Reasons Why Virgo Man Is Pulling Away from You

Last updated on June 8, 2024 by Michelle Devani

What is up with Virgo men suddenly acting cold? You’re not sure what you did wrong but you sure want to know the reasons why Virgo man pulling away from you. Pay close attention because you might need to read between the lines.


1. He Lost Interest

Unfortunately, one of the reasons why Virgo man pulling away is that he lost interest. At first, everything about you excites him. But as time passes by, he doesn’t find you that attractive anymore.

He has now moved on to someone else. Here's more on How Do You Know When A Virgo Man Has Lost Interest.

2. You’re Asking Too Much

Maybe you’re asking too much from your Virgo man. You want him to do this, you want him to do that.

Your requests might seem normal to you. But to the Virgo man, he might see them as a bit unrealistic. When you want too much for him, he will start to push you away.

3. He’s Feeling Overwhelmed

There are various reasons why Virgo man pulling away that might not be noticeable. Perhaps, he’s feeling overwhelmed.

You might be the cause for it. But it might also be because of other things. No matter what it is, the feeling of being overwhelmed forces him to distance himself from you.

4. He Needs Some Time To Recharge

Virgo men tend to be a bit of a hermit. They’re a bit of an introvert which means that social activities can drain them.

The reason why your Virgo man is keeping his distance from you is that he needs some time to recharge. According to psychologists, introverts require some alone time after spending too much time with people.

5. You Make Him Uncomfortable

Have you ever thought that maybe you make him uncomfortable? With your words or even your actions.

Maybe you've crossed a line and you don't even realize that. Also, learn What Does It Mean When A Virgo Man Kisses You to avoid misunderstandings.

6. You Gossip Too Much

you gossip too much

Virgo men really don’t like it when people gossip too much. They don’t see any value in it and it’s just in bad taste. Maybe you’ve been talking too much about other people around him. That’s why he’s not as close with you as before.

7. He Doesn’t Click With You

This is difficult to accept but maybe one of the reasons why Virgo man pulling away is that he doesn’t click with you.

There’s something about you that doesn’t appeal to him. It’s not something that you can force so it’s best to let him go if it’s true. But this is How Do You Get A Virgo Man to Commit in the best ways.

8. He Thinks You’re Insincere

Another thing that a Virgo man dislike is insincerity. In case he senses something from you that doesn’t feel genuine, he will start to pull away. The best thing that you can do here is to start being honest with yourself and him.

9. You’re Controlling

Most Virgo men can’t stand it when people are too controlling! It limits their freedom and it makes them stressed out too. A Virgo man prefers someone who knows how to let him be free. After all, he needs his own space too. Here's How to Get Back Virgo Man after A Bad Break Up that could be handy.

10. You’re Too Serious Too Fast

It might be irritating to know this but one of the common reasons why Virgo man pulling away is that you’re getting too serious too fast. He’s scared and unprepared.

A Virgo man is the kind of guy who likes to take things slow. He can be serious but he doesn’t want to jump into anything, like a marriage, too soon.

11. He Has Different Goals

A dating coach once said that the foundation to a strong relationship is a common goal. Do you and your Virgo have that? If the two of you have completely different goals then your Virgo man starts to pull away.

12. He Is Confused

he is confused

Perhaps your Virgo man is just confused. He might not understand his own feelings. There’s also the chance that he’s thinking about other aspects of his life. Due to his confusion, he pulls away so that he can put back his thoughts together again.

13. You Treat The Relationship Like A Game

Don’t play around with a Virgo man. This is one of the reasons why Virgo man pulling away from you as soon as he can.

Love is not a game for him. Treat him well and he will do the same to you as well. But if My Virgo Man Cheated On Me, What Should I Do is your problem then he might be pulling away to other women.

Hopefully, these reasons will give you something to think about for your Virgo man. Always try to initiate conversations because talking helps to clear things up!

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