How To Make A Guy Fall In Love With You Over The Phone

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Today, phone has become one of the most important subject in people's lives and almost everyone owns a phone that is connected with internet. The phone itself has bring many uses to people, whether you use it to access social media, communicate with your boss, client, friends, or even to make someone fall in love with you through the phone.

Even though making someone fall in love with you is quite tricky, especially to make your crush fall in love with you through phone, but getting his attention through phone may help you if you are too nervous to talk to your crush directly. And with some right tips, you can maximize your chance to make him fall in love with you! Therefore, here are some tips for you to make a guy fall in love with you over the phone:


1. Do Some Research

do some research

How to make a guy fall in love with you over the phone? Before you start chatting or calling him, you must do some research about him to avoid awkward situation between you and him.

First of all, at least you must find out what is his hobby or what does he do in his free time. Besides that, you can also try to find out what he likes and he dislikes. By doing that, he will feel that you are someone who pay attention to what is happening around you.

For example, if he likes to draw and design, say that you have seen him drawing something or have seen his design. Praise his work and try to understand what he does.

Remember, never say that you get this information from his friends, never! It will make you looks like a stalker or ignorant person who never pays attention to your surrounding.

2. Find A Reason To Contact Him

Now that you have done some research about him, try to contact him. However, do not go contact him so suddenly without any reason. You will be too obvious and it will show your intention to him and he may avoid you before you get his attention. There are many ways to get his attention without being too obvious and you can check it here How to Get Your Crush's Attention without Being Obvious. Try to find a reason to contact him, without looking as if you try to woo him.

For example, if you have a same class with him, try to contact him to gain information regarding some assignments or something that you do not understand. Ask him if he know and try to make him explain the assignment or the material to you. However, do not use this reason too often, because you will look like someone who never pays any attention to the class. Try to find another reason to contact him from your research.

3. Find His Social Media

The user of social media keep increasing and it is possible that your crush also has social media account. Try to find out what social media that he uses. If he has an Instagram account, try to follow him and get his attention. One important thing is do be too aggressive in Instagram in order to get his attention but learn How to Get Your Crush's Attention on Instagram

4. Avoid Excessive Communication

avoid excessive communication

Remember, you are not his girlfriend or his lover yet. Therefore, avoid contacting him for more than 12 hours a day. It makes you look like an obsessive woman. Besides that, you also have to avoid asking a question that sounds like you are his possessive lover.

Do not asking him "where did he go" and "with whom" in every conversation. That just too much and makes him feel uncomfortable with you. Just let your conversation flow like river and use every chance nicely. If he sounds busy, then try to understand and do not force him to chat with you. If he is sick, wish him well and offer to bring him medicine to let him know that you care about him. Indeed, that's how to make a guy fall in love with you over the phone.

Take this note: Let your conversation flow like a river rather than like a waterfall.

It's just like How to Tell if Your Girlfriend is Hiding Something on Her Phone

5. Aware Of Any Signs From Him

Whether it is a good sign or a bad sign, you have to pay extra attention to any sign from him. If he sounds uncomfortable or annoyed after a conversation about a specific topic, then you should pay attention and try to find the reason why. If he sounds bored when he is chatting with you, he may be do not want to have any conversation right now and you can try to contact him again another day.

For more: What to Do If Your Boyfriend Ignores You on Whatsapp Chats

He may also send a signal that he wants to make a conversation with you through a phone call rather than chatting. Seize the chance to talk to him, because it is a good sign that he is starting to fall in love with you.

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