Why Gemini Cannot Move On From His Ex (7 Possible Reasons)

Last updated on July 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you wondering why a Gemini man struggles so much to move on from his ex-girlfriend or ex-wife?

Maybe you are that Gemini and you just want to know how to move on from this woman? 

Or maybe you're the ex who is sick and tired of this guy trying to get in touch and ask for you to come back? 

Either way, the facts behind why Geminis can't handle break-ups so well are listed below. 

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Below, we'll explore why Geminis tend to find it the toughest to move on from a break-up and include tips to help them feel more like their old selves.


7 Reasons Why Gemini Cannot Move On From His Ex 

Are you a Gemini man hung up on your past relationship? Are you baffled about why you’re feeling this way? If your answer is yes, then we’re here to help. 

Gemini is one zodiac sign with free-spirited and extroverted people that enjoy building relationships. Nevertheless, it’s still a celestial mark with people that have trouble moving on from their exes. It’s a confusing trait with this air sign, but we have answers to your secret questions. 

If you want to understand why people with this mark behave this way, below are seven prominent reasons.

1. He doesn’t like being alone

Second-guessing why a Gemini male can’t get over his ex is quite simple. Being an extremely social person, one of the major reasons is that he dreads being alone. A Gemini guy craves mental stimulation from external sources, which is why it might be difficult getting over his past relationship. 

Spending so much time with his partner will undoubtedly make him extremely accustomed to her. Therefore, when the association fails, a gap is quickly created. He'll feel as though there’s a vacuum in his life that he can’t seem to fill. He will undeniably miss his ex-partner’s company, and struggle with the separation.

This type of situation might even be confusing to the male individual. He might think he loves his partner too much. Nevertheless, the fear of being alone might be the major cause of his reaction. Once he fills that void in his life, he’ll feel much better. Even so, he’ll be ready to move on.

2. He can’t control his emotions

Being highly expressive, guys with this sign might struggle with controlling their emotions. Unlike individuals with water signs, a Gemini male wouldn't want to bottle up anything he’s feeling. He would rather wear his heart on his sleeves than pretend to be something he’s not. This, however, can have a ripple effect when a break occurs in his romantic association.

He’ll have countless feelings that he might not know how to react to, despite his need to express them. Thus, it might get him stuck on an ex longer than expected. He wouldn’t know how to deal with what he’s feeling, nor will he understand why certain things are happening to him. This process can make him extremely emotional and prevent him from moving forward.

Guys like this require a great deal of dedication to get out of this mind trap. The more they accept that they can’t understand every emotion, the more they’ll move past the situation. 

3. He needs more time

he needs more time

Gemini guys are known for their spontaneous behaviors. With a great deal of mental energy for social activities, such males are always pumped for new things. Therefore, men with this zodiac sign never follow patterns, This process can also apply to their romantic associations. They need their own time to get over separation from a romantic partner. 

Sometimes, it can take as little as three weeks to a month, while other times, it can take even more. There’s never a specific duration for them to drift away from someone they used to be close to. Certain circumstances and life events can cause the duration to either be shorter or longer. 

Most times, even if they try to alter the span, it doesn’t work as expected. They merely have to wait things out and understand why things are happening the way they are. On the bright side, the more they are patient with the process, the more they can grow from it instead of depreciating.

4. He’s finding it hard to adjust

Unlike other signs, Gemini guys are social butterflies that learn to adapt to the circumstances they find themselves in. Even so, they learn to adjust their characters to match those they spend time with. This process can indeed be emotional when they’ve become too accustomed to one person and they lose them.

If they’ve merged their natures with their partners, it can be hard to move on from the relationship. They’ll feel as though a part of them is gone and they have to learn to adjust afresh. Although this process is not particularly hard for them, it can be challenging for them to realize it on time. 

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Therefore, they can stay busy ruminating over the adjustments they need to make without taking active steps towards it. Accepting the reality of things early on is the only way for males with this zodiac mark to heal. 

5. He’s afraid to lose people

Another reason why Gemini men find it hard to let their partners out of their lives is that they’re generally afraid of losing people. Although extremely sociable, these individuals value their associations. They don’t look at people as strangers, but as individuals waiting to become friends. Therefore, it’s easy for them to miss their exes when a relationship ends. 

Such guys might even hold on to a toxic association, merely because of their fear of losing people. They take great pride in keeping friendships because it feeds their social natures and makes them feel complete. 

Once they see the things that their feelings are preventing them from moving forward, it is necessary for them to take active steps to counter it. They might still miss their exes, but they would have to do what’s best for them and their future. This process would be tedious and might even make them feel bad, but it’s all the more essential.

6. His ex was special

his ex was special

Another concrete reason that can contribute to a Gemini man not wanting to move forward is if he meets someone he thinks is too special to lose. Such men are already attached to their friendships and would always validate keeping their associates around. 

It’s much worse if he finds someone he has a spark with. It’ll hurt such a man trying to forget someone he truly connected with. Therefore, any breakup with that person would trouble him and prevent him from moving on. He may not necessarily be holding onto the relationship but the person. 

Guys with this sign would do anything to get back someone special they lost because they’re afraid they can’t replace them. The more others try to convince them to get ahead, the more their desire grows to reunite with their exes.

7. He needs someone new

One of the prominent reasons why a breakup hurts such a man to this extent is because there’s a void in his life that needs to be filled. The idea of a new relationship can quickly divert such a man’s attention and make him unknowingly get over his ex. If he can date again, he’ll move on without a shadow of a doubt. 

Understand that this process isn’t particularly tedious for men with this zodiac sign. They easily connect with people since they enjoy making new friends. When they find someone they can genuinely bond with, they’ll accept the reality of their previous association faster than you imagined. 

Even though they might still miss their exes, it would ache as much. Therefore, convincing such a man to make new friends can be his ticket to living their best life. 


Do Geminis get over an ex?

It’s easy for people with these signs to get over a bad breakup easily. Nevertheless, some circumstances can make the opposite a reality. They can likewise get hung over their ex long after the relationship ended. Learning to accept their reality can help them in the long run.

Why do Geminis go back to their exes?

Break ups are never a fun experience for people with this sign. With true feelings for their exes, they’d struggle to let go of the past. These individuals value their associations and generally have a fear of losing a great bond with someone.

What do Geminis do after a breakup?

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the breakup, people with this celestial mark might easily enter into new relationships. They are generally sociable and would love to get back into the dating world. Nevertheless, it’s also possible for them to get hungover over their exes because of how much they value them.

How do Geminis break up?

People with this celestial mark tend to be quite unpredictable. They might end their relationships in the most unlikely fashion, without necessarily preparing for it. It could be over the phone or at an unexpected gathering. Nevertheless, they’ll try their best to provide honest reasons.

Do Geminis like to be chased?

Men with this sign are hyperactive sociable beings who thrive on adventure. Therefore, they prefer chasing their interests rather than being chased. If you have a crush on one, it’s better to allow him to showcase interest or he’ll be indifferent towards you.

In Conclusion

Did you enjoy this article? Recall that guys with certain zodiac signs like Gemini are quite unpredictable and have hard time letting go. A Cancer man is very similar. Therefore, things can take an unlikely turn even when you don’t expect them to. Therefore, be optimistic about these men moving on from a hurtful experience. Kindly leave a comment or share this article. 

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