Basic Things to Know Before Marrying a Muslim

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Marriage is a sacred action is Islam that it is dubbed as half of the religion. Even though getting married is not an obligation, but for Muslims who decide to marry one of their kind (fellow Muslim) Allah SWT promise big rewards, even Paradise. In Islam, any rules and customs regarding marriage has been set clearly in the Holy Quran as well as the saying of Prophet Muhammad.

There are many things to know before marrying a Muslim, since marriage life in Islam is somewhat different. A man and a woman has destined to meet and united with each other long before they were created.

It is essential for someone who wants to marry a Muslim, especially those who have just converted to the religion. Here are the things to know before marrying a Muslim.

1. Family is Involved in Every Steps

In a modern life, it's uncommon for someone to involve their family when they are about to get marriage. Family involvement usually limited to notification, not asking for permission. However things are different in Islam. Marriage means the uniting two families. So that yours becomes mine and vice versa. From proposing to after marriage life, families are always involved. See also How to Get a Muslim Girl Interested in You

2. Approval from the Father's Woman is Important

A Muslim woman cannot get married without her father's permission. If her father has passed away, then the man should ask permission from her guardian (her older brother or her father's older brother). Without the approval, the marriage of a Muslim woman considered invalid. A woman remains her father responsibility until she gets married, and afterwards she will become her husband's responsibility.

3. Certain Rights and Obligations to Follow

There are certain rights and obligations for a Muslim to follow when they get married. As for woman, marriage means she left her family behind and serving her husband family, putting them first than her own. As a return, her husband should be able to protect her, fulfilling her basic needs such as clothing, housing, and food.

More than that, a husband should provide love, warmth, and intimacy throughout the marriage. A wife obligations is that she should follow her husband as the head of the family. See also Converting to Islam for Marriage, What to Expect?

4. Hierarchy in Islamic Marriage is Absolute

Not that Islam doesn't recognize equality, but there are an absolute hierarchy in Islamic marriage. A husband is the leader and head of the family, while a wife is behind him to support him and the family. A wife should obey her husband, following his order and fulfilling his requests.

It has become a husband's duty to work outside the house and earn money for the family living while the wife stays at home to protect and nurture the children. The happiness of marriage in Islam depends on the wife.

Serving her husband with love is the obligations for a Muslim woman. But a husband should not use his power to abuse her. She must be loved, cared, and protected all the time. See also Reasons Why You Should Date a Muslim Guy

5. Qualities of Love in Islam

When a Muslim is about to get married, they have to set their intention right. A Muslim should do everything to please Allah and avoid anything that might awaken his wrath. The intention of a marriage is to seek for blessing from Allah. The best marriage is those that based on love for Allah, and both parties continually seeking the blessing from Allah during the marriage.

6. Interfaith Marriage is Highly Forbidden

Islam is open to change. It's a dynamic religion that never gets old and behind the ages. But there are things that Islam would never change. One of them is the forbidden of interfaith marriage. Islam doesn't allow a Muslim to marry someone who worship another God, believing to another Prophet, and have another guide but Quran in life.  A Muslim must get married to one of their kind. See also Good Relationship in Islam About Husband and Wife

7. A Man Could Have More Than One Wife

The fact that Islam allows a man to have more than one wife often misunderstood in some culture. But Islam does allow polygamy. Surely there are several conditions to follow, such as the man should afford to provide life for more than one woman, treat them equally, and the most important thing is the first wife gives permission for the second marriage.

There are also hierarchy among wives, where the first wife and her children sit at the highest pyramid.

8. Forced Marriage is Not Allowed in Islam

When two Muslims are getting married, both the man and woman must be agree upon it. Forced marriage is prohibited. When two people are forced to get married, than it can't be done and considered invalid until both of them agree to get married. Marriage should be a way to find happiness for two people, not a sanctuary to any of them.

9. Marriage Should be Beneficial for the Religious Life

In Islam, it is strongly suggested to marry someone who will make you a better Muslim. The main purpose of marriage is to seek for Allah's blessing, and it can be doubled through marriage. Both should remind each other of the religious duty such as prayer, and even better to do it together. See also Rights of Wife in Islam to Husband

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10. Islam Doesn't Allow Same Sex Marriage

The last but not least thing to know is that Islam never tolerate same sex marriage. Furthermore, it's considered as an unforgivable sin in Islam. It has written clearly in the Holy Quran and whoever break the rule will be severely punished.

Beside the many things to know before marrying a Muslim, having them as a partner in life is highly beneficial. A Muslim is someone whose attitude is set by the religion and they always do their best to live as a good person. They spread positivity and happiness around you all the time.

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