How To Make A Guy Fall In Love With You Over Text Messages (53 Ways)

Last updated on July 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you texting with a guy who you really want to impress?

Are you wondering what messages you can send to peak his interest?

If so, you’re in luck! This guide is heaving with tips for how to make a man fall in love with you over text messages? 

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Of course, sometimes it’s impossible to be in his immediate vicinity. That’s why I created this list of enticing text messages to send your crush.


53 Ways To Make A Guy Fall In Love With You Over Text Messages

There are numerous stories of women who lost men they liked because of poor texting skills. If you fall into this category, don't worry about it. It's not such a big deal. All you need right now is to learn the right attitude to text a man.

The funny thing is that sending text messages is one of the easiest ways to make a guy fall in love with you. Why is that? It's because you have enough time to process anything you have to say before sending it. You can also remedy any you type wrong with a reasonable excuse.

Text messages are a way to express your feelings without going through the stress of seeing the guy face-to-face. On the other hand, you could mess things up if you can't carry a guy along in your conversation. You should bear in mind that not every man out there loves texting. Some prefer calls.

Some men may be fine with texting but harder to engage in a good conversation. Depending on the scenario you find yourself in, there are numerous ways to approach a situation like this. Keep reading to learn 53 ways to make a guy fall in love with you. 

1. Start a text with an intriguing question

Starting a text with just ‘hi’ is not a good start. Follow it with a question you know the guy can't resist replying to. It could even be two questions, so you can begin a conversation that would last for days.

2. Don’t send one-word responses

When you succeed in getting a man’s attention through text, don't let him lead the conversation by sending one-word replies. Instead, think of nice and friendly questions to ask. That's how to make a man fall in love with texts.

3. Only text at certain times

Don't text a guy always if you want him to fall in love with you. Avoid texting at odd hours. If he's working, sleeping, or having a quiet time, don't text. He would tell you when to.

4. Don’t send follow-up messages immediately after sending the first

After sending the first text to a guy, give him time to reply whenever he's less busy or feels like responding. Don't send too many texts, so you don't irritate him. Wait for his reply while you focus on other things.

5. Give him some personal space

When texting a guy, if you don't feel his excitement in the conversation, let him be. Give him some time to be alone. He could be stressed or trying hard to concentrate on something.

6. Tell him something you like about him each day

If you want a man to fall in love with you through text, tell him something you admire about him each day. You may not use the same words. You could rephrase it in many creative ways.

7. Apologize for responding late

If an emergency came up and you had to rush to it without having the time to reply to his last message, let him know when you get back. Tell him you're sorry for responding late without an explanation. 

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8. Avoid sending long paragraphs

Keep your messages short, simple, and straight to the point. Sending long texts could make a man tired of responding or even reading your conversations. This is how to make a guy fall in love with you over text messages.

9. Tell him the fun part of your day

Let the man you're texting know the fun part of your day. Even if you want to tell him about the frustrating part, make it sound funny. That's because you don't know how his day was. You shouldn't add negatively to it.

10. Let him know when you’re busy

let him know when youre busy

If you're both texting and something comes up for you to do, let him know that. Don't go off unannounced or start sending late responses to his texts. Tell him you'll be away for a while, but you'll reply as soon as you're back.

11. Come up with fun texting games

Playing games is a nice way to engage a man in a good conversation. It doesn't matter if it's a word, puzzle, or question game. Tell him the rules and get started. Games have a good way of creating strong bonds. 

12. Ask him questions, instead of concluding

If you heard any rumor about his personality, lifestyle, or habit, confirm it from him. So, you could state an instance or bring up conversations that relate to those things just to get the information from him.

13. Don't be obsessed

You shouldn't abandon your day’s plan to text a guy because you want him to fall in love with you. Detach when need be, so you can achieve your goals and pay attention to your needs. You'll even attract him more if you do this.

14. Tell him stories

Tell a man amazing stories and he'll be glued to you. Make sure those stories have lessons and life hacks to offer so you can get his maximum attention. He'll always look forward to them even when you're not available.

15. Make him feel like your day would be more special if he's with you

One way you can make a guy fall in love with you over text messages is by making him feel loved. Let him know he contributes to your life more than he thinks. Men like to feel relevant.

16. Send voice notes when necessary

Many people do this when texting, especially when they haven't met each other, physically, before. It means sending a message with the voice record option. That way your tone can be understood, you can save time and say many things at the same time.

17. Use pictures to explain your fun day

This doesn't mean you should send him random selfies of you from different angles. You could send a picture of a sculpture, landscape, or a beautiful creature to make him understand what you're explaining to him. 

18. Ask for a call on the phone

It's best if you can alternate between text messages and phone calls. But, that's if he’s comfortable with it. Ask when he’d be less busy to answer his phone. That way, you create a stronger bond with him.

19. Text him a funny scenario while it's happening

To make a guy fall in love over text, you need to share fun events to make him laugh. So, you could tell him about a funny thing happening at the current place you are. That makes you an interesting person.

20. Ask him to tell you what he's up to

ask him to tell you what hes up to

One way to get a guy’s attention is by asking what's keeping him busy at the moment of your conversation. It shows you're interested to know more about his current movement.

21. Use emojis to express the right tone

Sometimes, words could sound mean or send the wrong message to a guy. To avoid finding yourself in this situation, you could use emojis to text or respond to a man’s message, to make your conversation sound friendly. 

22. Don't get pissed or angry over his messages

Let a man know when you don't understand his messages. Don't be quick to judge his statement. Remember it's a text and you may be misinterpreting his words. Respond to him by asking him to explain what his message means. 

23. Talk about a movie you both like

You may discover you both like the same movie during your conversation. Spend some time chatting about the movie. If you do it well, it could lead to another topic for you to text about. 

24. Ask him to try a challenge with you

You could pick one of those amazing Tik Tok challenges or any random one and ask him to try it with you. Make sure to pick something you're both comfortable with, so it can be exciting to do.

25. Tell him a random thing about yourself

Don't go all the way to trust him with a secret. Tell him one cute positive fact about yourself and leave him to fantasize about it. That's how to make a guy fall in love with you over text messages.

26. Let him know when you need to do something else

You don't have all day to respond to his messages. When you need to do something, send a nice message asking him to excuse you for a while or tell him your responses will come in late for a specific reason.

27. Ask if he's fine with texting you at a particular time

Some people are their best during the day while some are better at night. So, ask when he's most comfortable receiving cute texts from you. That way, he’ll see you as a considerate and understanding person.

28. Involve him in a few of your daily routines

You can naturally request his help in minor things. For instance, you could ask him to set a reminder for your yoga class or an alarm to remind you of an event. It doesn't mean you can't do them, it's a way to keep him.

29. You could request a casual picture in the middle of the conversation

If you're texting a man and he says something funny, tell him to send a photo to have a clear mental picture of what he's talking about. That's a way to make a man fall in love with you over text.

30. Try not to be too available

try not to be too available

Take breaks in between conversations. Even if you have nothing to do, delay by some minutes before responding to his messages. Men love mystery and that's one way to build a good relationship with them.

31. Minimize how you tell him about problems

When you first text a man, don't bombard him with your personal issues. Send messages that will uplift him throughout his day. That way, he'll look forward to texting you all the time. You could send a flirty text or cute texts that will make him smile.

32. Don't text for too long. Ask to see him

It's okay to build any kind of relationship over text but to quicken the process, it's better to plan for a date. Seeing in real life makes you both see each other for what you truly are and understand your tones of speech. 

33. Be interested in what he has to say

If a man is open enough to talk about himself or his career, show more interest, whether you understand it or not. Men love women who have time to listen to their career and personal life talks.

34. Share a little joke

A good sense of humor helps to lighten most situations. You could text some nice ones to him, especially if you feel the conversation is too serious. That would make you an interesting person which is a good way to make a man fall in love.

35. Compliment him when there's a need

Don't be shy to tell a man how cute his avatar or display picture looks. Compliment his intelligence, patience, and ability to keep a conversation going. Every guy loves compliments, which is a good way to make them fall in love.

36. Don't overuse emojis

Emojis are a cute and fast way to respond. But, it could make a guy lose interest if you overuse it in texting. Only use them when necessary to convey a message.

37. Avoid bringing up sad topics

One way to get to a man’s heart is to avoid talking about sad things. Men feel more comfortable when a woman is positive about everything. They love to be happy, so stick to that.

38. Don't text him when you're having a mood swing or very emotional

Everyone has their issues. Texting a guy when you're very emotional could leave him clueless or make him lose interest. It could also be mentally draining and could end up hurting any of you if not handled well.

39. Allow him to offer help

When you're texting a guy about a problem, it means you need his help or suggestions on how to solve the issue. That means you have to be open to accepting it, whether it's physical, mental, or financial help. 

40. Accept his compliments

accept his compliments

Don't make the mistake of pretending you don't know, love, or accept your strengths. Place yourself highly. If he compliments your use of words or any strength you may not know you have, accept and thank him for it.

41. Don't message him drunk

It's understood that you're trying to make him fall in love with you. But, that doesn't mean you should be careless about your reputation. It could be fun to text him while you're drunk, but it's not advisable to.

42. Avoid sending irrelevant messages

No guy is really interested in knowing unnecessary updates about you, especially if you haven't met in real life. Don't tell him how cute your lips look when you're eating except if the conversation requires that. 

43. When it feels like there's nothing more to text, end it there

Whether you're in a relationship or not, when you've exhausted all the topics there is to chat about, end the conversation there. If he's interested to continue, he'll come up with another topic for you to discuss. 

44. Focus on his strengths

When you start talking over text messages, always compliment him. Even if it doesn't make sense, phrase your compliments in ways that would captivate him, if it's in the early stages. Let him know how fun he sounds.

45. Create boundaries

Men love girls who like them but have high self-esteem. Let him know when you're uncomfortable talking about certain things. If he texts a joke you don't appreciate, subtly let him know to avoid issues in the future.

46. Don't type in-between his messages when he's venting

This is like listening to him vent during face-to-face discussions. When a guy is feeling sad, allow him to text everything he needs to vent before responding. When he's done, you could take your time to reply to each.

47. Avoid asking personal and intimate questions at the initial stage

If it's the early stages of your new relationship, don't jump to ask him personal questions. Instead, send cute texts to create a lovely atmosphere and make him smile. This is to avoid him losing interest in chatting with you. 

48. If he's not feeling well, drop a short message to wish him well

One cute thing to do is drop a message for a guy when he's sick. Don't send it as if you want to chat. Tell him how much you miss texting him and ask him to respond whenever he's okay.

49. Don't force your decisions on him

One way you can create a huge impact on a man is to let him be with his decisions even when he's wrong. It's easier to make him understand when you're with him in real life, but not over a text message.

50. Be real

be real

There's always that desire to do things to please any guy you like. But, no man is attracted to any lady who's not real. Try your best to be yourself and don't fake things you don't do to impress him over text.

51. Avoid going into deep family history

You could tell a man a little story that has to do with your family members, but don't go too deep. It could be boring, especially when he doesn't know any of them.

52. Don't talk about your past relationships

One way to make a guy fall in love with you is to avoid talking about your past relationships as much as you can, except when he asks about them. Most guys don't like this. Instead, try to create a good bond.

53. Appreciate his time

It's not easy for anyone to compromise their schedule to spend time with you, especially over text. After chatting with a guy, remember to thank him and make him feel appreciated for his efforts.


How do you win a guy's heart over text?

Guys love girls that are natural, exciting, and considerate over text. You could start by texting moderately until you're both used to messaging each other. Find different ways to talk about the things he loves the most. You should also try to sound positive as often as you can. Guys love to be happy.

Can a guy fall in love through texting?

Nothing is impossible. A guy could fall in love through texting. It depends on how well you carry him along whenever you both chat. Although most guys would want a face-to-face meeting to see your physical appearance and composure, and observe your manners in public.

What to text a guy to make him want you?

You could start with a flirty text if you're both comfortable with each other. Then combine them with crazy and fun ones to make him stay glued to the talk. Try a little bit of everything to spot that one thing he prefers doing. That's one good way to make a man want you.

How do you make him think of you all day?

Flow in his conversation. Message him with a high level of interest. Say nice things to make him smile. But, try not to spend so much time with him, so he doesn't take your availability for granted. If you have good memories together, you could remind him of them. 

What texts do guys like?

Guys love texts that tell them how much they mean to a girl. They want you to say how well you appreciate the time they spend with you. Tell them how happy you are whenever you talk to them and you become their best friend. But, in all these, only text something nice when you mean it.

In Conclusion

One way to make a guy fall in love with you is to build a good friendship with him. Additionally, you could try any of the 53 ways I've mentioned. I hope you liked this article. If you did, feel free to drop a comment and share it with your loved ones.

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