20 Reasons Why You Should Date a Muslim Guy (#1 Decent Guy)

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Once in life, we need to be more open to other cultures and religions. Dating a Muslim guy is one of them. When a Muslim dated, he won't have the Signs of a Cheater Guy because his religion valued trust and faith so highly. Also, he is not a player and loving only one woman. Dating a Muslim guy will give you a new perspective of a man, because the way his religion shaped him will amazed you and make you realize that he has many good qualities. Okay, find out the reasons why you should date a Muslim guy by yourself below:

1. His Patient is Like the Sea

Every Muslim was taught not be in a rush and to always have patient. You never know how good he can hold himself not explode and vent it out on you. It is also one good Ways to Handle a Long Distance Relationship.

2. He Has a Full Faith on You

He puts his trust on you once he dated you. He won't be the possessive type that limit your move. You can still hang out with your friends and do things you like. As long as it's positive for you.

3. He Will Guide You to the Good Things

A Muslim guy has a clear vision in life and even the life after. He show you only good things and lead you towards them together with him. You no longer feel insecurity in life.

4. He Sees This World Positively

He has a faith that after a hardship there will come ease. When your life is hard and feel so low, find peace and soothe in him. He knows how to lift up your mood and find strength again.

5. You Will Never Step Out of the Boundaries

You need to stay within the lines to live a good life. Once you step out of it, your life could be in a big mess. A Muslim guy is very strict with his life and always try to live within the corridor of Islam.

6. He Works Hard for His Dreams

A Muslim has a strong ethic in pursuing his dream. He knows if he works hard and under the guidance of God, he will be able to reach it. It's good for your relationship because he will also work hard in the relationship with you.

7. He is Loyal

Cheating and hurt a woman's heart is forbidden in Islam. He will stay loyal to you because he won't to commit a sin by hurting your heart. You can fully trust him and you don't need to do the Ways to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend to him.

8. He is Committed to You

Many women worry on the Ways to Make Him Commit and Want Only You because they are insecure with their boyfriends' love. But this is not gonna happen if you date a Muslim guy. He already committed to you from day one and love you only.

9. He Loves His Family

He is a cute, family oriented guy who loves his family so much. He is devoted to his mother and will treat you just like he did to his mother. He will love your family as well.

10. He Make a Good Future Husband

Hard worker, family loving, loyal and faithful. All those qualities make a Muslim guy a good husband material. You can dream of a future with him and no need to worry whether he is mature or not.

11. He Will Never Criticized Your Cooks

He won't make you sad by any means and hurt you in any ways. As a beginner in cooking, You never know how would it taste and give it to your boyfriend. He will compliment you no matter how horrible it taste, because he wants to see the smile on you.

12. He Guides Your Religious Life

If he is good with his religious life, he can guide you well too. You will be introduced to God and His greatness. You can also learn how to be religious with him together. It's about time you have a relationship that affect your life positively.

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13. Your Friends Will be Jealous

Dating a mature and high quality guy make the eye of every woman turn on you. They burn with jealousy because you date a good guy. Your friends would be jealous as well. Who don't want to date a decent guy?

14. He is Romantic

Do you know that a Muslim guy is romantic? He knows how to treat a girl well and makes them happy. He can praise you all the day and will not be lazy to do that. He can surprise you with fancy dinner when you less wish for it too.

15. He Has a Leadership Nature

Every Muslim guy is a born leader. No wonder he can guide you very well through this life and your religious life as well. You will never lost with him.

The Things That Happened Only When You Date a Muslim Guy

  1. You can't stay out until late night and arrived home past midnight.
  2. He won't allow you to wear clothes that expose too much of your skin.
  3. He hates it when you touch other guys physically.
  4. He will persuade you to become religious like him.
  5. You will respect your parents more.

So those are the valuable reasons why you should date a Muslim guy. No matter who you date, you have to treat them well so you can have a good relationship. Don't be a bad girl and don't date a bad guy so you don't have to find the Ways to Move on After a Bad Relationship. Do not judge people before you know them. When everyone ask why you date a Muslim guy, ask them back what if I dated a Muslim guy?

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