Easy Ways To Make Your Ex Come Crawling Back To You

Last updated on May 29, 2024 by Michelle Devani

A break up doesn’t mean that all your feelings have completely disappeared. You might still be in love with your ex and looking forward to give the relationship another try.


Ways To Make Your Ex Come Crawling Back

Follow these advice to get back with your ex:

1. Heal Yourself First

You need to heal your heart first before trying to make your ex come crawling back to you. As much as you love her, you have to fix yourself. Getting back into the relationship with a broken heart won’t be good. You might even cause more problems in the relationship. Take your time to heal and move on from your pain. Focusing on your well being will help you to control your emotions later on.

2. Give Some Time Between Yourself And Your Ex

It’s normal to experience a rollercoaster of emotions after a break up. You’re going to feel some degree of anger and sadness, as well as your ex. A word of advice, don’t rush in asking your ex to fix get back together. Anything rushed won’t give any pleasant outcome.

3. Forgive Your Ex

forgive your ex

A break in a relationship will cause hurt to both sides. The most important thing is not about who’s wrong and who’s getting the most pain. Instead, focus on yourself and try to forgive your ex for all their mistakes. Forgiving could be easier when you’re still holding on to the love you have for your ex. Here are some ways to deal with a selfish boyfriend in case you need them.

4. Self Introspection

Ensure to do self introspection too. The break of the relationship might have been caused by your actions. The only way to know this is to see within yourself. Find out the things that often caused fights with your ex. Change your attitude and promise yourself to grow. You have to improve your actions and be a better person so your ex will be convinced to have a relationship with you again.

5. Patch Things Up With Your Ex

Maintain a good a communication with your ex even though the both of you are no longer together. If the break up did not end in a good way, try to patch things up with your ex so it will be easier to ask your ex for another chance. Once in a while, try to send a text message or call to ask how things are going for your ex. Here are the reasons why your ex girlfriend won't talk to you in case you're wondering.

6. Be Nice

Always be nice whenever you accidentally meet your ex or whenever they contact you out of the blues. Make your ex comfortable with you. Don’t be too clingy and ask too many personal questions. Being nice will give your ex a lasting impression on your ex.

7. Talk About Good Memories With Your Ex

After doing an intense communication with your ex, you can try to build a stronger re-connection. Try to bring up about the good memories that the both of you had together. Good memories will make your ex come crawling back. Reminiscing the sweet memories may make your ex have feelings for you again. 

8. Give Your Ex A Present

Giving your ex a present doesn’t mean that you’re bribing your ex. You can give your ex the gift as a birthday present. Only give your ex the present in a sincere manner. It shows your love and your willingness to pay attention.

If possible, give your ex something that can remind them of a good memory the both of you had. It could be related to an inside joke or a place that you’ve visited together.

9. Convince Your Ex That You Still Love Them

Try your hardest to convince your ex that you still love them so they can give the relationship another try. No need to go overboard. Simpler ways will be more effective. Don’t only give her your words, prove it through your actions. Always be there for your ex and help out in troubled times. They are also effective ways to get your girlfriend back after a break up.

10. Make An Apology

Don’t be so proud of yourself. Apologize to your ex for any mistakes that have caused them pain. Convince them that you will not repeat those mistakes again. It’s very important that you apologize to your ex. It shows maturity and how considerate you are towards their feelings.

11. Don’t Rush Things

don't rush things

Enjoy your time alone and don’t rush into having another relationship with your ex. Let things flow as it is. The right time will come for you to make your move. Jumping right into a new relationship with your ex too quickly might cause another break up. Realize all the reasons of being broken hearted and try to make yourself feel better. That's the ways to make your ex come crawling back. 

12. Make Your Ex Fall In Love With You

No need to make your ex fall in love with the old you. Be a better person and be someone that is worth to fall in love with. Show your ex how much you’ve improved and grown. A positive progress is always welcomed. These are the ways to make him commit and want only you.

13. Let The Past Stay In The Past

In case you’ve successfully done all the ways to make your ex come crawling back to you, there’s one thing to remember. Remind yourself to let the past stay in the past. No need to bring old wounds. Start a new page with your ex so you won’t have to repeat the mistakes that caused the relationship to be doomed.

More Tips To Move On From Exes

  1. Find someone else
  2. Make yourself busy
  3. Change your priority
  4. Find a hobby
  5. Erase him
  6. Like, erase him in every parts of your life
  7. Listen to Dua Lipa's New Rules song on repeat
  8. Change your style

Hopefully, these ways can give you a happy ending with your ex. Always maintain good communication and avoid repeating your mistakes.

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