Ways To Stop Your Boyfriend From Breaking Up With You

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Having a boyfriend is great. It will make you feel loved, appreciated, it will even make you feel like a princess because of his special treatments to you. But sometimes suddenly it all fades away and you are left with nothing, not even a clue. Is your relationship heading to that direction?

When a relationship are heading towards an end, if you still love your partner, you should be able to do everything you can to stop the end. You need to know the Signs a Guy is Breaking Up With You. After that you need to follow the ways to stop your boyfriend from breaking up with you.


1. Reflect On Yourself

Thinking that we are the one that cause the problem in the relationship might be a scary thought, but you should still do it. Really think about the way you have treated him whether if it is intentional or not. Then assess the reason behind those actions.

2. Own Your Mistakes

own your mistakes

Make sure that he knows you know that you have mistakes. Admit that you make those mistakes without trying to defend yourself, be completely vulnerable and he might see that there is still a great love in the relationship.

3. Break The Silence

You need to get into his mind to know the real problem. That is why you need to go to a quiet place and ask him what is going on. He will resist a lot of times but demand the answer to this question. If you do this he will feel like you want to understand and you still love him.

4. Say I Love You And Mean It

Sometimes we just forgot to say i love you and your partner feel like it isn’t there. You need to show that what you are doing is not the Signs of Conditional Love so that he will feel safe in the relationship again.

5. Do Little Things For Him

No need for grand gestures to show that you love him. Start by doing little, thoughtful things that will make him remember that you really love him and this relationship is worth fighting for. The little things might be cooking him breakfast or kissing him on the cheek every morning.

6. Promise A Change

You need to promise him that you will change your behaviour that is toxic to the relationship straight away. That way he will be more confident in your relationship. You also still need to do that change everyday to really show him. This is the greatest ways to stop your boyfriend from breaking up with you.

7. Get To Know Him Better

get to know him better

To make a change, you need to know him better to make him feel understood and to be able to understand him better. That way you won’t make the same mistakes and you have a better chance on making him happy. 

8. Show Affection In A Fight

Fights will spark when a relationship is on the brink of crashing down. If you do not want to make things worse, do not defend yourself in the fight and moreover, do not attack him. Show compassion in the fight by remembering that the angry things he is doing is just because he feels small and insecure.

9. Do Not Make Decision In High Emotions

You will feel really sad or angry a lot in this period, but do not make decisions during emotions like this. The decision that come out might hurt your boyfriend more and make him want to leave even more.

10. Do Not Accuse Him

It is easy to be defensive when you feel like you are the one to blame and that leads to making false accusation about your boyfriend.  he is probably not even showing the Signs of a Man Who is a Player, it’s all in your head. Do not do this because he will feel like the trust in the relationship is gone and there is nothing to fight for.

More Tips To Not Break Up With Boyfriend

You need to do this extra step to really secure your relationship:

1. Be Completely Honest

You will be tempted to lie to please your boyfriend. do not do this. It will make the relationship more broken.

2. Initiate More Communication 

Everytime something feels a little off, you need to communicate with him it won’t lead to misunderstanding.

3. Keep Things Interesting 

Your boyfriend might be bored with the relationship so you should always make the relationship interesting by doing new, fun things.

4. Keep The Romance Alive 

keep the romance alive

The romance usually die out once the relationship have gone long enough. Do not let that happen and make sure that he knows you love him.

5. Be Supportive 

Support all his need so that he feel loved and heard.

Signs That He Is In Love With You Again

1. He Wants To Be Near You All The Time 

Before, he might avoid you because he does not like you. Now he is always near you because he can’t get enough of you.

2. You Are His Priority Again 

He starts showing the How to Know He Loves You Even When He Doesn't Say It again and you are his priority once again.

3. He Do Things That Makes You Happy 

He brings you gifts and plan surprise romantic dates because he is so excited in the relationship.

4. He Sees A Future 

Now that he is confident about the relationship, he start thinking about a future and you are in it!

5. You Have A Healthy Communication 

No more silent treatment or deadly glare. Now you are honest and open to each other once again because he trust and respect you.

You can always bounce back from a bad episode in the relationship. All you need to do is remember that you really love him and that you do not want the relationship to end. Keep doing the ways to stop your boyfriend from breaking up with you and you will soon see the signs that he is in love with you again!

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