because they are just playing games with one another. If you’d like to send him a text message to make him feel bad, we’ll cover some things you can say to your ex-boyfriend to make him regret ending your relationship and to make him feel awful about what he did. 

1. “I’m glad we broke up; you made the right decision!”

If you say to your ex that you are glad you ended the relationship, he will wonder what he did wrong and if he made the right choice in breaking up with you (if he was the one who dumped you). As a woman, it can be hard to get over your first love, if that is the case here because you feel emotions you have never felt before.

You may think your ex is a monster and have a million mean things to say to him, but try to keep your cool. It really does no good to just be mean for the sake of being angry. Many women are able to just let the guy go and move on to a much better relationship. If you struggle with this, I’d suggest counseling or therapy to become more independent.

The last thing you want is to be dependent on someone else for your happiness. If you were counting on your ex to do something for you, make other arrangements. Don’t be needy or pathetic just to get his attention. That will probably backfire if you do that. Instead, find ways to be smart, competent, and independent by yourself!

2. “I look forward to this distance between us.”

This is a rather polite thing to say to your ex. Just let him know that you need some space and don’t even want to be friends right now because you aren’t ready for that. Show him that you are fine without him and look forward to having some distance between the two of you; he may realize that he’s made a huge error in dumping you.

3. “I’m so much happier now that we aren’t together!”

This is a great way to make your ex feel bad. It’s a bit spiteful to say something like this, but hey, you are hurt, so you are allowed to express your feelings and let your emotions out. If this is true, more power to you! Just let him know that you are doing better on your own, especially if he was in the habit of “taking care of you.”

Explain that you are managing all the things he did for you on your own. Some of the things to say to your ex include: I am making it great on my own! I love being by myself! My neighbors helped me plant those bushes you were going to do! I am enjoying life on my own! I’m doing just fine by myself, so I appreciate you leaving me alone!

4. “You did hurt me a lot.”

Sometimes, you just have to be honest and let him know that you are hurt by his actions. As a woman, you know the depths of your feelings and emotions. Let him know he did hurt you a lot and that you are struggling to get over the end of the relationship. If you wonder what things to say, just speak from the heart. He’ll feel awful for hurting you!

Most guys don’t enjoy ending partnerships if it means that you will be hurt by it all, but sometimes, they have to do it anyway for one reason or another. If you explain the truth to your ex, he may feel really bad about what he’s done and wish he could have handled things differently. You can surely make him feel guilty for his actions like this!

5. “I think we are better at being friends, anyway!”

This is something you can say to show your ex that you are happy being friends and nothing more. He will wonder why you are being so cool about the whole thing. If he left you because he thought you were too high maintenance, he might change his tune. He’ll be thinking that you are doing fine on your own and maybe he made a mistake!

6. “My new boyfriend is better in bed.”

This is a low blow, but it is a great way to make your ex feel sad that you have moved on and found someone who is better in bed. He may question his sexual performance, doubting his abilities, which is exactly what you are wanting him to do if you want to make him feel really bad for dumping you! It’s mean, but it’s effective!

7. “I didn’t know what an orgasm felt like with you.”

Like the last point, this is a great way to make a man question his masculinity. He may wonder what he was doing wrong when the two of you were having sex if he never satisfied you. Plus, he’ll be jealous that you have found someone that can please you in bed and make you happy. Your ex will be totally jealous and miss you a lot!

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8. “I’m doing so much better without you around.”

im doing so much better without you around

Just let your ex know that you are better off without him. This will make him feel bad about himself because he really wants you to be sad and miss him, begging him to come back to you. 

Some guys are like that; they just expect their exes to pine after them for a long period of time, but you don’t have to! It’s totally up to you how you respond to your ex!

9. “I know you’ll regret our breakup soon.”

If you think your ex is going to come running back to you soon, this is a great thing to say to him. Let him know that you are confident he’s made an error in dumping you and that he’ll soon regret it and want you back. Maybe even tell him that you have no plans to ever forgive him (if that is, indeed, the truth)!

10. “I wish we’d never dated.”

This is another mean thing to say to your ex, but it may be necessary if you feel like this. If you tell him you think the two of you wasted time together, he’ll wonder if you mean that. He’ll think that he doesn’t really have a special place inside of your heart like he thought he did. Instead, he’ll wonder what was so bad about your relationship.

11. “My new boyfriend treats me like a Princess.”

What a kick in the knee! Let your ex know that you aren’t messing around with your new man. In fact, you’ve found someone who treats you like royalty! No longer do you have to worry about coming in second place when it comes to his time with the guys or whatever. Instead, you always come first! He thinks you are THAT special!

You may want to brag about how well you are treated, too. I once had a new boyfriend that put my ex to shame, so I told him all about it. I got roses, sweet love letters, and other romantic gestures that I never saw from my ex. I know that just ate my ex alive - knowing that another man was out there spoiling me to death! It’s a win/win situation!

12. “I don’t think I ever respected you.”

Ouch! This one kind of hurts, but it’s worth saying if it’s true about your ex. Even if you don’t completely mean it, it’s a great way to make him feel bad. He may wonder why you were even with him if you never respected him. You can say something like, “Oh, I think I was just bored at the time and didn’t have any other viable options!”

13. “I did cry at first, but now, I couldn’t be happier!”

There’s no shame in admitting you were heartbroken for a brief period of time, but that you are doing fabulous now! I have cried after nearly every breakup I’ve been through because it is a loss - of some kind! However, over time, I heal and move on just fine. One of the first steps to healing and moving on is getting closure with your ex.

According to Psychology Today, getting closure is a normal part of the healing process. You should seek that out in order to get over this jerk who broke your heart. Part of getting closure is taking responsibility for your part in the demise of the relationship. This means owning up to all of the things you did wrong, even if you hate to do so!

Another way to get closure is to grieve the loss of the relationship. It was a loss, after all. You had someone in your life, and now they are gone - for the most part. It hurts, and that pain is normal. Next, think about your future and what’s most important to you. Where do you want to focus your attention next? What do you care about the most?

Now that you’ve established what’s most important to you, you can begin making plans for the future - where you want to go next. Think about what you want your tomorrow to look like. If you’d like to be adventurous, make plans to go on an awesome backpacking trip to Europe or just go skydiving at a local place. Have a blast! 

14. “I was getting bored with you, anyway!”

This is a great way to make someone feel pretty crappy about themselves and how they treated you. Perhaps, your ex was a jerk and didn’t like to take you out to do fun stuff. You can let him know that you really thought he was quite boring and not full of adventure like the type of man you really want to be with. That should put him in place!

15. “I don’t think we were ever in love!”

Yes, you can let him know how you really felt about him. Even if you two were a lovey-dovey couple who couldn’t keep your hands off each other, you could still say this to let him know that he hurt you in an indirect way. It’s a good way of saying that you were just faking it the whole time you were together - even if that wasn’t really true at all.

16. “I’m surprised you haven’t begged me back, but you will.”

im surprised you havent begged me back but you will

You don’t even have to say the “I’m surprised” part. You could just let him know that you know he’ll be asking for you to come back to him sooner than later. At a minimum, you know he’ll regret his decision to end things and will be begging for you to be back in his arms as soon as possible because you are just that irresistible. You know it!

17. “I now realize how bad you treated me.”

Another great way to let him know that you now realize that you can do better in the love department. You now understand how a man should treat a woman, and you are happy that the two of you are moving on from one another because you weren’t a great match.

18. “My new boyfriend keeps me happy.”

No guy likes to be compared to someone else, so your ex will surely not be happy when he sees that your new boyfriend is making you happy in ways that he never could!

19. “Although you are great, you were a big mistake.”

Don’t even bother with the first part if you are particularly hurt by the actions of your ex. Instead, just let him realize that you know he was a big mistake, a waste of time, and an experience that you could have lived without!

20. “No matter what, I will never be with you again.”

This reminds me of that Tailor Swift song. I think letting him know that under no circumstances will the two of you ever be back together again is a smart plan! Make him really wish he hadn’t made the decisions that he did. This is a great way to really mess with his head.

21. “My friends warned me about you.”

By saying this, you are admitting that your friends were right about him; you should have steered clear of him, but for some stupid reason, you didn’t.

22. “I know you’ll regret this but being apart is the best decision!”

Again, remind him that he’s made a huge mistake and let him question his decisions. However, this time, end with a great saying! State that the best choice ever was the one that took the two of you apart because you couldn’t be happier now!

23. “I should have ended things between us sooner.”

Even if you weren’t the one who ended things, you could say this because you are actually saying that you wished you had been wiser sooner rather than later. This is like saying, “Thank you for ending things because you saved me the trouble of doing it.”

24. “I’m enjoying being a player now.”

im enjoying being a player now

No one likes to think of their ex dating around with a bunch of different men. Let him linger with this thought as he thinks about how the two of you ended things! His guilt over losing you will eat him alive! He’ll wish he’d made better choices!

25. “You were such a waste of time.”

If this is your conclusion, be sure to let him know this. If this is your final statement to him, let him know this. It’s a great way of letting him know that you are no longer hurt by what he did or what he could do in the future. Instead, you are building your own beautiful future in every colorful detail that you want it to be.

26. “My new boyfriend is so much hotter than you.”

This may be a bit of a low blow, but if it’s true, why not say it? Your ex hurt you, and you want to show off your new man. Send a selfie of the two of you having a blast somewhere! Better yet, show off pictures of you two kissing and post them on social media where your ex will surely see them. What a great slap in the face!

27. “I don’t think you ever made me happy.”

Wow! Let him really have it with this one. I mean, if you feel like he never really did make you happy, you should tell him that. It will make you feel better and let him know that he was never that great of a guy to you. In fact, this may help you find closure faster as you seek to get over your ex. You don’t need thoughts of him lingering in your mind.

28. “You were never a good boyfriend - in any way.”

This statement tells your ex that he wasn’t good for you in any fashion. That means he wasn’t great in bed, he didn’t treat you well, and he wasn’t even sweet like a boyfriend should be. This will also let him know that the next girl he dates had better have low standards if she’s going to date him because he isn’t all that.

It’s always great to get under the skin of the ex who hurt you, and saying something like this will do the trick. He’ll wonder what the characteristics of a boyfriend are and how he was such a bad one. You don’t have to explain anything after the fact. Just let him know he never measured up. This will make him feel like crap and insecure about himself.

Of course, you won’t always want to make your ex feel bad about himself, but when it hurts you after a breakup, it’s the right time to be mean and hurtful. He’s crushed your heart, so why not hurt him a little bit? You are welcome to speak your mind when it comes to talking about your ex, especially when it comes to how rotten he was.

29. “You’ll never find a girl like me.”

I love saying this to exes. Remind them of your great characteristics and why they fell in love with you in the first place. Tell them all about how you are unique and different from other girlfriends who he thinks might be better than you, which, of course, he will never find! You are the best out there, and there’s no harm in letting him know that!

Remind him of why the two of you hooked up in the first place. Was it your looks he fell in love with first? Perhaps, he was drawn to your unique personality or charming attitude. Maybe you are really funny and can carry on a conversation with anyone! Perhaps, you can charm the pants off anyone because you are super social. Tell him that!

Make him regret losing you, so when he runs into you at the supermarket or mall, he thinks about what a stupid move he made in breaking up with you. Make him wish he made different choices when it came to the end of your relationship, and you’ll feel so much better about the end of things! Closure will come to you with ease!


How do you make your ex feel bad?

The best way to make your ex feel bad is to make him realize what a mistake he made by breaking up with you by showing him you have moved on. Get a new (better) boyfriend and start a relationship that has the potential for success! He’ll miss you soon!

How do I make him feel bad over text?

If you want your ex to feel regret for the breakup, you should send him a message explaining how much fun you are now having without him and how much happier you are now in your new relationship with your new man. He’ll realize his mistake!

How can I make my ex regret hurting me?

The best way to make an ex regret a breakup is by moving on with your life. Send a couple of text messages talking about how happy you are and that you never want your ex back. Instead, you are glad to have a new boyfriend who treats you right!

Does my ex feel guilty for hurting me?

What you say to your ex may or may not make him feel guilt. It really just depends on the man; some men feel a great deal of guilt when they end relationships or go through break-ups. The best things to say to your ex are words of happiness!

How do you know if your ex is unhappy?

If your ex takes revenge on you, he probably feels guilty and wants to get your attention. Sometimes, it takes a couple of minutes for a man to realize what he’s lost after a breakup. Does he seem to be depressed or upset over the breakup? Find that out first!

To Sum It All Up

What are things to say to your ex that have worked for you after a breakup? Are you a woman scorned from a bad relationship? Be sure to move on in a healthy way and forget that man! You’ll be happier on your own than in a bad relationship!

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