83 Things To Say To Your Girlfriend While She’s Sleeping

Last updated on February 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Whispering sweet nothings to your girlfriend, especially in her sleep, is one of the best ways to improve your relationship. You may think it's a waste of time because you'd feel she won't hear. The truth is, even if she doesn't hear you physically, she could hear you in her dreams.

Say the cute things you know would make her smile if she hears them awake. That's because not all girls sleep that deep and if your girlfriend falls into this category, she may hear you talking to her in her sleep. So, you would want to say sweet words to avoid explaining so much in the morning or immediately.

This may not be every girl’s love language, but it's enough to make her feel good. As long as you don't do it violently or in a bad way to disturb her sleep. You may be surprised that doing it could improve your love for her, hence, your relationship in the long term.

If you would love to do this or continue doing it, don't worry about the things to say to her. Keep reading to learn 83 sweet things to say to your girlfriend while she's sleeping without disrupting anything.


83 Things To Say To Your Girlfriend While She’s Sleeping

1. You look cute when you're sleeping

One of the cute messages you could send to your girl while she's sleeping at night is to say she looks cute asleep. It's like calling her a sleeping beauty. If she's not deep, it could make her smile.

2. I never want to let you out of my sight

These words show how much you enjoy watching her sleep or wake every day. It means you love her so much that you don't want to miss her in any way. Say this to her when she's sleeping.

3. You're my precious girl

When a girl makes you happy she becomes your precious and special girl. This would bring more hope to you and make her have the sweetest dream. It's one of the cute things you could say.

4. I can't get enough of you

You could say this to your lover in her sleep if you had a long conversation that never ended before she slept. It could also pass as one of the cute messages on a normal day.

5. Thank you for always being there

Your girlfriend could simply be amazing for you and the right person for you to be in a relationship with. Thank her for always being there to support you. It could be after a hectic day.

6. I don't ever want to lose you

This is a nice good night to your girlfriend when she's sleeping. It means you cherish her wholeheartedly and wouldn't want to lose her for anything in the world. You whisper it.

7. You’re my sunshine

Before you go to sleep, tell your girlfriend how much she as a person brightens your day. If you've told her before, say it to her again in her sleep to make her have a good night.

8. I'm amazed by your beauty

If you both just started dating and you still haven't gotten enough of her beauty, you could say this to her when she's sleeping as a good night before you sleep.

9. You’re my best friend

You should tell her she's your best friend when she's sleeping if she's truly one. If you’ve said it to her before, you could say it to her again when she's sleeping. It's that simple.

10. I love you every single day

One way to improve your relationship is to tell your girlfriend you love her every single day while she's sleeping, especially if you can't get to tell her enough during the day. You can try it at night.

11. You're my best girl ever

These are some cute words you could say to your girl when she's sleeping. Take some time out to whisper it as a good night to her. This is one way to be romantic.

12. I love you very much

“I love you very much” is something you should always say to your lover whether she's sleeping at night or not. You could even say it to her when she wakes up in the morning.

13. Thank you for giving me a chance

This is one of the cute things you can say as a good night message to your lover, especially if you just started your relationship. Thank her in her sleep for accepting to date you.

14. I’m glad to be in your life

It's beautiful to have a nice woman as your girlfriend. For each good day you spend together, you should whisper this to her when she's sleeping at night. You should appreciate this. 

15. You have my soft spot

Do you get humble whenever she does certain things? Or do you quickly accept her suggestions? If yes, you should tell her this when she's sleeping. It's a good way to say good night.

16. I can’t wait for you to wake up

If your partner is your favorite person and something happens, which you feel she should be the first to know, you could tell her this in her sleep. It's a cute thing to say.

17. You look so adorable

This is to tell her how adorable she looks in her sleep. It's nice if you tell her when she's awake, but there's a different vibe that comes with it during a good night's sleep.

18. You’re the queen of my heart

You could say this to your lover if she gives you hope and makes you smile. This is one of the cute things to say to make her sleep well and have a good night.

19. I want to kiss you right now

Many guys love to kiss their girlfriends before sleeping. If you forgot to do this and don't want to wake her, you could say this and add that you hope to kiss her first thing the next morning in bed.

20. You’re so kind and sweet

youre so kind and sweet

Many guys imagine having a sweet and loving girlfriend. If yours has these qualities, you should say something this sweet to her to sleep well before you go to sleep.

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21. I want to love you forever

You can't get enough of her and no matter how you try, the love you have for her is not just enough to express your feelings. Tell her this to make her have a good night.

22. Thank you so much for today

You could whisper this to her if she did so much to relieve your sad mood after a hectic day. Do it in a way not to wake her, but make her have a good night and sweet dreams.

23. I’ll never forget you in my life

If possible, these could be the only words a girl may need to hear. That's because everyone wants to be loved forever, so this could be one of the cute things to say to her in her sleep.

24. You’re the best person for me now

Have you been going through tough times? Has this girl brought you peace and hope? If she has done this, it's enough to whisper these words to her as a good night.

25. I promise to always be by you

If your girlfriend is a light sleeper and she hears this from you in her sleep, it will bring her some of the best feelings ever. It's an assurance every girl wants to hear from her boyfriend.

26. You bring so much joy to my heart

Having joy means you have hope. If your girlfriend makes you happy all the time, you should tell her this when she sleeps. She may not hear it but they're positive words.

27. Sweet dreams my love

These cute words are quite common among lovers, but they're still among the best for your girlfriend’s ears when she sleeps. So, don't hold back, just say it to her as a loving boyfriend.

28. I love you more everyday

Whisper to your girlfriend saying “I just want to tell you how much I love you” or “I love you more every day.” It means you want to have her forever and would miss her if she leaves.

29. You’re such a beautiful girl

It never grows old to tell your lover how beautiful she is. It's a nice compliment. If you feel that saying it is becoming too frequent, then wait until she sleeps before telling her.

30. I wished so much to date someone like you

If you had been praying for a nice lover like yours and you're finally in a relationship with her, the least you could do is say it to her. You could even send it as a good night message. 

31. I loved our day today

This statement means you loved the day you spent with her and you hope to have another day like that with her. Saying it to her in her sleep is a way to make her have a good night.

32. I’m sorry for hurting you

You can say this to your girlfriend if you did something to hurt her. Sometimes, you may not have the chance to say it to her physically, so the best way is to say it while she's asleep.

33. I'd like to take you out sometime

This is like you asking your girlfriend on a date after she sleeps. Of course, she may not hear it, but it's something cute to say and it's more fun when you know she can't respond.

34. Please I never want you to leave me

If you're afraid of saying this to your girl in her sleep, you could say it when she's asleep at night. Saying this to her means you want to have her forever and hope she'll stay.

35. I feel blessed to have you

This could go in as one of your great good morning texts to her, but if you can't send it as any of those, you could tell her this sweet thing while she's asleep. 

36. I’m watching over you, my princess

This is like a fairytale love. You're addressing her as your sleeping beauty and promising to watch over her in bed. It's a cute good night phrase to say to your girl while she's sleeping.

37. I wish you could see me in your dreams

Have you heard of having a self-made conversation without anyone responding? This could be one of them. You could whisper this into her ears as you watch her sleep.

38. Thank you for everything

Every good lover deserves to be appreciated for being nice to their partner. If you forget to thank her for her niceness, you could thank her while she's sleeping to make her have a good night and sweet dreams.

39. I remember when we first met

This brings back memories of how you met and what you did before you both got into a relationship together. She may not hear it, but it's a sweet thing to do.

40. You’re my one and only

youre my one and only

If you're in a relationship, your girl would be your favorite person except you don't love her that much. This is something you should tell your girl to have a good night's rest before you go to sleep.

41. I’m so lucky to have you in my arms

You could tell your lover that you're the luckiest guy to be holding her in your arms if you're both cuddling or she fell asleep in your arms. That's enough good night for her while she's sleeping.

42. You’re my woman crush everyday

You telling her this is one of the cutest things to say to her in her sleep. It means you adore her in every form, whether she's asleep, awake, or you see her pictures.

43. You always make me a better person

A cute thing to say while your girl is asleep is to say she makes you a better person and it feels nice to be in a good relationship with her. Whisper it into her ears.

44. You’re my queen now and always

This simply means that you want to have her forever as your lover, whether it's in marriage or any relationship. This will make the rest of your good night awesome. 

45. I thank God for giving me such a blessing as you

Does your girlfriend bring you so many positive vibes? This could be the perfect phrase for you to say good night to her when she sleeps before you sleep.

46. I can’t wait for you to wake up

If you have something to say to her or you feel lonely when she sleeps, you could say this to her. Be careful how you say it, so you don't wake her up. 

47. I can’t keep staring at you

Sometimes, you'd look at how cute she looks so much that you can't hold it back anymore. When you get to this point, you could whisper it to her just to feel good about yourself.

48. Let’s go on a date on the moon

If you whisper this well enough, it could make it sound like she's having a fairytale dream. That's because it would sync into her subconscious and set the ball rolling. Use this to spice things up.

49. I can’t trade you for anything's sake

These words simply mean that you love and cherish your girlfriend so much that you've placed them as your priority and nothing can change that. Say this as a good night to her when she sleeps.

50. My heart skips whenever I see you

Whether you see her awake or asleep, her presence makes you smile and feel happy. Tell her this while she's sleeping at night to make her have sweet dreams. You never know. She could hear you.

51. Let me sing you a song

If she's a lover of bedtime songs, you could use her sleep time to whisper this to her. It doesn't matter whether you sing it or not, it's best for a good night.

52. Nothing can keep me away from you

Saying this to her means you'd be with her through thick and thin. These are positive words and it means you could also say it to her when she sleeps off. 

53. I will join you soon

If you can't join her in bed immediately when she sleeps off, because of work or a movie you're seeing, you could say this to your girl while trying to tidy up things and join her.

54. Sleep tight, my love

“Sleep tight, my love” is like you saying “good night darling” to her in her sleep. ‘Sleep tight’ is one of the cute messages you can send as a good night text or tell her directly.

55. I love watching you sleep

“I love watching you sleep is something you should say to your girlfriend when she's asleep at night. You could also send this as one of the great good morning texts. It will make her smile.

56. See me in your dreams tonight

When you say this to her, it means there's a greater probability that you want it to happen. So, gently say it to her so it filters into her dreams.

57. Your body feels so soft

Not all guys know their girlfriend would feel good to know they have a body their boyfriend loves, but they do. They want you to tell them how well you appreciate them all round.

58. I’ll read you a fairy tale story

Telling your girlfriend this is one of the sweetest things ever. Whether you do it or not, it would trigger a smile if she hears this in her sleep. You should try it.

59. It’s beautiful to see you lay beside me

If you've always wanted your girlfriend to sleep over for any reason, it could be a beautiful sight to see when she sleeps off beside you. This is something to say to her.

60. I want to kiss you first thing tomorrow morning

i want to kiss you first thing tomorrow morning

You could tell your girl this at any time, especially while she's asleep. It also serves as one of those great good morning text messages if she's not with you. It will spice up your relationship with her.

61. You’re safe with me

These words are assuring and whether your girlfriend hears it or not, it's enough to make the environment warm for her. Whisper it as a good night to her when she sleeps.

62. I won’t disturb you tonight

Another nice good night to your woman is telling her you won't disturb her. But, do it after she sleeps off, so you don't get into trouble with her.

63. I feel lonely with you asleep

You could say this to your sleeping lover if everywhere goes quiet when she sleeps, especially if you're both best friends in your relationship. It shows how much you miss her being awake.

64. I’ll stop the earth for you to rest

Whisper this to your girlfriend if she gets disturbed by background noises while sleeping at night. If she's a light sleeper, she could hear you and smile at it. Try this and see how romantic it will be.

65. I can’t wait to have you

If you've both been saying and you've never had sex, but you imagine and hope for it so much, you could say this as a good night to her, knowing she won't hear you.

66. You’re my better half

You could love your girlfriend so much that you feel she completes you. If you feel this way with her, feel free to whisper it into her ears while you watch her sleep at night.

67. You understand me so much

If your lover understands you beyond your reasonable doubt, and you also tell her every day, you could say this to her in her sleep. It's your way of appreciating her efforts in the relationship.

68. What would you like to have tomorrow morning?

These are sweet words to say to your girlfriend when she's sleeping at night, especially if you want to give her breakfast in bed or have morning sex. It's a sexy and cute thing to say.

69. With you, I can fight the world

If you say this to her at night while she is resting, it means she brings you strength and hope, to be able to face any challenge that comes your way. It's a nice thing to say.

70. You surprise me with a new deed everyday

Whether it's in her sleep or not, you should appreciate your girlfriend for her good deeds. But, if you can't send it as one of the sweet messages, you could make her have sweet dreams with it.

71. You’ve made me a more refined person

Saying this to your girlfriend at night should be from your heart. It means she's made you a better person and given you hope to live life as it comes.

72. I can’t wait to tell you about me

If you both just met and you don't know much about each other, one thing you could do is to tell her how much you like her and can't wait to tell her about yourself.

73. I’ll give you enough space to sleep

This is quite funny, but it's something you could say to your girlfriend as a good night to show that you know she needs enough space to toss on the bed.

74. I feel warm beside you

Tell her you feel warm just because she's laying next to you. It's even much better when you're both cuddling each other and she falls asleep that way. She could have the sweetest dream this way.

75. Cuddle with me when you feel cold

Before you fall asleep, assure your lover that she can cuddle with you if she feels cold later at night. She doesn't need to hear you saying this, but you should do it as a nice gesture. 

76. I'm sure you'll be okay.

This is something you should say to your girl if she slept off sad or something is bothering her. Make sure you whisper this to her before you fall asleep. It's a message of hope.

77. Your hair is tempting to stroke.

She could have very lovely hair to stroke while she's sleeping. But, if you feel you'd wake her while trying to stroke it, you could just say it to her in her sleep.

78. I want us to do more wild things together

You could be the wild couple who love to go on adventures together. One thing you should do is let them know how much you love the wild things you do together. Tell her this.

79. I miss the days you don't sleep beside me

If she's not with you and you imagine her with you, you could send this as one of the cute good night messages to make her smile and miss you more. It's something you should do before you fall asleep.

80. You're the hottest woman I know

youre the hottest woman I know

This is enough to make a sleeping woman blush or turn. That's because it's sensual and romantic at the same time. It also shows how much you love and adore her even in her sleep.

81. I'm all yours baby

You could use this as a response to any conversation you may have had during the day. You may not need to wait for her to fall asleep. You could say it as your good night to her when she closes her eyes to sleep.

82. I hate to see you sad

If you get affected by her mood or if her smile makes you happy, you could say this to your sleeping girlfriend as your way of saying good night to her.

83. You look sexy in this nightgown

Seeing your girlfriend sleeping in a lovely nightgown is enough to make you smile and imagine the best of things. You could whisper this to her when she's sleeping good night.


What are sweet things to say to your girlfriend?

There are a million sweet things you can say to your girlfriend, depending on the situation she finds herself in at the moment. It could be “your smile is adorable, ” “you're my best girl,” “I’ll always love you with all my whole heart.” You could also tell her that being with her makes you happy. 

What can I text a girl to make her smile at night?

You could send a sweet text telling her she's the last thing you think about before you sleep at night and the first thing you remember when you wake up. If you didn't talk the whole day, tell her how much you missed talking to her, hearing her sweet voice, with the hope that it won't happen again. 

What words impress a girl?

Girls love to hear words like beautiful, stunning, amazing, attractive, breathtaking, and sometimes, sexy. If you want to use many words that form phrases, you could tell her how much you love her, or how close you would love to be with her. Women love to feel special and different from others.

What can I text her to make her fall in love?

Send cute messages telling her how happy you feel whenever you're with her. Tell her how amazing she is and how much you'd love to be in a relationship with her when she lets you. Let her know how much you think about her every day of your life. You should be romantic, but let her take time.

What questions make a girl blush?

“You know you're beautiful right?” “Do you know you're the best thing that has ever happened to me?” “How long do you want me to make you smile?” These and many more are the questions you could ask a girl to make her blush consciously or unconsciously.

In Conclusion

Your girlfriend deserves to hear sweet words while sleeping, whether she's conscious or not. There are numerous cute things to say to your girlfriend while she's sleeping. If you're clueless, you could always refer to the 83 sweet things I mentioned earlier. Did you enjoy reading this article? If yes, please share it with others and drop a comment.

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