15 Truth Why Should You Never Date A Musician

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Nobody has a free soul other than artists. They know how to express their inner feeling in a good way and transform it into a very good form of art. Out of all musicians, there is, the most loved is a musician. No girls would not melt by the guitar sound that accompanies some romantic lyric. But dating a musician is not a very good thing. While the Reasons You Should Date a Nerd is challenging and the Reasons Why You Should Date a Man with a Beard sounds tempting, a musician is another thing. To make you convinced more, here are lists of reasons why should you never date a musician.


1. You're Just One Of The Hundreds Piano Tuts

Every girl would be fly over the moon when he said she is the only one. But you must not believe it if it comes from a musician. You are like one of the many piano tuts. Many musicians have the Signs of a Cheater Guy in them

2. He Sings Romantic Songs, To Everyone

One special thing about a musician is he will melt you away by serenading romantic songs along with the guitar he plays. Make you feel like you're the happiest girl in the world. What a shame he did it to every girl, not only you.

3. He Loves You Like A New Guitar

he loves you like a new guitar

Imagine how excited he must be when he's having a brand new guitar. Yes, like getting his dream girl beside him. That is how he will treat you exactly. He'll never let you away from his side and protects you at all costs. Only because you are new.

4. He Abandoned You Like A Broken Violin

Because he's got a new guitar, he'll abandon you like the broken violin. Old, useless, and rotten. He will find a new one instead. You will know it when he's showing the Signs That He is Falling Out of Love with You.

5. His Friends Are Out Of This World

Every musician is unique. When you think that punk is too loud and hurt your ear, for them it's a kind of expression. Get ready to meet his "unique" friends. You will also get along too well with them, as they come from a different world.

6. Get Ready To Spend Lonely Nights

Do you wish to spend your Friday nights with him? Throw your imagination away. His weekends will be packed with gigs here and there. You might be very lonely during weekends because his gigs are not only this weekend but also the next and the weekend after the next.

7. If He's Not Justin Bieber, He's Not Dependable

If you want to date someone with a stable financial state, the musician is not the choice. Sometimes his schedule is packed, but there will be a time when he is jobless for a few months. If this is not what you want, there's no need to find Ways to Make Him Commit and Want Only You.

8. He Meets A Lot Of Hot Chicks, Everywhere

he meets a lot of hot chicks, everywhere

Probably you have to check your blood pressure regularly when you date a musician. How could you not, you will always be worried about his loyalty because he is surrounded by hot chicks everywhere. It's pretty hard to put the full trust in him.

9. His Topics Doesn't Match You At All

His interest may be different from his interest. While he loves to talk about his vision in music, you prefer to talk about the newest iPhone on the market. He doesn't get what you mean and vice versa.

10. Every Little Thing Is An Expression of Art

The first thing and the most important thing in his life is music. The musician has this stereotype of not taking good care of himself. If he didn't cut his hair for months and didn't shave, it's an expression of art.

11. He Wrote Songs About His Exes

Okay, he might write a romantic song about you, but he also did it to his exes. You start to be suspicious whether the romantic lyrics he sings all along are about his exes or not. Jealousy sparks from there.

12. You Have To Make A Prior Appointment To Meet Him

As his schedule has always packed, you barely have time to meet him. Soon you have the feeling that meeting your own boyfriend is like meeting a celebrity. You have to make sure on what day he is free to go on a date.

13. He Might Not Be Meant As A Musician

Some people are not so gifted as musicians, but they insist to be one. As the result, no matter how hard he tried, he's just never made a good song. You have to spend all the time listening to the kind of music you don't like it because it's not so good.

14. He Barely Have Time To Meet You

he barely have time to meet you

What else is the reason? The packed schedule all the time? It may be not the sole reason why he can't meet you often. It is more like he has many other you to meet. So he has no other choice but to divide his time. Kick this kind of man to the ocean!

15. His First Girlfriend Is His Guitar

Music comes first. In any situation, under any condition. You'd be more like his secret lover rather than his girlfriend. You might have to share his love, time, and attention with his lovely guitar.

No matter how charming and handsome he is on stage, having him as a lover costs you much. The musician is not the only romantic man you could ever find. Be his fans but not his lover, unless you have to get yourself ready with all the consequences, never try to seduce a musician.

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