How Do You Know If God Wants You To Marry Someone For Worse And Better

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In term of having a partner for life should be complete each other and accept both their flaws. Not only will break your heart, if you somehow happen to cross path even spend your time with the wrong person it could ruin your life.

Mostly when you decide you want a serious relationship that can lead into marriage you practically need to think deep all of the matter. If you are a believer, then you should let God help you with this because He gives what's best for your life.

God reveals to you whom you are going to marry beforehand, even though not with absolute certainty when you are a little bit more considerate within your ambiance. You might want to see signs and reason that God shows you when you meet the one and only for your life like signs He’s The Guy You Should Marry According to the Bible.


Here Are How To Know If God Wants You To Marry Someone

here are how to know if god wants you to marry someone

First of all, not all people might believe in God and willing to consider that somehow the one that leads their path is none other than Him. The voice or nudge you heard inside your head and mind was from God.

Before you learn how do you know if God wants you to marry someone you should try to interpret this circumstance.

  • You shouldn't have a crisis of faith down the road when you are going to marry your partner
  • Never discount another godly person who is interested in you because you don't want to give anyone else a chance
  • You need to have a proper and even big view of God

After you learn those important things, so here are how do you know if God wants you to marry someone.

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1. God Shows You Throughout Your Relationship

God speaks to you through the practical details of your lives. Therefore, when you about to think someone is the right one, you will find it soon enough within your very relationship.

For example, you can ask yourself are you mature enough for a marriage. And then, marrying a person that has same belief with you should be an important thing to be considered. Not only that, your friends and family might support your decision.

God is telling you “yes” when you meet all of that circumstantial evidence and you have no doubt about that.

2. God Speaks To You Through Words

god speaks to you through words

How do you know if God wants you to marry someone? When you foremost go to the word of God, you will find God speaks to you who to marry yet in not specifically in his word.

However, God does help you to know who He wants you to marry by make you learn what kind of person you should marry. When studying God’s word, the next you need to do is compare your future marriage with your findings.

Nobody is perfect, we all know that and also each marriage will have struggles. But you should never deny the truths God's word for the sake of marrying someone.

3. Listen To The God Leading In Your Heart

We should consider reality and not make every decision based upon feelings. However, we also need to be sensitive to our heart sometimes.

This way is one of how do you know if God wants you to marry someone. If God is leading you to marry your lover, you are definitely going to feel good and have no hesitation about your decision to marry this person.

When you have fear, anxiety, and uneasiness about it, God might try to speak with you and telling you to slow down or not to marry your partner at all.

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4. You Would Know When God Is Telling You The One You Should Marry

You must be missing this how do you know if God wants you to marry someone. It seems perhaps the most unhelpful or most helpful advice you will learn. When you meet the right one and God wants you to marry them, you will just know.

You will hear this from many people because they say this all the time and you might think it makes no sense. However, this is true when it comes to answering your doubt.

Seek and love God, follow God, obey God, trust God, then God will smoothen your way to your happiest day. Therefore, you should just follow Him and enjoy the ride.

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What Bible Said About God Did Tell You Who To Marry

what bible said about god did tell you who to marry

Now you already learn how do you know if God wants you to marry someone. If you practice loving God and do everything in His way, you shouldn't miss what the Bible said when you want to know who to marry.

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  • In Hosea 1:2, God commanded the prophet Hosea, “Go, take to yourself a wife of whoredom and have children of whoredom.”

This was not for Hosea’s sake, though. And it’s definitely not the norm: God tells us to pursue marriage with those who share our faith and walk in holiness (1 Corinthians 7:39).

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  • The New Testament, the story about an angel of God told Joseph not to be afraid to take Mary as his wife (Matthew 1:20–21).

God was intent on fulfilling his redemptive purposes. The fullness of time had come. Joseph needed to marry the Virgin Mary so that centuries of prophecy might be fulfilled and God’s redemptive plan could come to pass.

  • You have the freedom to choose who to marry.

When we all assume that God is speaking to us, apart from his word or the time when we call our own thoughts God’s words, we are probably thinking too highly of ourselves and not highly enough of God. John Piper says, “God gives us great freedom in choosing whom we’ll marry.”

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