6 Ways on How to Make Someone Lose Feelings for You

Last updated on May 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

To build a relationship, it involves two people with a same feeling towards each other. You can also make someone fall in love through eye contact. But sometimes, people just fall in love with someone who doesn’t like them back.

If you have ever found someone who likes you, but you don’t like them back, you need to know some ways to get rid of it. It is your right to not have a same feeling for them. You can’t really force yourself to like someone back. It is because you have some reasons why you have no feelings for them.

Maybe you just feel like they are not the right person for you. Maybe that person is just not making you comfortable around them. If you want to make them stop liking you, here are some tips on how to make someone lose feelings for you.

  • Tell Them About Your Feeling Towards Them

Sometimes it is annoying if people around you start to ship you with someone that you don’t like. Especially when you found out that this person actually has feeling for you.

If they always look for your attention, keeps showing their feeling to you, it might be disturbing. So, it is time for you to tell them that you don’t have a feeling for them.

You need to tell them as early as possible, before they feel like you are giving them false hope. Remember to be polite with them when you tell it, so that they won’t get offended by your rejection.

  • Show Them Your Bad Side

This might be hard at first, but if that person is obsessed by you, or just can’t stop texting you, you need to show them your bad side. You can start by telling them your weakness, or maybe showing them your anger as a respond for them. This way will work if that person only sees your good side and then has feelings for you.

If you show them your bad side, they might feel not interested in you anymore. You also need to learn how to deal with a guy sending mixed signal. Another tip for you, if you don’t really have some bad sides to show, just pretend like you have one in front of them.

  • Tell Them that You Already Have Feelings for Someone Else

Most people will give up on you if you tell them that you have a feeling for someone else. This is for you and their good sake. Because no matter how hard they show you their feeling, and if you still don’t have any interest to them, the relationship will not work well. Even if you are currently not interested in anyone, pretend like you are in love with someone else.

This is for your best, so don’t be afraid to reject that person. It is better if you end their feeling towards you than letting them waiting for your answer. You can also learn how to know someone likes you secretly, so that you can decide whether you want to build a relationship or not.

  • Avoid Meeting Them

If you still accept their request to meet up, you need to stop doing it. This will only make them feel like you are giving them chance to get closer to you.

You need to be brave to refuse all of their invitations, because you need to make them get bored to chase you. This will eventually work, and then you will be free from them.

  • Ignore Them

That person might always chat you, call you, and keep asking you to hang out with them. If you don’t have any feeling for them, just ignore them. Ignore all the chats they sent you, ignore all the calls from them.

If they keep following you, it is whether you get mad at them or just ignore their existence. If they are treated this way, they might realize that you don’t have any feeling for them, and just give up on you. Also read first date conversation ideas

  • Ask for Your Friend or Family’s Help

If they insist to have a relationship with you, don’t hesitate to tell your friends and family. This is because they might be harming you if you don’t like them back. Remember to ask for help, and your friends and family will give some sense to that person.

Slowly, they will understand that they are not the one that you love, and stop texting you. If you are afraid of any bad things that might happen after you reject them, stay close to your family or friends. They will protect you from any harm. Also read how to get closer to your partners children.

Having someone who likes you but you just don’t have any feeling for them is not a good situation. You can’t force your feeling towards them. This also means that you can’t have any relationship with them.

So, it is better for you to tell them that you don’t have any feeling for them. This will also make you be calmer, because you are not haunted by them anymore.

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