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Last time, we already discuss the things to know before dating a translator. Now, it will be more interesting because we will give you tips on some things you should know before dating a med student. Well, below here are an important reason why you should choose a med student being your partner.

1. Knows about your health

A med student really knows how to maintain himself or herself (health). So, while you are dating with him. Surely, he will always remember how to maintain your health.

2. It is always free

Have you a problem with your health? Just ask your partner, a med student. He or she will explain it clearly. You do not have to pay the consultation, it is free.

3. Bright future

Well, he or she is a med student, then someday it will be a doctor, right? So, they have really had a bright future that is real. SO, what are you waiting for?

4. Strict schedule
A med student has a strict schedule, he must go to the hospital, he must to study and do else that emergency.  However, a med student know how to shows his feelings to the someone that he loves.

5. The responsibility

Being a med student, he has the highest of responsibility as a young doctor. He must take care of his patient with all his responsibility. He can keep his patient and then he will do this at you too.

6. Smart talker

One of the benefits dates a med student is you will know everything about health. He or she is a smart talker, while you talk with him or her they do not talk about gossip, they will show you something that new for you.

7. It is dedication

Being a med student or young doctor is not just a profession. It is a dedication for a human. He or she will try how to make all human always healthy as always. Remember they must ready in 24 hours.

8. Stay late

He or she is a med student so stay late is their friend. In this case, you should understand them, how difficult being a doctor, okay. They must learn, practice and take care of their patient.

9. Only understand

Important things you should know before dating a med student is only understand each other. Understand about each other schedule, understand with the promise, and others.

10. Precious connections

Well, his or her relation are lots, so in here you can meet all his or her precious connections that you will see.  In here you can meet, and learn something new from your partner. 

The real signs that your partner is a med student

Well, after knowing about the reasons why you should choose a med student to be your partner. On the following below here, there are some the real signs, does your partner is a med student? Let's check below here.

1. He really loves caffeine

First, we know that a med student always stays 24 hours per day in a hospital or in a medical place. Stay late is their friends. So they always drink that contains caffeine every day to fulfill their energy.

2.  The checklist

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For a med student, a checklist is his or her life. With this, all his or her plans are made. If the checklist is gone, the cannot do anything, it is like dying.

3. Multitasking

A med student can work while eating or drink coffee with reading his paper. Well, it is not all can do by all humans. Just smart ones can do this. They are the multitasking pro.

4. Can sleep at everywhere

They should stay 24 hours to see how the condition of their patient although they are so sleepy. So, they should sleep everywhere at least while standing.

5. Work hard

A good med student always works harder and harder. He or she should reach his or her dreams. The y work hard of their life, and also to get you too.

6. Has high stressed

They are so many people who have a profession like a doctor. In here, he should try to work harder with other competitive people for his bright future. That is why he has full of stress. 

Tips how to the date with a med student

Otherwise, does it a hard date with a med student? Yes, they always busy with their books, practice and many more. So, how about the tips on how to date with a med student? Let's see below here.

1. It is about time

Every second are precious for a med student, he cannot lose unless one second. They should stay in the hospital or at the university. Can you understand with his schedule?

2. It is rare to see 

You know that he is very busy all the time, there is very rare to have quality time with him. Why don't you visit him at the hospital and give him a food box? He will love it.

3. An energy drink

A med doctor really needs this in all of his strict activities. While both you go together, do not forget to give this energy drink for his health. Remember, a med doctor needs attention from you too.

4. Communicate openly

Communication is a thing that important for a relationship. If you cannot call him, you can send a text, see it on tips on how to make a guy fall in love with you over text messages.

5. Keep positive thinking

He is very busy all the time, so make your day busy too. Do some activities that you like so much. In here you can focus on studying too while your partner focuses on his career.

6. Long-distance relationship

Are you ready for a long distance relationship? Okay, it is not far just a few miles from your city. If you ready,  then keep this relationship on.

7. Lots of patients

You have to patient to wait for him, you should understand him because you already choose him. He does understand you, he just busy.

Hopefully, the above on some things you should know before dating a med student may useful for you who wants to get him or her as a partner. Another free important information to you, get it here on the things you need to know about dating a lawyersome things you need to know before dating a weird person and also here the things to know before dating a teacher.

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