Hurtful Signs A Gemini Has Lost Interest With You

by Michelle Devani

Talking about love is a lot of fun. It’s sweet, heartwarming, it will melts you away, it can make you smile like a freaks, but it has dark sides. Losing interest, for example. Of course, knowing that a person that you like or even love, has already lost their interest over you would hurt you a lot.

But, no matter how you hate it, you still have to deal with it. We all know that things in life aren’t meant to last forever. People changes, feelings come and go, in any day, your crush or even boyfriend might find out that they’re no longer interested in you.

Losing interest can be triggered by many different things. Maybe he finds out you're boring, you pissed him off in a way that he can no longer tolerate, you're too busy with yourself, and the hurtful one is that he finds someone else who's more interesting and attracting than you. Well, somehow you can't control this. You can't decide or force what should people feel and what they shouldn't. All you can do is to prepare yourself to deal with it wisely and walk away smoothly.

As the one who still likes the other person, it might be hard, hurt, and sad. You need to get yourself a preparation somehow, just to make sure you’re not too surprised and then stressing out too much after losing someone. You need to know the signs that they might already show to you far before they’re truly gone from your life. By knowing those signs, later on you’ll know what should you do to deal with it well. You feel like your Gemini man has showed a change lately? Find out these signs a Gemini has lost interest with you to set your heart and mind right.

Signs A Gemini Man Lost Interest

If there’s signs when a Gemini man likes you, then there’ll also be signs that they’re over you. With or without them realizing, they have dropped signs for it beforehand. And as a girl, you should keep an eye out for these signs your Gemini man might be showing to you :

1. Dull

Of course, it’s not like, dull skin. When a Gemini man lost interest with you, there’ll be less fun in between both of you. If it used to be fun, interesting, then your date with him will feel empty, it’s like they’re there, but their heart is somewhere else.

It’s normal to have a boring time in a relationship, but when it’s coming just from him and last for long time, then maybe you got to get ready to let him go. You know what, they might even be showing these real signs of a bored husband in marriage even when they're not married to you yet.

2. Distant


Do you feel like he’s far from you even when both of you met regularly? If it’s not because of work or assignment, then you might try to pay attention. When he started to stop doing the things he used to do for quite a long time, he might has lost his interest and is over you.

3. Stop Opening Up

What's the signs a Gemini has lost interest with you? Okay, perhaps he still talks to you. But you’re the one who can tell, whether it’s a good one or just like small talks. If he stops telling you his feelings, his day, his personal thing, then he might be stressing out or perhaps he doesn’t want you the way he does before.

4. He’ll Push You Away

He would try to avoid any meeting with you, he will avoid breathing the same air with you if he doesn’t like you anymore. You won’t even realize it sometimes, that he has stop meeting you long before. They won’t bother being together with you if they’re losing interest.

5. He Doesn’t Care

He wouldn’t show those affectionate ways to make your girlfriend feel better when she is sick anymore, he will stop showering you with his caring act if he’s over you. He would even do something further, which is mentioned in the earlier point.

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6. They Seem To Be Free

Once they have already lost interest, they’ll stay away from you. But, as they’re further from you, they might get closer to their friends. Just like one of the signs your ex boyfriend is trying to make you jealous, gemini man might be more active in their social life after they lost interest. He seems happier and busier spending time with their peeps instead. You can see this easily from his social media post that's triggering your anger.

7. Cheat


Only a guy who doesn’t like you can cheat on you. There isn’t any guy who will hurt you intentionally if they’re head over heels on you. They’ll respect you, trying to treat you as well as they can, unless they actually don’t love you.

But, once you sense signs your boyfriend doesn’t find you attractive anymore, this thing might be coming after you. When a Gemini man lost interest with you, this is the worst possibility, they might cheat on you. This is also when you should stop getting hurt and walk away from this guy.

Falling in love is all about getting ready. Once you decided to have an exclusive relationship with someone you like, you’re at the same time saying that you’re ready. You’re ready for all the ups and downs, the hardships, the fights, sleepless night, and most of all, for deportation.

You don’t know how long will both of you able to stick around together, right ? You have to learn the art of letting go once you know that he’s no longer into you, and that he has lost interest with you. You got to be strong, because, even if people aren’t meant to stay, they will give you a lesson in life that you’ll need one day.

Michelle Devani
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