How to Deal with 8th Grade Girl Drama? Here's The Teenage Life!

Last updated on May 7, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Growing up can be hard sometimes especially when we need to face the people and situation that we don't like and uncomfortable.When we grow up, we went through this phase of our lives called as puberty. And when puberty hit someone, somehow that person can be very moody due to the hormonal changes that happens.

During this time also, we can see a lot of dramas going on and for those who can't stand the drama, you will find some clever ways to defeat your frenemy toxic friendship alert. And here are some ways on how to deal with 8th grade girl drama.

  • Stay calm

The first thing on how to deal with 8th grade girl drama is by making sure that you will stay calm during the drama. By stay calm, you will be able to think clearly and logically. And yes it is not an easy thing to do, because it will require your ability to control your emotion.

Solving a problem or drama of a 8th grade girl can't be done if you put your emotional feelings there. You need to fight fire with water and not with another fire. Because if you do put your emotion there, you won't be able to know the ways on how to solve misunderstandings between friends. You will just add more problem and the drama will last longer.

  • Listen but ignore

Another thing that you can do is to actually listen to whatever things that she says but then don't take it seriously, just listen and ignore. Pretend like you listen to her but you actually ignore her. Don't take it seriously, don't even take it into your heart.

Someone who is so into drama, knows how to play and ruin someone's feeling. And, the more you response the more she will try to disturb you and ruining your mood.

Yes it is true that there are some drama in a friendship that help the relationship become better and stronger. But the drama is not related to the signs a friendship is coming to an end. The drama somehow will teach you something for example, not to be too selfish. So, when you don't find ny value within a drama, then just leave it and ignore.

  • Respect yourself enough

What you can see inside a drama? There are more negativity than the positivity that you can found within a drama. You can feel the negativity more once you take a role and decided to play the drama. All the insult, lies, bad words, all there. You already knew it and you can feel it when something is not right. And once you realized that it has no good thing inside, why don't you just walk away?

Respect yourself enough to walk from negativity that can cuff you inside a negativity. Why? Because there are so many reasons you should know and love yourself before you love someone else. By accepting and loving yourself first you can start to accept other people as who they are. 

  • Do not persuade other people to hate

When we are in a problem or drama with other people, usually we will have the tendency to persuade other people to hate that person we hate, in order to support us. But, what for? Does it shows that we have more power to gain more supporter? It won't solve the drama but it does can make the drama last for long.

In another word, by persuading other people to support you, you actually give the response that she expects you to give. She expects you to also play the game along with her. It will be better for you to know what do you have to say to your haters and ignore her. Responding to her hate will only make you support her to continuing the drama. Of course we don't want this thing to happen.

What we can learn from the topic of how to deal with 8th grade girl drama is by not putting our emotional feeling to something that only has negativity. There is no benefit or something that we can learn in it. So, why is there so much drama in high school?

It's because most girls are hit by puberty, hormonal changes happen, and mood swing as the result. The best thing we can learn when it comes to any drama is self control. By trying to train ourselves for not being so emotional or control our emotion, we can decide things more logical.

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