How Do You Move On from A Breakup When You’ll Probably See Your Ex with Someone Else Everyday?

Last updated on June 8, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Moving on from your ex is not as easy as it sounds. Particularly when you have to see them everyday with their new lover. Stay cool and follow these tips to get your mind and eyes off them:

1. Have a Thick Skin

Having a thick skin is the answer to how do you move on from a breakup when you’ll probably see your ex with someone else everyday? There’s already the chance of you seeing them everyday.

You can’t let them bother you. So be as strong as you can to face them. Act tough and unbothered even if you have to fake it. Here's How to Know Your Ex Girlfriend Has Moved on Someone Else for real.

2. Stay Out of Places They Go To

Stay out of places they go to so you won’t have to be the victim of awkward encounters. It would really ruin your day to see them together somewhere. So use this time to discover new places. Go somewhere you’ve never been before. You might end up having a new favorite café or restaurant.

3. Don’t Let Yourself Be Alone

Unless you’re a lone wolf, moving on all by yourself will be tough. You need to surround yourself with positive energy. Don’t let yourself be alone. Have someone you can eat with, chat with and hang out after a long day. It can really take your mind off your ex and their new lover.

4. Make Yourself Busy

Dating coaches advise to keep yourself busy if you want to move on quickly. Having too much free time doing nothing will let your mind wander too much. You’ll catch yourself thinking about your ex again! You don’t want that if you want to forget them ASAP.

5. Shift Your Attention to What Matters

Still wondering how do you move on from a breakup when you’ll probably see your ex with someone else everyday? Then stop thinking about it so much. Shift your attention to what really matters in your life. Soon enough, you’ll completely forget about your ex.

6. Acknowledge Them Only When Necessary

Ignoring your ex is a must if you want to move on. But sometimes life doesn’t go as easy as that. There are situations where you might have to acknowledge them.

In case that the two of you are having the same meeting at a workplace, nod or say a quick hi as necessary. Don’t give them the chance to initiate a conversation with you. But here's a quick way How to Tell Your Ex You’ve Met Someone Else .

7. Avoid Eye Contact

Avoid eye contact as much as you can. This applies to your ex and their new lover. Look away if you happen to see them walk by. Pretend you’re doing something else. Don’t let them talk to you, intimidate you or make you feel worthless. You’re too busy moving on to notice them.

8. Don’t be Tempted to Check Social Media

It’s so easy to check on someone through social media these days. But dating coaches say that you should not do so if you’re planning to move on from your ex.

It’s so tempting to scroll through their feed but that will do more damage than good. Block, unfollow or mute your ex. It's effective on How to Move On from a Relationship when You are Still in Love

9. Stay Calm and Collected

Never let your ex and their new lover see you panic. Being nervous will make you think that you’re still into your ex. Stay calm and collected. You got this. You don’t need your ex and you’re doing great!

10. Get Out of Their Circle of Friends

Hanging around your ex’s circle of friends is a bad idea. Get out of it immediately. There’s no way that they will ever stop talking about your ex and their new lover. You might pick up more Signs She’s Not Into You anymore. It makes moving on really difficult. 

11. Have a Goal to Focus On

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Stoke about a holiday you’ve booked for next month? Loving the idea of getting into shape? Those are great goals to focus on. But maybe you have other ideas but one thing remains. Focusing on positive things makes it easier to move on from your ex.

12. Look on the Bright Side

So how do you move on from a breakup when you’ll probably see your ex with someone else everyday? Look on the bright side of it. Now you can find someone better. He’s just not the one for you.

13. Take It as a Lesson

Life offers so many lessons to learn. This is one of them. Another important one is Why You Should Never Date an Ex Again. You can move on faster by realizing that this is your chance to grow as a person. You can handle this. You’ll become a stronger person from this.

Trying to move on will feel difficult but you’ll get used to it. Remember, time heals everything.

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