Romantic Things To Say To Your Girl Crush (Lovely)

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The early stages of a relationship are tough. In this phase you are pretty much blind because you do not know anything about your partners real feeling towards you. That is why in this stages, you need to work your charm to win your partners heart.

With a woman it will be ten times harder to go through this crush phase because they are unpredictable and very hard to read. But one of the best thing to get through her heart is by saying sweet words. Here are some proven Romantic things to say to your girl crush:


1. "You're The Only One" 

There is nothing better for a girl than knowing that she is the only girl in your life. Even though she knows that you are single, you should restate this so that she will start to freely make a move towards you.

2. "You Are So Beautiful"

Saying this will make her confidence boosted and she will smile all day with the thought of this. Make sure you say this often and in any occasion possible, even when she looks messy and tired. This will even make you have the Husband Material Signs.

3. "You Make Me So Happy"

you make me so happy

Being someone's happy place matters a lot, especially for girls. Say this and you will see a big smile forming on her face.

4. "Anyone Would Be Lucky To Have You"

Feeling appreciated and adored is what makes someone fall in love to someone else. This phrase will make her smile for days and she will always try to go back to you for more. Say that she have the Wife Material Signs.

5. “Why Do You Look So Amazing Every Day?” 

Girls spend hours to look good in front of their crush. If you notice this effort, she will really love you. This is one of the greatest romantic things to say to your girl crush.

6. “Keep Talking, I Love Hearing Your Voice” 

Girls are sometimes chatty and they get pretty conscious about that. When they do, they are scared that they are bothering you. When you say this, she will love you for taking away one of their biggest insecurities.

7. “You Made My Day” 

There is so many aspects to be appreciated in a girl. When you say this, you sum it all up into one. This phrase is also proven to make her day better so why not?

8. “Thank You For Being You” 

This phrase appreciates who she is as a person and who she is around you. It allows her to be more open and true towards you. By the end of the day, a girl will fall in love with someone she can be completely herself around, and it might just be you.

9. “How Do You Get So Good At Making Me Like You?” 

how do you get so good at making me like you

Do this while smiling and holding her hand. She will have no choice but to look at you while smiling and blushing. This is when she shows  Signs She is Into Me.

10. “We Should Hang Out More Often” 

Appreciating her presence is what makes this girl melt. If you say this, it will be guaranteed that she would want to hang out with you more and probably for a long time.

11. “Stay” 

Although this is short, this can melt any girls heart. Asking her to stay with you for a while is very romantic and there is no way she will say no.

12. “I Think You’re Cute, But You Are So Much More Than That” 

Saying that someone pretty is shallow this days. By admitting that she is pretty while saying that she have so much more quality than that will boost her confidence up and make her like you even more.

13. “You Lit Up The Room” 

Again, appreciation is key. When you say that she is so radiant and different from everybody else, you are actually soothing her and letting her feel secure in your arm. This is a great romantic things to say to your girl crush

14. “I Am Here For You” 

To get your girl, you need to make her feel safe with you. By saying this you are saying that you are ready to be her go-to person and that you are willing to do anything to make her happy. She will love you for it.

More Ways To Say To Your Girl Crush

1. “I Think It Would Be Great To Go To A Date With Someone As Cool As You” 

This is a chill and flattering invitation to a first date.

2. “Keep Smiling, I Love It” 

keep smiling i love it

Saying this will only make her blush more and smile even wider.

3. “That Was Pretty Cool What You Did Back There” 

Do this after she did something nice. It makes her know that you are paying attention to her.

4. “I Think We Are Meant For Each Other” 

This is a way for reassuring her that you are meant to be a couple.

5. “You Do Realize That I Like You, Right?” 

If she says yes, try asking her why you are not together yet. This might be a way to be in a relationship instantly.

6. “You’re Very Attractive” 

There’s no harm in continually saying that she is awesome. if you do, you will soon see the Signs That A Girl Likes You More Than a Friend.

Signs That Your Girl Crush Is Picking Up The hint

1. She Contacts You Often 

Girls who like you will not hesitate to make the first move when texting. So if she likes you, you will talk to her every single day and she will not let the conversation die.

2. She Wants To Be Closer To You 

she wants to be closer to you

There are Physical Signs A Woman Likes You Like Crazy. If you see a lot of that sign, she is definitely into you

3. She Stares At You 

You can catch her looking at you when you do not notice.

4. She Does Little Kind Things For You 

Baked you cookies or help you with your studies, these kind things will keep coming.

The ultimate way to win a girl’s heart is with those words. Then check if she really likes you with the signs.

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