How to Tell Your Ex to Stop Contacting You Again After Bad Break Up

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There are certainly among you who do not like if your ex is often to contact you again after the break. But you have to turn it down because you feel troubled, tell him that you can't constantly be contacted.

How to Tell Your Ex to Stop Contacting You Again 

Here are some tips to tell your ex if you feel annoyed with all the phone or message:

  1. Say Firmly

How to tell your ex to stop contacting you again? You need to be assertive in giving a serious statement, tell your ex that you don't like to be bothered with all the phone calls and message, you could say it firmly but not hurt her feelings. Do with the tone which is not too high. Make sure no one is hurt.

Make this a moment to give you the answers you are if  didn't want to be associated too closely with him again because you already broke up. You may also find out about: Ways to Make Your Ex Miss You after Break Up

  1. Don't Ever Start Contacting Him First

If you've told her to never contact you again then you also do not ever reach him first. Later he could be considered if you are not serious with your Word. Then do with the decision.  You may also find out about: How to Notice If Your Long Distance Ex-Boyfriend Still Got A Feeling on You

  1. Please Provide an Explanation

After you provide a statement that you do not want to be contacted again by your ex, then you can give an explanation of why you do not want to be contacted again. You can tell if what he did in fact interfere with the activity of you or you do not like to be contacted too often. Give a reasonable explanation and don't let him ask too much about the reason you. Give one answer is enough to stop him to contact you again. That's how to tell your ex to stop contacting you again!  You may also find out about: All the Sexiest Things to Text a Guy to Make Him Want You More


Reasons why your ex still loves to contact you.

As if you guys are still together, she with easy contact you. Here are some signs if the former you would like to contact you after the break up :

  1. Your Ex The Possessive

Usually a possessive ex while still being the lover gets hard remove his habit to frequent contact you. But that does not mean he intends to disrupt. He just has a habit that cannot easily be eliminated. Meanwhile, you can gently tell him if you feel if he contacted you too often not to do. slowly he will understand later.

  1. It Is not Easy To Forget About You

For those of you who have an ex that was very dear to you, chances are he will be hard to forget you. For him it's easier to know you via phone calls or messages. It is indeed a hard thing for him to not contact you because he feels that haven't gone against him. Respond properly and do what you can to keep good relations with him.

  1. Cannot Find Someone Better Than You

When breaking up is usually there will be an immediate search for a lover again, but note that turned out to be no better than a previous lover. This can be a sign if your ex would love to contact you even though it's been broken. Give him an explanation if you had forgotten him and asked not to contact you again.

  1. No Friends To Chat

Perhaps the reason this is so trivial but it doesn't mean this is probably one of the reasons your ex more contact you even feels annoying you. You just need to not reply to the message or lifting the phone if you know he just wants to invite a waste of time on the phone.  You may also find out about: Signs You Haven't Moved On from Your Ex

Here are some additional tips refused to be contacted your ex

  1. Say Directly

You could say directly what you feel if your ex to contact you again. You may not allow that to happen constantly because it is not a good thing for you. You could say directly if you are bothered by the way its always contact you even for things that are less important.

  1. Reply To The Message With The Word Sorry

Say sorry to your ex that you're can't be bothered. Say it well and do not tucked into the emotions. You have to learn the character of others so that you do not fight thereafter. Make sure she understands what you mean and it doesn't even make you get caught up in your own words.

  1. Ignore The Message or a Call From Him

If you've done what you can to ask your ex to stop contacting you again and he does not want to understand then the last option that you can do is let him contact you, indeed impaired but it better and It is hoped he can stop by itself.

  1. Change Your Mobile Phone Number

If you've been so distracted and feel all the problems of your ex should end soon, there will be a good idea if you replace your phone card. Would indeed be troublesome because the cell phone number you now have spread to more people and change the mobile phone number again then you have to pass it again.

  1. The Focus of Activities To You

There have been many thoughts burden is indeed very tiring especially if constantly plagued with calls and short messages from your ex. Preferably, do not make the issue you with your ex as a burden. Do what you think is a good thing to do. Ignore all calls from your ex's activities and focus of doing activities.

  1. Living Your Day Happy

If you continue to feel the brunt of that much because your ex also helped add load, try to appease you life. Like going on holiday, the ways of routine and other enjoyable activities. That way you will be forgotten with the mobile phone you so do calls from your ex.

That's a couple of tips and signs if your ex will have a habit of contacting you despite being broken. Tips to reject calls and short messages from your ex has also mentioned above. Don't be too think.

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