Insane Ways to Tell If Your Ex Still Has Feelings for You After Bad Break Up

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Maybe he simply does not understand what he felt in his heart if it turns out that still harbored feelings to you. You can help your ex to explain what she should do.

Ways to Tell If Your Ex Still Has Feelings for You

Here are some ways to help you explain to him about his feelings :

  1. Ask The Feelings Around You

This way actually, but you need to try. You can ask him, how she felt while there are around you. You also can not arbitrarily judge if he still has feelings with you. Do you think it just might be. By asking like that you so not only helped her to know his feelings  to you, is it still there or not but it also helps you to know if you true or false give opinions. Also read: How to Tell Your Ex You Miss Them Without Sounding Needy

  1. Her Friend For Help

If you feel it running out of ideas to bring your ex about her feelings, you can ask for help her friend to tell him if there was a feeling in his heart that he was not aware of. Sometimes it is indeed the way that we do will be less successful because we like being to force someone to trust our assumptions. Then you need the help of your friend or his friend to help her bring in the confusion of the senses. You may also find out about How to Let Your Ex Boyfriend Know You Want Him Back Cause You Still Love Him

  1. Tell Him Directly

There are some proven ways to tell if your ex still has feelings for you. If you feel him slowly takes a long time and you can't be patient with it. Better you say to him if you feel he still has feelings to you. Supposing she replied if you think wrong, no nothing. Because your purpose is helping him find a way out of her feelings.

If you are not the person who caused it are confused in feeling love, meaning you no longer need to intervene because it is already beyond capacity. You may also find out about How to Tell Your Ex You Want Him Back Through Text Easily


Signs of Your Ex Still in Love with You

If you've found the right way to do it. Furthermore you can find out if your ex really still have feelings to you or not. The following signs :

  1. Look Confused With Your Word

As you say if your ex still have feelings seem to you, but your ex seems to be confused by what you say, it can be interpreted as if he actually does have the feeling as you say. If you already know like that would happen, then you will be deemed to still have hope to him but that's not the point. You can say sorry if you estimate turned out to be wrong and went away from him. You may also find out about How to Tell Your Ex to Stop Contacting You Again After Bad Break Up

  1. Looks Shocked

To say if what you convey to him is something that is right on target. Maybe you actually consider if he still has feelings to you. But first, listen to the explanation of it. That all really is clear and there is no misunderstanding between you guys. 

  1. Want to rush Away

Like this maybe because she was embarrassed and afraid you realize his feelings which was still left for you. That's why he's running after do know if you realize what he hide during this time. You do not need to be upset because that's the first thing that comes to his minds that is run. Suppose the turns out what you think is right, so you search for the way out bias so that there is no more guesswork. You may also find out about Tips to Make Your Ex Jealous and Want You Back

  1. Change The Topic Of Conversation

You surely are familiar with people who like to change the topic of conversation. You certainly know what is the reason behind people who change the topic of conversation. But for this case, you may just be right if he wants to cover the reality by changing the subject or he just avoids other people heard the chatter of you. Therefore it is indeed so important things to find the time and the right circumstances to inform your opinion.

Tips to Get Your Ex Love Back

For you who have not yet satisfied to find a way to be able to tell your ex that if he still keep feeling you. Let's see more tips below :

  1. Give Him A Little Space To Think

Perhaps he was so alarmed by her feelings that are still buried in the hearts of as many of you there are always around her. Try to give it a bit of space, although you guys be friends now, sometimes the relationship of friendship is indeed too closely until it is hard. But for this case, give a little bit of space and distance she could think clearly. 

  1. Trying to make him jealous

If true he still have the feeling you're definitely jealous if she will see you with another man even if merely acquainted or chatting. Try to do so that you may also not be knowledgeably. Do it carefully so as not to hurt anyone's feelings there. Make sure your position is not too lame.

  1. Introduced him to the other woman

It is indeed not the way which can be said to be potent, because men will be glad to get acquainted with the woman alone, the woman was gorgeous. You need to be smart to see if he feels the objections or not when you introduce it to another woman. If he still keep the feeling of you, maybe he will avoid the woman or keep acquainted but don't want to linger to chat. See how his attitude and you will know the result. You may also find out about Ways to Make Your Ex Miss You after Break Up

  1. Tell Him That There Is Someone Who Loves It

This is just a joke only. Do not make this a serious or until it becomes serious joke. You just want to know the response was by trying to introduce another woman to him. If he refuses or even look not interested, then it could be that he is still thinking of you feel. He probably knows, although the woman looks happy doesn't mean he really is being happy, at least as that is what would you feel if you wear this way.

Meanwhile, that's all the easy ways to tell if your ex still has feelings for you!

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