How To Deal With A Guy Sending Mixed Signals (He's Unworthy!)

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When you have a crush to someone and he gives response, it should be the most exciting and happiest moment. You start to wonder whether he reciprocates your feeling or not. You desperate for the signs but he keeps things unclear. Sometime he seems really care but other times he doesn’t seem to be interested at all.


How To Deal With A Guy Sending Mixed Signals

That kind of guy is very tricky so that you need to do the right way to avoid getting hurt later. Don’t be so sure that he likes you back or else you’ll very disappointed if he turns out to be only playing around with you. Don’t be upset, don’t follow his rule. Here are what you can do in dealing with him.

1. Take A Breath And Relax

take a breath and relax

After spending a lovely day together with number of intimate moment, he’s gone in thin air. He never call you, text you, and showing any signs that he’s alive. You can help but think, Did I do something wrong? 

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Don’t panic, don’t bomb him with text until you get a response. You’ll be hearing from him if he had fun just as much as you do. If you’re not, maybe he’s not that worth to chase.

2. Stay Productive

Stop staring at your phone as it will not make him text you suddenly. Spend your day productively instead. Keep working, keep studying, meet your friends, hit the gym, and other things you normally do. Before you realize how long time have passed, he contacts you.

3. Keep The Door Open

Before you officially date someone, don’t let yourself hope only to one guy. There will always be this guy who makes you smitten, it’s not good to leave everyone else on the backburner. Keep in touch with everyone so you’ll know who is worthy and who should be thrown away. 

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4. Don’t Act Needy To Him

Nobody want to be ignored, not when you think everything is going well. But he must have his own reason why does he behave that way. You’ll figure eventually, so instead of saving your anger and unleash it when he contacts you, focus on yourself.

Stop thinking that you’re at fault. When he comes back, act like you don’t care about either. You can always do the same thing.

5. Surprise Him

Every woman has their own way how to deal with a guy sending mixed signals. One stay quiet and wait, while the others are bold enough to confront. 

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After some days not hearing anything about him, show up on his doorstep unannounced. Bring something to eat together. It’s safe as long as there’s not female company at his place.

6. Don’t Bring Up His Disappearance

don't bring up his disappearance

Remember that you win when you’re good enough to hold your anger. The next time you meet him, don’t mention about him disappear for the past few days.

No need to ask what he’s going to do next. Show him that you’re okay even despite his mixed signals that confuse you. He needs to know you can act hot and cold too.

7. Pull The Trigger

In case you are unable to contain your curiosity, send yourself flowers. You use it as a trigger just to know how will he reacts. Don’t forget to let him know (social media is the best way, for sure) that he’s not the only one. 

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If he sends fast response asking about the flowers, you’re doing great. He needs to be slapped with flowers on his face, too.

8. Turn Down When He Asks You Out

The thing is, don’t let him control your feeling. Don’t be always available. In fact, everyone is busy. You are busy, you make time for people who loves you, and you have your own priority. So does he.

When you turn down his offer, he’ll wonder with whom you spend your time and what you’re doing. But he doesn’t care, you shouldn’t be either.

9. Don’t Cope Up With His Behavior

Leave alone a guy who fear commitment, pushing you backwards and forwards, showing up the disappearing, only play with your feeling all the time. Surely he’s not someone you want to be with.

It’s clear enough that he’s not worth it. Seek for clarity, once you find out that he’s not into you, move on. Just because you are smitten, never think you can keep up with him for a long time. Once again, he’s not worth it.

10. Just Ask Why

just ask why

It’s not worth spending your time thinking about his behavior. No need for drama, just go to him and ask. Instead of having a heated argument, tell him that you need to be sure what your relationship are, and how does he feel about you. Only do this when you start to lose it and you need clarity. 

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11. Do Some Research

When you’re frustrated by his act, you must stay smart. Talk to his friends and ask about his behavior. Does he behave like this with all woman? Is he afraid of commitment?

You can find out as much as you want, but keep being smart. Don’t hack his emails or reading his texts and checking his calls history when he leave his phone.

12. Remind Yourself You’re Worthy

Whenever he let you down, remind yourself that you’re worthy. You deserve to be loved. Not all relationship do well. Some of them hurts, in fact. But someday you’ll find someone who really loves you. Don’t quickly decide to settle with someone who doesn’t value you.

Be smart. It’s the key on how to deal with a guy sending mixed signals. You girls must know how to value yourself. You can find a better man, so it’s not worth spending your time around waiting for him. Even when you get him in the end, he’ll step on you. Being in a relationship with this kind of man brings nothing good for you. Note that.

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