How To Get Over Someone You Never Dated - It Is Time To Move On!

Last updated on April 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

We must have had some feelings to someone. We might like someone, look at their pictures every day, dreaming of dating with them. They also became our motivation on doing our activities, work, and make our day brighter whenever we see them. But sometimes, if we keep our feelings for a long time, we can get tired of it.

We might feel like we don’t have any hope to build a relationship with our crush, and it is better to end our feelings toward them. You need to make them lose feelings for you too. In order to help you get through it, here are some tips on how to get over someone you never dated.


1. Release All Of Your Emotions

Even though you never had any relationship with your crush, it might still hurtful to know that you need to stop liking them. It might have a close feeling to someone who broke up with their partner.

Especially if you are a close friend to your crush, it might be hard at first to accept that you can’t have a relationship with them. When you give up on your feeling towards your crush, it is time for you to move on. You can release all of your emotions by crying out loud, screaming, cry at the shower, and anything else.

But remember to release your sadness by normally, and try not to hurt yourself. Once you have released your sadness, you are going to feel better. You also need to prepare yourself to be a better lover for someone else that loves you.

2. Do Some Positive Activities

do some positive activities

You can try to do any positive activities that you have already like, or maybe try some new one. By doing some activities, it will bring you some positive vibes, and will help you to distract your sadness.

You can either go to some outdoor clubs, volunteer clubs, or joining a gym membership. It is even better if you ask your friends to join your activities, because they will give you some motivations.

You can eventually get rid of your feelings toward your crush, and be ready to start new journey in your life. Also read dating tips in your 30s.

3. Focus On What Makes You Happy

It is better if you focus on what makes you happy. This is because your happiness matters, and you can’t let someone you never dated took your happiness. You need to do anything positive that makes you happy, such as doing your hobbies, doing your works, watching movies, and many more.

These activities will help you to stay positive, and will help you to move on from your crush. You might also want to know how to get over of your long term relationship.

4. Spend Your Time With Your Friends

Once again, your friends will try their best to motivate you. They are best at entertaining you anytime you feel down. Especially when you feel heart broken by your crush. Your friends will help you get through your sadness. You can ask your friends to stay at your place and do many fun things, such as watching movies together, singing, cooking, playing some fun games, and other things. You can also ask your friend to hang out with you to many places. This will help you to get happier, and slowly get rid of your sadness.

5. Stop Stalking On Their Social Media

If you want to completely remove your feelings, toward your crush, you should not stalk them too much on social media. You need to limit yourself on looking for their posts, stories, and sending them messages.

You don’t need to be curious about their activities, their hobbies, or anything else that is related to them. Remember that you can get someone else that is better from them someday. You will find someone who loves you just the way you are.

6. Open Your Heart For Someone Else

open your heart for someone else

This is one of the most important things when you decide to move on. You need to start meeting your friends or someone new. This is to make you realize that your crush is not the only person that seems perfect.

You need to meet a lot of people, and try to interact with them. You also need to open your heart to other people. Eventually, you will find someone that loves you just the way you are. You also need to know if someone likes you secretly.

Remember that your crush is not the only person that can make you happy. You need to look at people around you, or maybe meet some new people. Also remember that your happiness matters, and you deserve to be loved by someone else. Hopefully, you will be able to move on, and you can meet someone better.

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