This Is How to Tell Your Christian Parents You're Bisexual

Last updated on April 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Having disagreements is a normal thing in our lives. But, this does not mean that we don't have the control of ourselves and our lives. The decision is in our hands.

We can even have a disagreement when it comes to figuring it out on how to tell your Christian parents you're bisexual. Well, it's still a big thing for most people, and here's what you can do about it.

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  • Try to talk to one of them, not both of them

To talk about this kind of sensitive issue to your parents may shock them. So in order to minimize the reactions, it is better for you to talk to them one by one. And you don't need to concern about the signs a family member doesn't like you, just focus on your parents first.

Focusing to talk to one person may help you to get that person a better understanding of your choice by heart. When you talk to one person, the way they think won't be affected by other's people opinion. So, make sure you can convince them one by one first.

  • Make the reasons why you want to tell them about this

Human is just a complex and extraordinary being. You may think you know someone, but someone can just give you a totally different reaction to something. This is because there are a lot of things that they need to consider. You can also see how to deal with a guy with mommy issues and try to apply it yourself to your mom, to let you know to approach her better.

To prepare for the worst reaction that you might get, and you knew that there will be the worst, make sure you prepare yourself. Make some strong reasons why you need their support and why you want to involve them in your decision about being bisexual.

  • Let them know that you already independent

Parents just want the best thing for their children. They have just too much fear of you being hurt, not happy, and everything. The only way to get their support is by gaining it.

Show it to them that you are mature enough and independent enough to live up your own decision. Once you can prove that, they will start to trust you anyway. You even have the right to know how to tell a family member they can't live with you if you wanted to tell someone.

Tips for a good family relationship

Whatever the result after you applied some tips on how to tell your Christian parents you're bisexual, you will still need to know the tips to maintain a good relationship with your family. Here's how.

  • Always make time to be spent together

Family is the closest environment and the one who gives a major impact on you. So, it is important to make time to be spent with them too. If you ever have the thoughts of why does my boyfriend doesn't want to spend time with me anymore, then have you thought the same thing with your family?

This will help you to strengthen the bond between family member. And by then you will get to know them better too. Because just because you live with them doesn't mean that you know them well. Don't worry, it isn't only the bond that strengthens but also the understanding.

  • Make a habit of sharing things together

There is some family who makes a habit of sharing things together, to be opened to each other. But, there is also some family who thinks that parents order is absolute, and the parents are making a distance to their children to be respected. That's why some people will think of things to say to your mom when shes mad at you if the family isn't really open to each other.

But, no matter what family type you are into, I personally think that it is good to let your family member know more about you, especially your parents. Let them know about your day and everything else.

  • Make a decision together

Parents are not always right, you are not always right too. We are just human and we make a mistake and it is okay. That's why it is important to share things together and get inputs from each other. This will also lead to a habit of making a decision together.

So, after you know the tips on how to tell your Christian parents you're bisexual, you will need to consider again. Are you mature enough in terms of financial and emotional? Because you will need to prepare for the worst.

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