I Want Him Back But Religious Differences Caused Our Breakup, How to Fix It?

Last updated on June 8, 2024 by Michelle Devani

You have met a guy or girl there, you feel that he or she has a crush on you. However, how do you know if a Muslim guy or girl likes you? After a long time, you feel uncomfortable about this relationship.

Then, you decide to break up even your heart say, I want him back but religious differences caused our breakup. These are some reasons you still miss him so much.

1. It feels lost

It always happens on the beginning you feel that you are losing something. And yes there are no more him. You can try this, the Taylor Swift best breakup songs to listen after a breakup.

2. Connections that are still connected

A year is a long enough time to make a relationship. This is what makes you still want it back because he is someone who is still closely connected to you.

3. He is someone who impresses you

You really really admire him, it is not just about his good looks. However, he has an impression that cannot be changed by others. These are good ways to make a good first impression.

4. Have special memories with him

Having special memories with him is a memory that cannot be taken away. This is what causes you to miss him and wants him back.

5. There is no more passion in your life

You feel very lost, without him you don't have a passion in life. Your life is no longer colored. That's the reason why you miss him so much.

Signs that you still miss him and want he comes back to you 

There are some signs below here that show you still miss him and you want he comes back to you. It is hurt, but here is the truth. You still remember how beautiful your memories of love.

1. You still text him a message

Send a text message it is okay, but if you do this repeatedly and it is always. Then, you still miss him and you want he comes back to you. It seems you want to dig something about him.

2. Make a plan to meet up

You have to do your homework, but you can not do this without him. So, you make a plan to meet up with him and it is always.

3. Tell about the past

There was a memory that he wants to forget. But, while you start to make a conversation with him you tell it about how beautiful those memories are. If you a Gemini check this also on why Gemini cannot move on from his ex.

4. Apologize for the mistake that you have made

It takes great courage to admit something honestly. You finally apologize for the mistake that you made for the first time and hope he comes back to you, again.

5. Shows jealousy

It is already 3 weeks from your breakup. Well, you still being a stalker in here. While you see him with other female's friends. You show your jealousy at your face. You can not hide it.

6. Give advice to him

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Now, you are still in the process of moving on and trying to forget him. However, on the contrary, he can't forget you and in here you give advice to him, that there must be someone better than me (you).

Tips how to let go of this relationship sincerely and moves forward

Your heart says that I want him back but religious differences caused our breakup. But, in your mind says, I want to move on but I do not know, how? Well, you should start with this, let's check below here.

1. Just do that is happening now

After breaking up, think about and stick this in your mind. Live your life now without thinking about the past. Let the past go away. Now, just focus on what you want to do. Reach your future.

2. Get closer to God

It will be better if you can take out all the feelings and all that is in your mind by getting closer to God. Praying is one of the most effective medicines to treat your heart that has been hurt.

3. Learn about the past

Learning from the past is important. In here you will understand what life means. You can know and recognize what life you will choose. Here are some signs that you are ready for a new relationship.

4. Let's start to explore a thing

If you have an adventurous spirit, why don't you try something new? You can explore new attractions or try something you've never done, such as traveling abroad.

5. Do not take a look backward

You have collected and stored all your memories with him in a box and hope you are no longer open them again. However, one day you accidentally opened it and in here you feel guilty for the breakup of this relationship.

6. Create new memories

Making new memories don't have to search for someone or a new boyfriend. However, you can make the most beautiful memories with friends or family. You can hang out with them every day and it will make every day brighter and colorful.

7. Be a better person

You now have time to improve your quality. Pursue your delayed dreams, and make your parents proud of that.

8. Stop call or text him

Yes, after the breakup it is not easy to move on forward. But, you should ready to survive from this. Start from stopping make any call or text him even post or shares about your sadness because you lost him.

Hopefully, the above on I want him back but religious differences caused our breakup may give the best answer how to moves on with something positive things. Break up it absolutely hurt, but it will come beautifully if you make your day with positive activity. Good luck.

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