How Will A Virgo Man Act After A Breakup?

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A Virgo man is a thoughtful creature who is heavily influenced by the earth element. Faced with a breakup, he seeks for answers, thinks over it and spends time for reflection.

Here are other ways he will behave when someone breaks up with him:

1. Figure Out What Went Wrong

The Virgo man is a rational one. He will try to figure out what went wrong in the relationship with his logic.

Analyzing it from several different points of view is not odd for him at all. Giving the Virgo man his space is also How to Make A Virgo Man Fall in Love with A Virgo Woman.

2. Promise To Change

Once the Virgo man figures what he could have done to fix the relationship, he will promise himself to change.

He’s not one to stick to bad habits. The promise that he’s making to himself will make it easier to move on and improve on himself.

3. Pursues Answers

How will a Virgo man act after a breakup? One thing is for sure, don’t be surprised if he contacts you out of the blue.

Even if the breakup has happened months before, he is still on the pursue for answers. He won’t be afraid to ask you questions about the breakup. It's also one of the Signs Your Boyfriend Regrets Breaking Up With You.

4. Take Months To Recover

take months to recover

Although the Virgo man is a rational man, he will still have to deal with his emotions. It can get heavy for him. What he would usually do is to take it easy.

He will allow himself some space to recover from the breakup. It might take months or years.

5. Doesn’t Date Anyone New Straight Away

This might be an appealing trait of a Virgo man. You see, he doesn’t date anyone new straight away after a breakup.

His only mission is to collect his thoughts and feelings from the aftermath. There’s no chance of him thinking of someone as a rebound. This is also How to Know If Your Ex Girlfriend is In a Rebound Relationship.

6. Gets Upset And Emotional

Earlier we mentioned about the Virgo man dealing with his feelings. There’s a big chance that he will get upset and emotional.

A breakup is a deep cut for him. He’s not afraid to face all the negative emotions from the breakup.

7. They Disappear For A While To Find Closure

Really, how will a Virgo man act after a breakup? To ease your curiosity, you will have to see his vanishing act. The Virgo man might disappear for a while to find closure. No one will hear anything from him. Wonder no more about the Reasons Why Virgo Man Pulling Away from You, a breakup could be one of them.

8. Open To The Chance Of Back Together Again

Besides being a rational man, the Virgo man is actually very forgiving. He’s open to the chance of getting back together again.

He doesn’t hold grudges. What’s on his mind is only bettering himself each day and, hopefully, find the right person to spend the rest of his life with.

9. Starts A Routine To Keep Himself Busy

It’s normal to hear that a Virgo man is spending his time cleaning. It’s a kind of routine that he will start to keep himself busy. Keeping things in order clears his mind. With this clarity, he can have a peace of mind.

10. Obsesses Over the Breakup

Is there a bad side to how will a Virgo man act after a breakup? Unfortunately, yes. He tends to be a bit obsessive over the breakup. He won’t stop questioning it and wondering the different outcomes it could have.

11. Make Efforts To Reach Out

make efforts to reach out

With enough courage, a Virgo man will make the effort to reach out. Wait, why is he doing this?

It’s either he wants to keep in touch and become your friend or he’s holding on to the hope that you will date him again. You can also reach out to him since it's one of the ways on How to Get Back Virgo Man after A Bad Break Up.

12. Criticizes Himself Harshly

The mind of the Virgo man is a complex one indeed. Other than obsessing over the breakup, he can also criticize himself harshly. He could be blaming himself for the breakup.

13. Let Everything Go Without Grudges

A Virgo man can also let everything go without grudges. He doesn’t want to hold on to negative feelings for the rest of his life. So he will live and let go.

14. Keeps His Feelings To Himself

Privacy is a big deal to the Virgo man. His feelings are his. No one can know how deeply hurt or angry he is about the breakup. He will deal with his emotions on his own.

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15. Tries His Best To Move On

This is not about giving up. Once a Virgo mind finds peace after the breakup, he will try his best to move on. It’s time for him to turn over a new leaf.

Of course, not all Virgo men will act in these ways. Remember, each one will react differently to a breakup.

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