Ways To Make Him Commit And Want Only You Forever

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1. Never Demand Him For Commitment

never demand him for commitment

Yes, the first rule if you want him to commit to you is not demanding him to do one. Let him take his time until he's ready to make the decision.

2. Take It Easy And Let It Flow

There is really no need to rush thing. Even you really want his commitment, take it easy don't appear desperate in front of him. Soon you will see the Signs Your Boyfriend Sees You as His Future Wife.

3. Love People Around Him

Want to know the fastest ways to make him commit and want only you? Love the people he loves. Love his family, friends, and relatives. When you have done, you're already walk halfway.

4. Appreciate Him With Rewards

Rewards is not the same with gifts. Just a simple "thank you", "you're the best", or a light kiss on the cheek is a great reward for every little things he did.

5. Give Him Your Attention And Affection

You need more than Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Keep The Conversation Going and Not Boring. You have to put your attention and affection to him as well. Support him in every decision he make.

6. Blend Well With His Life

blend well with his life

One of the most important Wife Material Signs you should have is you have to integrate to his life. Create a routine by calling or texting him at particular time of the day such as good morning or sleep well words.

7. Make Him A Dependable Person

A man would love it when his girl relies on him a lot. Let him help you with the house chores like replacing the light bulb or fixing the broken faucet.

8. Don't Make Him The Center Of Your World

You will always be there anytime for the one you love, but you need to be scarce sometime. Don't bother to reply his trivial messages when you're in the middle of something.

9. Create A Space Between You And Him

Don't always be available or else he'd get bored. Grant him free times to be spent on his own without your interruption at all. He will appreciate it more than you could ever think.

10. Get Him Curious About You

\You don't have to explain every little thing about yourself. It makes him less curious about you. Leave some details for him to find out on his own later.

11. Don't Talk About Him All The Time

If you think talking about him to everyone you meet is okay, your friends probably never tell you how sick they are upon hearing it.

12. Don't Be Insecure

Over thinking will not only kill you but his feeling as well. Don't be so insecure that your boyfriend notice your needy and clingy behavior. You don't want to see the Signs That He is Falling Out of Love with You right?

13. Understand Him Better

Try to see things through his point of view. So every time you disagree with him, you'll understand the reason why he did that. It will be really meaningful for him.

14. Reach For His Heart

reach for his heart

It's not easy for a woman to understand the deepest heart of her man. But once you succeed, the Signs Your Boyfriend is Going to Propose Soon will appear in no time.

15. Give Him Some Courage

If you know the Ways to Make Your Bestfriend Feel Better when they're down, you must know how to encourage him as well. Show him how you always being supportive.

16. Go For Holiday Together

Going on a trip together opens his eyes more about you. During those times he could learn some of your new side he never know before.

 17. Yourself Come First

You have to know how to prioritize yourself in the middle of winning his heart. Meet what you need first because you have to love yourself.

18. Make Him Want To Be Attached To You

Be funny, laugh a lot, entertain him. Do all sorts of things that makes him miss you all the time want to be attached to you forever.

19. Give Him The Reason

What is the quality in you enough to want you in his life? You have to give him the reason why should he committed to you.

20. Be True To Him

Trust me, he knows perfectly well the Signs of Conditional Love. Be sincere to him and give him the love from your deepest heart.

Things You Shouldn't Do To Make Him Commit And Only Want You

things you shouldn't do to make him commit and only want you
  1. Following him everywhere.
  2. Keep remind him every now and then.
  3. Talking about commitment all the time.
  4. Seeking help from his mother or friend -- it will disgust him.
  5. Looking desperate in front of him.
  6. Clinging into him as if you're glued together.
  7. Never try to understand his situation.
  8. You care only about you and your feeling.
  9. Never improve yourself and always criticize him.
  10. Never have a deep talk about what he wants in the relationship.
  11. Feeling insecure and always jealous to any woman near him.
  12. Demand him to spend all of his time with you.
  13. Bombarding him with unnecessary text all the time.
  14. Becoming the security officer of his life, checking his whereabouts every 5 minutes.
  15. Trying to control him and driving his life.
  16. Doesn't give him choice or chance to speak.
  17. Faking yourself in front of him.
  18. Sending obvious signals, wishing him to notice.
  19. Doesn't giving him time to think.
  20. Talking about your ex!

Commitment is a serious things in a relationship. It comes naturally from the heart, so there's no need to force it. Just love him unconditionally and sincerely, commitment and loyalty will find the way on their own. You can find out your own ways to make him commit and want only you, but the wishfully the tips above will help you to take step further in your relationship. Good luck!

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