How to Deal with A Girl Who is Upset about Everything? You Gotta Do This!

Last updated on June 6, 2024 by Michelle Devani

In any relationship including friendship, we need to know how to response people properly. On how we should act when they are mad or happy. Understanding is one of the keys to any relationship.Without any understanding, a relationship will mean nothing.

There will be only ego and selfishness from someone. Your action to response people will determine the relationship that you have with that person later in the future. Such as, if you know how to deal with 8th grade girl drama properly, you won't be involved into the drama and live happily.

The same thing also applied when you know how to deal with a girl who is upset. So, here are some tips for you who currently confuse and not knowing what to do to face someone who is upset.

  • Approach her based on the situation

The first thing on how to deal with a girl who is upset is by approaching her directly. But, you will need to know how to approach her properly. You will need to understand her situation first. You can see and understand the situation based on what you feel.

Trust your heart for it. And you will know how to approach her by then. You can ask her what happened or you can just hug her once you see her. And if you decided to hug her, know the tips on how to hug someone without making it awkward. Because of course you don't want to make her feel awkward or more confused once you hug her, right?

  • Let her to cry

Once a woman feel upset and just nor knowing what to do or even worse, when she feels like she already ruined everything, she will cry. And it is totally fine, just let her to cry. Let her to pour her feelings in form of tears. Because, crying does really make someone feels better after she been through something that made her upset.

Once she feels better after she cried, you can also try to say the sweet things to say to your best friend to make them cry happily. Do not make your existence like a pressure to her until she force herself not to cry.

  • Comfort her

During the time when she is upset, you will need to keep her company. Comfort her. Comforting her will make her fear goes away slowly. At least, she can feel that no matter how upset she is or how scared she is, you are there for her.

And this is one of the most important thing that a woman will appreciate. Not your advice or anything, but your existence to keep her company when she feels down, upset, and scared.

You can also try to know on how to make your girlfriend be more comfortable if she is with you, to know more on ways to help you to comfort her. There are a lot of things that you can do to comfort her starting from as simple as accompanying her, giving her a hug, serving her favorite food, or just bring her a glass of drink. 

  • Listen to her

Once she feels better and trying to control her emotion, usually she will tell you what happened, if you were there. Try to listen to her story and hold yourself for not commenting about it.

Do not even try to say bad words or words that has the tendency of comparing her problem with other people's problem. This won't help you on how to solve misunderstandings between friends but get her feeling worse.

Listen and just listen, let her tell you everything that she feels. Even when she already said that she already told you the whole story and trying to ask for your advice, listen first. Show it to her that you care about her by as simple as listening to her story. When she is totally better than the current condition, you can start to ask what happened and have a serious deep talk with her about what was happening to her.

Regarding the tips on how to deal with a girl who is upset will go back to each individual personality and choice. Whether you want to help her who currently is upset or choose to ignore her condition. And if you choose to care, there are also some ways on how to make and keep your Gemini woman happy and interested. You can also ask some information from her friends about what was happening to her recently.

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