Should You Tell Your Ex You Had A Miscarriage Of His Baby After All This Time?

Last updated on April 4, 2024 by Michelle Devani

There are a lot of events that we have passed in our lives. And from those events, we can experience and learn something. What we can learn through the event and experience in life is that we can see that one reason one action can influence our next action.

Talking about this continuous response, today I would like to talk about should you tell your ex you had a miscarriage of his baby or not. I would like to help you by not saying which action you should do, but I will help you through several things that you need to consider to know what to do next.


Should I Tell My Ex I Miscarriage?

1. Your First Decision

your first decision

Knowing your first decision becomes a consideration on whether should you tell your ex you had a miscarriage of his baby or not. At first, before you experience miscarriage you surely know that you were pregnant. And at that time back, you were considering about should you tell your ex that you are pregnant with his baby or not.

If at first you already decided not to tell him that you are pregnant, then why should you tell him that you were experiencing baby miscarriage? The story will be different if you were never known that you were pregnant in the very first place.

2. Know The Reasons Why You Broke Up With Him

The second consideration is by knowing and remembering the reasons why you chose to break up with him. There must be a logical reason why you guys are breaking up. It can be caused by your personality and goals are really different from him and he was not supporting you or many kinds of things.

From these reasons, you can guess his response towards your condition, and if you find the result is more disappointing then, don't expect him to understand. Sometimes some people just don't know about the simple things that they could have done better such as about how to ask your ex boyfriend for your stuff back.

Self-Care After A Miscarriage

It must be hard for you to go through everything by yourself. Some people can go through it well, but some people can get stressed because of it. Since it has been a hard time for you, maybe at some points you feel like you are useless and angry at the same time.

And you tend to forget to take good care of yourself. You need to know the ways to love yourself and be happy with the world. And I would like to share some with you.

1. Heal Yourself Physically And Emotionally

heal yourself physically and emotionally

Life must go on, and you still have the life that you need to live to the fullest. To help you to get your life back after such an unpleasant event in your life, you have to heal yourself. To heal yourself means you need to heal yourself both physically and emotionally. It will take some time, give yourself that time. Do not ignore that you need the time to heal yourself.

2. Do Things That Make You Happy, But Not By Harming Yourself

When you are trying to heal yourself, make sure that you are doing the things that make you happy. There are a lot of things that can make you happy. But, keep in mind that those things will not harm you the next day. Getting drunk and forgetting about what was happening is good, but it will only last for a while and it is not good for your health and mental health condition to do it during these times.

3. Ask Help When You Need

We are just human beings. We cannot do all things ourselves. Sometimes the best way to help ourselves is by asking other people for help. You have to know about your condition. Go to see a doctor if you think it is necessary. Go to see a psychologist if you think you need them.

People will judge you no matter what kind of things you are doing right now. What is really matters is your happiness because you are the only person who knows you better.

This is the end of our topic today which is about should you tell your ex you had a miscarriage of his baby. I hope you can find the reasons you should know and love yourself before you love someone else and be happy with your life and everything you do.

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