Things You Should Never Ever Ask A Gay Or Bi Person and Other Queer

by Michelle Devani

Respect is a must in the circle of socializing. So, while you meet someone or in a group that is different from you, it is honestly you should respect them, like on these things not to say to a bisexual girl.

Here are some things you should never ever ask a gay or bi person. Check these out.

1. Do you make an experimental phase in your life?

I do not make it. I just a grown woman and this is me you can identify who is me. I'm comfortable with this, so you don't look at me like a queer person.

2. We are confused, which one the woman or man?

In a relationship, there is must be a man and a woman. So, which one are you? You know, I am just a strong woman that has a masculine body that's why I look like a man, being bi and female building builder is interesting, here some benefits of dating a female bodybuilder.

3. I guess you hate a man, is that right?

It is wrong, why I must hate a man or a guy if I want to be like them. If you see I like a queer person, that's weird. I'm just want to be what am I supposed to be.

4. How do you do that, the intimate?

This question is always been ask from straight people to them, bi and gay; things you should never ever ask a gay or bi person. This question can hurt them and it's disrespectful personality question.

5. What are your genitals?

It is also a disrespectful personality question that makes them hurt. Well, it is not okay to ask them, a gay or bi that ever has surgery and you are curious about this.

6. Bisexual and gay, they do not know what they wanted

Both bi and gay, they have a unique stereotype based on their identity. They are indeed greedy, they don't know what they want, and free to like each other.

7. I know you have a real name behind this, what is yours?

Well, some of them do not open who is their real name. Even they show you who the real name is. They keep it closed and they just use their future name or identity. So, what to say when a girl does not remember your name?

8. Have you ever date with the opposite gender? You like it or not?

While a gay or bi person has a question like this they will answer; you don't know what it feels when you date or have sex with the same gender. You never know that is the thing that I like and this is me.

9. I am sure you will change your mind after meeting the right person

This question is commonly through to someone who comes out as a gay or bi also who will enter as for them, gay or bi. This question will not change them if they want to change it can be.

10. You better figure it out what is your sexuality

Thanks for your opinion about me, but I know who am I and I do know where I come from. I still have my uterus, don't worry about me. This is my life.

How to socialize with a gay or bi person naturally

That is true that a gay or bi person is in the circle of socializing. It is not much just little, this is the way how to socialize or greet them naturally without a break their hearts.

1. Respect them

A gay or bi person is someone who has a dream, goals, and lifelike us. So, the first time how to face them is to respect their personalities

2. Do a research

If you don't know about them you can do some research on the other allies. From here you can learn much closer about them.

3. Interact with them

Have a friend who is gay or bi is okay. They can be a great friend, they will fill your life with their unique character. Honestly, you realized to be a bisexual too, so how to tell your Christian parents you're bisexual?

4. Give them their privacy

If you want to respect them more, you should give them their privacy. Don't ask any questions that break their hearts. 

5. React kindly to him or her

While you hang out with your friend and your friend speak up that she is a bit. Just react kindly, she wants a huge trust from you. 

Hopefully, the above on some things you should never ask a gay or bi person may give you an answer on how to handle and greet them personally with naturally, there is not to break their heart. See this tip too on how to get my ex girlfriend back after she dumped me Good luck.

Michelle Devani
My name is Michelle Devani, and I've been helping people with their relationships since 2003. In 2017 I decided it was about time I started a blog on the topic, and since then more than 2 million people worldwide have read my relationship advice. Drop me a comment below to let me know what you think.