How to Win Cancer Girl Heart and Take Her on A Date

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Cancer girl is known to be caring, warm, kind and loyal. No wonder you would want to know how to win Cancer girl heart and make her yours. In order to know what should you do, it's better to figure out every tiny details about Cancer girl's character. To help you, here's a few thing about Cancer and how to win Cancer girl heart:

  1. Cancer girl is shy

If you don't want her to avoid you, avoid being aggressive and overly flirtatious. Don't be pushy, and take your time to get to know her. Avoid risky and embarrassing topics, focus more on making her comfortable and wait until she's willing to open up to you.

Use a laid-back approach, try to notice what she’s doing and use it to open a conversation. Or instead, talk and inquire about past experiences travelling or future goals and plans. This will guarantee that she'll open up to you faster. You may also read about Ways to Make Cancer Girl Jealous

  1. Cancer girl is emotional

Known as being overly emotional and moody sometimes, it is best to avoid making her feel offended or making her feel like you're being judgmental. You need to listen to her patiently, flatter her, talk to her gently, and be affectionate towards her, both in action and words. Never talk harshly with a Cancer girl, cause they are fragile as well.

With them being very in-tune with their emotional side, Cancer girl also likes romantic guys. If you can plan some surprises, give her a heartfelt handwritten letter, or plan a romantic dinner, it would be easier for her to fall for you. You may also read about Things You Need To Know Before You Date A Cancer

  1. Cancer girl is loyal

Not only loyal to her loved ones, Cancer girl is also loyal to her friends and family. So aside from trying to get close to her, you should also try to be close to her friends and family.

If you manage to make her friends and family like you, Cancer girl would be happier and it would be easier for you to get close to her. It would also be a plus point if you can tell her and show her how much you love your family and friends, as this would show that you care about them just like your Cancer girl does about her family and friends. You may also read about

  1. Cancer girl likes to have fun

If you want to make a Cancer girl fell for you, make sure to joke around a lot cause Cancer girl loves a good laugh. If you can make a joke out of an awkward situation, or being lighthearted when Cancer makes a joke, she will feel comfortable and happy when she is with you.

A Cancer girl is also good at flirting with sarcasm and wittiness, if you can do the same thing, her heart is guaranteed to be yours. 

  1. Cancer girl is intuitive

Another way on how to win a Cancer girl’s heart, is to be completely honest and genuine. Cancers have a great intuition, and they can easily feel people’s intention. She doesn’t need you to do extravagant things for her when you’re not being sincere, so it is better for you to do what comes from the heart with no hidden motives.

Once you mislead her, or betraying her trust, she can leave easily. Though it is possible for her to forgive you, she will never forget what you did to her. If you want to be an important part of her life, earn her trust with good intentions.

  1. Cancer girl dislikes arrogance

If you’re main objective is to conquer a Cancer girl, instead of taking care of her, you’re guaranteed to fail in winning a Cancer girl’s heart. Being the intuitive and emotional kind of girl, Cancer would prefer someone humble and kind.

They are not looking for someone to control them, they are looking for someone to protect them. Instead of being in a higher level than she is, Cancer girl would prefer you to be an equal partner who can also be their loyal best friend.

  1. Cancer girl loves their me time

If you want to win a Cancer girl’s heart, avoid being too intrusive and respect her me time. There are times when a Cancer girl just needs to be with herself and away from anyone else. Most Cancer are introverts, so it would be best to leave her alone.

Even if she seems to have a problem, you can inquire about it but you should avoid being too pushy. Give her some time to relax, to sort things out on her own, and wait until she wants to talk about it. You may also read about Ways to Make a Cancer Man Fall in Love

  1. Cancer girl loves to be nurturing

With her nurturing nature, she would loves it when she can help and take care of you at times. Try to reveal a little bit about yourself and show some vulnerability.

Open up and talk about some challenges in your life. Cancer girl will appreciate it when you can show your depth and purpose in life. Be honest, and give her a chance to support you.

  1. Cancer girl loves a reliable man

In order to win her heart, be consistent and stable. Cancer girl loves it when you can say what you mean, and mean what you say. Follow through your actions and words, and keep your promises. If you plan something, make sure that you can do it. Show that you are trustworthy, be it with her, or with her family and friends. You may also read about Signs a Cancer Girl is Interested

  1. Cancer girl is a homebody

Charm her homebody side by showing her your domestic side. Cook her a thoughtful meal, do the dishes, or plan a romantic movie night at home. Make it cozy, let her be comfortable with what she’s wearing, and offer to invite her friends and family.

You should also keep your place tidy at all times, to show that you love to take care of your home as much as she loves her home. Take good care of her place, and help her do some chores. You may also read about How to Tell A Cancer Man Is Not Interested in You 

Those are some ways on how to win Cancer Girl heart. Do all of these things, be genuine in doing so, and good luck on getting the Cancer Girl of your dreams!

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