14 Easy Ways to Get Your Girlfriend Back after A Break Up

Last updated on June 28, 2024 by Michelle Devani

There’s nothing wrong about wanting a relationship back with your ex girlfriend. The love might still be there. Your feelings toward her haven’t changed and you will do anything to mend that relationship again.

Ways to Get Your Girlfriend Back after a Break Up

There are numerous ways to get back with your ex. You just need to give that extra effort and willingness to show her how serious you are. Try out these ways to make her love you again:

1. Stronger Personality

One of the ways to get your girlfriend back after a break up is to have a stronger personality. You need to improve your personality and characters to attract your ex girlfriend. But exactly how do you do it? Well you can start by trying to be more independent. Learn how to solve your own problems. Avoid whining or complaining. Your ex will see you as a whole new person that she can depend on.

2. Be an Honest Person

Honesty is a quality that will make people accept you more. You need to be more open and honest with your feelings. Maybe you broke up with your ex because you weren’t trustworthy enough. Other than that, you might have a habit of saying things that you don’t mean and avoiding problems. Being more honest is one of the ways to bring back love in your relationship.

3. Letting Go

Letting go here means that you must forget the past. Accept the reason that made you and your ex to break off the relationship. Learn from your mistakes and be better. When you can let go off all the things that hold you back, you can start a new page in the relationship.

4. Don’t be Prideful

You need to get rid of your pride if you want to get back with your ex. Being prideful and full of yourself won’t help with anything. Show her that you’re ready to let down all your guards and be a better person to her. Prove to her that you are willing to do anything to get her back. Make sure she knows how serious you are to be with her.

5. Avoid Begging

You can’t be prideful but don’t cave in to begging her either. Never beg her to give the relationship a second chance. That is not the ways to get your girlfriend back after a break up. Be more graceful in approaching her. Staying humble will make your ex respect you more as a person. Be on the lookout for the signs that your ex girlfriend misses you and make your move.

6. Have a Makeover

You may want to change your appearance. You don’t have to change everything, you can just shake things up a little. Get a new haircut, buy yourself a new shirt or grow that beard that you’ve always wanted. A whole new look will make your ex very impressed. 

7. Be Cool

Don’t show how nervous you are in front of her. Stay calm and be cool. Being anxious and nervous might make things awkward. She might also feel uncomfortable. Pretend that everything is fine between the two of you. That will show her how mature you can be when you are faced with a difficult situation.

8. Avoid Showing How Sad You Are

Maintain a normal facial expression. Be casual with your body language. Your ex girlfriend does not need to know how heart broken you are over the break up. Also don’t make sad updates on your social medias. Show her how strong you can be over the whole thing. Your confidence can make her more attracted to you.

9. Don’t Make Her Jealous

Never try to gain her attention by making her jealous. It will only cause her pain, disgust or more problems between you and your ex. It’s definitely not a good way to get her back.

10. Try to Be Her Friend

Maintaining a close relationship with your ex girlfriend might not be easy. Try to be her friend. Don’t be clingy, just be someone that is always ready to listen to her problems. This way, you can slowly build your relationship back with her again. Here are the signs your friendship is becoming something more

11. Focus on Yourself First

Before you make efforts to get your ex girlfriend back, consider focusing on yourself first. You need to make sure that you are worthy enough to be with her. Reflect on the things that you need to improve about yourself and work on getting better. Follow some of these ways to make yourself happy after a break up.

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12. Don’t Demand Too Much

Demanding too much from your ex is quite childish. If you want to be with your ex, you need to accept her flaws too. Stop asking her to change how she looks or how she behaves. There’s a huge chance that she hasn’t changed one bit when she left you.

13. Remind Her of the Good Times

This is one of the greatest ways to get your girlfriend back after a break up because it gives her positive vibes. Once in a while remind her of the good memories that was made in the relationship. You can do this with these things to say to your ex to start a conversation.

14. Find Out Her Status

All your efforts will be meaningless without knowing her current status. Ensure that she is not in a new relationship with anybody else. Being respectful of her status is a must because you need to show her how mature you are.

Perhaps getting back with your ex will bring you happiness. In case these ways work, make the best out of the relationship so the break up won’t happen again.

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