30 Sweet Things to Say to A Girl That’s Not Cheesy (She'll Fall for You like Crazy)

Last updated on May 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Girls love sweet things, as much as guys would do too. Which is why even girl need to know what are sweet and cute things to say to your boyfriend when he got mad at you. Sweet things can stir up a relationship and keep it away from boredom and burnout.

Girls, admit that, you know how much you love it when a guy say sweet things to you, for example when he's whispering things to say to your girlfriend while she's sleeping to you.

However, it’s also important for you guys to know what are the sweet things to say to a girl that’s not cheesy.

  1. You’re so cute
  2. I miss you so much
  3. So lucky to call you mine
  4. Looking at you is my new hobby.
  5. Cuddling with you is definitely my kind of weekend.
  6. I don’t know why but you look so pretty.
  7. Good morning baby.
  8. Missing you like crazy.
  9. Your voice's my favorite lullaby.
  10. Can you help me? I'm falling for you like crazy.
  11. You are more than enough to me.
  12. You have no idea how thankful am I for knowing you.
  13. The day I fall for you was like magic.
  14. Baby, I wanna stare at your beautiful eyes.
  15. All I want? Just to have you in my arms.
  16. Sleep tight, princess.
  17. Rise and shine, my love.
  18. You need to know that you're very important for me.
  19. Can't help but smile when I see your face.
  20. Days without you are empty.
  21. Just looking at you eating make me feel full.
  22. I wish you are here with me.
  23. Even my mom is missing you.
  24. You're too cute, I can't help.
  25. Can’t I just take you home?
  26. Thank you for being there for me, baby.
  27. I just want you.
  28. I like me better when i'm with you, baby.
  29. Can't you just stay here?
  30. What good deeds have i done that i got an angel like you?

There are a lot more sweet things to say to a girl that’s not cheesy that will melt a girl’s heart.

However, guys, sweet sayings are not everything that you can do to get your crush’s heart. Here are few tips to get a girl heart in a sweet way:

  1. Be gentle

Treat her like a princess. Simple things like opening the door for her, hold her hands, hold her shoulder when you’re going through a crowd, etc. There are a lot of things that you can do to make her feel like a girl. She’ll definitely love them too.

  1. Smile often

Some girl might like it when a guy act cool, but almost every girl would melt away when a guy smile sincerely to her. Don't just smile to her, but try using some things to say to a girl over text to make her smile.

  1. Look at her

Look at her in the way that will make even others jealous. Just by looking at a photograph of a guy who’s staring lovingly at his lover can get your girl fangirling. Can you imagine how would she feels when you do that to her? She’ll fall for you even deeper. 

  1. Remember little things

Most guy easily forget little things. Meanwhile girls actually love it when a guy don’t forget things about her or things she said. Try to remember every detail about her, she’ll feel your sincere love and affection.

Without you demanding for any affection from her. she'll automatically say sweet things to say to your boyfriend when he's depressed to you. Love her enough and she'll love you with all her heart.

Oh come on, admit it girl. Just looking at these sayings make you feel like, don't wanna be single anymore right? Guys should never forget that they need to say sweet things to say to a girl that's not cheesy to maintain the relationship. Although sometimes it might sounds silly, girls love these kind of sayings, especially from someone they love and cherish.

In relationship,  just how you start is not everything. There’s a lot more to a long term relationship that you should pay attention to and maintain. That heartwarming feels when you both are being sweet or romantic is just one of the things that should always exist in a relationship.

Girls, seems like you need to know what are the sweetest things to text your boyfriend that will make him smile. Spice up your relationship with sweet things to say to a girl that’s not cheesy.

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