Why Do Guys Always Friend Zone Me? Signs and Tips

Last updated on April 8, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Sometimes, guys have a very complicated taste about women. While a woman tries to get closer to him, the guys just want to be in the friend zone, why do guys always friend zone me? Let's see the truth below here.

1. Very to be honest

A woman that has a personality like honest, too kind, and very care even she always asks about how is him and more. These feel make a man just want to make you a friend because he won't lose a good friend like you.

2. It is very comfortable to have chat with you

Well, do not to be too confident if you can make him too comfortable while he with you. It may the man just want looking for a friend that can share about something,

3.Woman that aggressive

This thing can make his feeling down, he likes a woman that mysterious that can make him curious about her.

4. You are not his criteria

It's complicated, yes absolutely. He talks about everything what his criteria. But, he does not tell one thing, it is about how physical that he loves. You should see these things you need to know before you date a Taurus man.

5. He feels down

The man will be feeling down if he knows that you have the high criteria and it is a very perfect man. That is why he just wants you just in here, friend zone.

6. It is about the past

Some men can feel traumatic about the past. Maybe you are someone that same with another in his past. This feels make him uncomfortable. Try to make him loves to you with these tips on how to make a guy fall in love with you over the phone.

7. Mistakes

Mistakes on the past, he still cannot learn how to solve his mistakes in the past. This is why after looking at you, he is too afraid to make you being his mine.

8. Difference of belief

Well, it is classic when a man with one religion meets a woman that has a difference of belief make him afraid to take risk loving that woman. The friend zone is the best choice.

Signs the guy only wants you to be his friend

With these signs, you can know what are the signs of the guy that they just want you being his friend? See these interesting facts too on

1. Care about you but it is not more

He cares about you just as a friend, not more. He just pities you because you only need his help.

2. Shares anything

He likes to share anything and talk much about something that trending news. Sometimes, he talks about how is feel about love. But, he hides something truth.

3. He just needs you as his friend

You are very smart and so genius. That is why he needs you. He only wants to use you as his sleeve.

4. Together to have fun

Summertime or even vacation time you and him always together to have fun with some of his friends too.

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5. No jealousy

While a man looking at you and get closer at you he does not look jealousy on you. He is just fine but says this just be careful with this guy.

6. There is no heartbeat

He is kind to everyone, he helps everyone even you. For him you are just his friend, he does not like you even loves you. This is how to make a Korean man fall in love with you, it is very effective.

7. Call you with a bad name

It is very hurting you because he calls you with a bad even jerk name. Well, he just used you to someone else. He does not love you indeed.

How to get him being your mine, not being in the friend zone anymore

You feel that he likes you too as you like him, even both you two just in the friend zone. These are some tips you should know; how to get him being your mine effectively. Let's check these out.

1. Starring his eyes

While you talk to him, please look at his deep eyes. With this, you will know he loves you or not. Eyes definitely cannot lie. Well, you should know about this what to do when boyfriend tells white lies all the time?

2. Being his good listener

He tells you how about his lives, family and friends even his problems. Just be a wise and be a good listener for him. Otherwise, ask one or two of these questions it will show you are interested in his story.

3. Make him feel special

How to? Men really like women who can make them feel special even with small things just say thank you with a sweet smile. Try to check this tip on some things to say to your boyfriend to make him feel special over text.

4. The one side

Everyone has a unique side even you. Maybe you are a nerd and loves to hike or have a great voice while singing. Just find what is your unique side, he will be turned into you.

5. Loves yourself

Love yourself before you love him. Have a strict commitment and standard it is a must. The fact is a man loves a woman that his own commitment and her own standards.

6. Sweet smile

It is simple just smile create it own yourself while you meet him. He will love it a sweet smile with your kind behavior. Two combinations that are perfect.

7. Being independent

A man likes a woman who has independent. But, he would love if you ask him for help. He will feel needed and it is mean you trust him. Try this method to get closer to it.

8. Do more touching

A touch can make him get closer to you. Do a small thing touch like holding his shoulder, shaking hands, holding his hand, even a hug. Do this without any coercion from you or him.

Finally, that are all of the reasons why do guys always friend zone me. Hopefully, these tips can help you to solve your problem and you can get him as your lover. Do it right with your heart. Another love tips you may see it on here these are the benefits of dating a journalist.

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