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The Sad Reasons Why Gemini Cannot Move On From His Ex

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We all know that there are some relationships that the moment they are done, we have practically healed and are ready to move on. However, there are also other relationships that seem to take forever to recover from.


Love is a tricky occurrence. It is difficult to understand what we, or the other person involved, want. Often times, it leads to there being a gap in the relationship. The next step is obviously to let go and move on. But, therein too, lies a problem. We just cannot let them go even though we understand that they are not who we want to spend the rest of our life with.

For Gemini, getting over his ex-girlfriend after a breakup can take a long, long time. He may desperately want to move on, but for some reasons, he just cannot bring himself to do it. As a result, he constantly thinks about his ex-girlfriend and probably checks their Twitter and Instagram just so he knows a little bit about what is going on in their life.

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So, why Gemini cannot move on from his ex-girlfriend exactly?

How He Handles the Heartbreak

One thing he cannot do after a break-up is being alone. Not only will he tweet his ex-girlfriend, but his millions of followers will also share the rant until his past relationship is just a meme.

He is laughing when he wants to cry. He might call his ex-girlfriend at 3:00 AM crying but will be laughing by morning. When he realizes that his relationship was illogical, he starts acting illogically.

It is true that a break-up makes him go deep into an emotional roller coaster first. It is because he does not know how to handle his emotions. The only way he knows how to counterbalance the painful emotions is to crack a bunch of jokes about himself and his ex-girlfriend. You may also read: This is What to Do When Your Boyfriend Ignores You for 3 Days or More

The Amount of Time He Needs

Gemini is the one zodiac sign who never undergoes a pattern in his break-ups. It makes sense, seeing as he despises repetition and routine, and it is also why it can take him anywhere from two weeks to a month to get over an ex-girlfriend.

Sometimes, he is quick to move on and dates someone new, other times he can forget the person, but he is still not ready to put himself out there again. There really is no telling with a Gemini, but he is actually a pro at getting over people.

The Feeling He Cannot Let Go

Given that he is a Gemini, he is always compelled to adopt who he is depending on who he is with. He always feels like he has to adjust himself to other people and to certain circumstances.

And he really cannot move on from his ex-girlfriend because they were the ones who could make him feel like he can be comfortable with just being himself whenever they were together. You may also read: What Is The Most Compatible Sign for Gemini Man?

He Does Not Want to Lose

He does not let go of past relationship easily because he does not want to lose anyone; even if they were terrifying to him.

He always wants to keep people in his life and makes sure he is on good terms so when someone leaves his life unexpectedly, it makes him deeply sad and he tries to pull them back into his life because he does not want to completely lose them.

It also relates to the fact that Geminis are social people. They like having big circles of friends and are often on a good relationship with everyone. So, no wonder it must be tragic for them to lose someone they so dearly loved. Even if that someone was nasty and terrifying for them, they cannot part with that person. You may also read: Gemini Female Personality that Man Should Know

As a result, they will always try and keep in touch with everyone they know. They might also turn to be the most irritating ex-boyfriends, for they will try their best to get the love of their life back.

Help Him to Heal

Gemini is usually one of those zodiac signs who has lots of crushes flocking and it is generally easier for him to get over his ex-girlfriend, but, every once in a while, he will find some absolutely magical person who is hard to let go of. You may also read: Things You Need to Know Before You Date A Gemini

He should, therefore, use his strong socializing skills and become even more active in his social life. Who knows, maybe he will meet his true soulmate at a party, causing him to forget about his ex-girlfriend.

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