Signs You Don’t Want To Be With Your Girlfriend Anymore (39 Signs)

Last updated on April 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you wondering whether it’s time to break up with your girlfriend?

This can be a difficult question to answer for yourself. After all, perhaps you’ve heard that relationships are supposed to be difficult sometimes. 

Maybe you’re worried about throwing away a relationship which could be improved and made truly great?

It’s a dilemma that most men will face at some point or another, and that’s why I decided to create this guide. It features 39 signs that it’s time to end your relationship. 

One of the biggest reasons to end it with your girlfriend is a lack of trust. Perhaps you worry about her texting or spending time with other guys? At the same time, maybe you have no evidence of her doing anything wrong?

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Don’t have trust problems? That’s great, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you should stay together. Read on for my list of signs that it’s time to break up with your girlfriend.


39 Clear Signs You Don't Want To Be With Your Girlfriend Anymore

Do you feel like you're getting tired of your girlfriend? It happens. A larger percentage of men fall out of love as soon as they get involved with a girl. It's not something they plan to do, it's one of those things that happen in a relationship and it could be inevitable most times.

If you're not feeling the same way about your girlfriend anymore, it's normal. Sometimes, two partners change their individual way of thinking, which affects their relationship in the short or long term. It always happens in relationships. So, if this happens, it's neither your fault nor hers. 

On the other hand, your girlfriend’s attitude may be the main cause of the problem. It could be that she doesn't spend quality time with you, she's too jealous, possessive, or no longer interested in dating you. Or, you may be bored of your normal routine together but can't change things.

Whatever the case may be, any of those could reduce your interest in your current relationship, or make you uncomfortable being with your girlfriend. But, how do you know this and act accordingly? Keep reading to know 39 clear signs that you're no longer interested in your relationship anymore.

1. You get tired of her jokes

When you start dating a woman, everything about her seems funny and perfect. The way she talks, mimics things, and teases you. You could even laugh when something is not funny because of how much you love and adore her.

The opposite happens when you don't want to be in a relationship with her anymore. You'll get tired and irritated by her jokes. No matter how funny the situation is, you'll lose interest when it's coming from her. This is a sign you don't want your girlfriend anymore.

2. Her presence annoys you

It's funny how you always want a woman to be around you when you meet her initially. You fall in love with her presence so much, you want to see her all day. You wouldn't even mind working or having a business meeting with her in your space.

This changes when you don't love her anymore. You would do anything to take her away from you even though you want to spend time with someone. That's when you find faults in her speech or mood at the time.

3. You’re not concerned about her welfare

Love makes you prioritize your girlfriend’s needs before yours, sometimes. You wouldn't mind dropping your plans just to support hers and make sure she's fine. You could even spend time planning strategies and finding possible solutions for her good. 

When you don't want to be in a relationship with your girlfriend anymore, you care less about her well-being. You forget to ask how she handles her bills and how well her career is going. This is a sign that you don't want to be with her anymore.

4. Her male friends don’t scare you anymore

There's this initial jealousy and possessiveness you could have when you start dating your woman. You won't want to see her with any guy. Even when she's with her male friends you'll be threatened. That's because you truly love her and want her to yourself.

But, when you stop loving her, you don't care about the men she talks to. Even when they seem to look like they're asking her out, you'll not be perturbed. This is one of the signs you don't want to be in your relationship anymore.

5. You’re not inspired to love her

Love letters, pop notes, little gifts, and surprise dates would be your greatest plans when you still have feelings for your girlfriend. She won't even need to ask. You'll be inspired to do the best you can to make her happy.

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The opposite happens when you're not in love with her anymore. There's no excitement to buy surprise gifts. You could even forget anything like that exists. If your relationship feels this way, it means you may need to take a break.

6. Her teases don’t get you anymore

It's the best thing to listen to your girlfriend tease you when you love her. It doesn't matter if she does it all day. As long as it's coming from her and she's got a special place in your heart, you're good to go.

But when she doesn't, no matter how romantic, funny, or playful she sounds when she's teasing you, you'll not be touched. There's no excitement whenever she talks about how much she loves you or how great your weaknesses are. This is a sign you don't want to be with your girlfriend anymore.

7. You reduce your number of dates with her

Men love to take girls they love out on a date. They would take their time, plan it, and pick the best location for it. If possible, they could buy a woman outfits for many dates just to make her look gorgeous.

If you do this, but notice yourself gradually slacking, you may be falling out of love with her. That's when you begin to feel lazy about organizing dates or even spending time with her when necessary. You could be reluctant to accept a date if she fixes it.

8. Her words start annoying you

Whether the woman you love is smart, intelligent, or not, you'll adore her when she talks. You wouldn't mind her talking all day. That's because everything about her will be impressive to you. Even when she's silent, you'll bring up topics for you both to talk about.

But, when you're no longer interested, you would prefer to spend time listening to someone else. For some odd reason, everything she says will upset you in ways you can’t imagine. If you notice this, it's a sign you don't love her anymore.

9. You stop observing little details in her

you stop observing little details in her

When you're in love with a woman, you observe the littlest thing on her body. Even if it's the tiniest pimple, you'll follow it up until it disappears from her face. You'll notice her body gestures, love language, and the way she talks to you compared to others.

When you're no longer interested, it becomes hard to notice anything about her. She may even need to call your attention to something she feels you need to observe. If this happens, it's a sign you don't want her anymore.

10. You’ll forget to compliment her

A lady who has space in your heart would get many compliments from you. Even when it feels like there's no compliment for her in a day, you'll create one, or repeat the ones you've said before. It's something you'd be encouraged to do.

If you're not interested in her anymore, you'd barely notice anything to compliment her body. Even the old ones would become less interesting to appreciate. And the truth is, no matter how much you try to do it, the worse the situation will be.

11. A day can go without any communication

Guys could sleep on a call with a woman they're in love with. They would spend hours talking to her, chatting, or requesting a date. You as a guy may have observed this, too. You will do your best to text her as often as you can.

The opposite happens when you could stay for days without caring to meet with her or talk to her on the phone. If you find yourself doing this, it's one of the signs you're tired of being in your relationship.

12. You would prefer to spend time with your friends

You wouldn't mind canceling all appointments, casual and official to spend time with a woman you love. You would clear or compromise your tight schedule to go for a walk in the park with her. Time would pass so fast you won't want the day to end.

But, when you're less interested, spending time with her would become the least priority. You would intentionally call your friends out for a hangout to avoid spending an amazing time with her. This is a sign you no longer want to be with her.

13. Her calls irritate you

When you're in a relationship, you always want to talk to her on the phone, hear her voice, or video call her. You would ask her questions and say so many things just to keep her longer on the phone.

The calls begin to reduce when the feelings are not there anymore. You could ignore them without the urge to call her back. It's not because you want to be mean, but you're not feeling the relationship anymore. That's a sign you're tired of your woman.

14. You forget happy memories with her

When you have feelings for a woman, you tend to remind her of the happy memories she forgot. You look forward to creating more and you spend more time trying to see how you can create new ones without her asking for it.

But, when you're considering a break with your girlfriend, you begin to forget the happy memories you had with her in the past. Your brain automatically formats them because you don't care anymore. This is one of the signs you're tired of your partner.

15. You always have an excuse to spend time away from her

Love makes you want to be with someone, constantly. Even when you have what to do, you're not motivated to leave your girlfriend for it. Instead, you would find ways to fix it just to be with her. You could do this consciously or unconsciously.

But, whether you have anything to do or not, you would want to stay away from her. You'll look for flimsy excuses or any activity that excludes her from your space to do. That's one of the signs you don't want her anymore.

16. There’s no zeal to apologize

Whether you do something wrong in your relationship or not, you'll apologize for peace to reign. That's what happens when you love a woman. You'll apologize for every little mistake you make. You wouldn't mind kneeling to make her forgive your mistakes.

It's not the same zeal you have when you don't love that same woman again. Instead, you would do things to make her angry just to push her away from you for as long as possible. This is one sign that shows you're not in love with her anymore.

17. She suddenly becomes ugly to you

Everything about a lady you love is beautiful. You tend to like her even when some things about the lady are disgusting. You find a positive about each feature and try to make it sound right even when it's not. 

But, when you begin to find faults in her body, outfit, or general appearance even if it's minor, it means you don't love her as you used to. You would nag and complain about her physical looks or say no comment about it. That's one of the signs you don't like her anymore.

18. You’re not perturbed about her emotions

youre not perturbed about her emotions

Any guy who's in love with a woman would be emotionally down when she is. He would tell her encouraging words and go as far as paying for therapy sessions for her where need be. He would hug and kiss her to comfort her emotions.

On the other hand, no matter how hurt a woman feels, it won't move a strand of hair on your body. You won't be pushed to encourage her or be there for her, emotionally. If this happens, it could mean you don't love her anymore.

19. You ignore her even when she’s in pain

When a woman you love is in pain, you also feel the pain. You won't want to leave her for any reason, even if there's someone there to take care of her. You'll find remedies and do your best to help quicken her recovery.

You would prefer to ask someone else to help her when she's in pain. No matter how hard she cries, you won't be moved. When you ignore your woman this way, it's a sign that you don't want to be with her anymore.

20. There’s no her in your future

Guys see a lady they love as their future wife. They'll make sure to add her to all their future plans. Where she's uncomfortable, guys make adjustments to fit the woman into their plans. They will say this to her every day to let her know how special she is.

The moment they're no longer in love with the woman, it all changes. They ignore her as if she doesn't exist. If you're having this issue with your lady, you don't love her anymore.

21. You fantasize about your life with another girl

Love makes you fantasize about your girlfriend in different ways, whether she's with you or not. You would create future kids, a mansion, and a vacation home in your imagination. All these with her as your dream girl. The good thing is that you get to smile during the process.

If you don't have feelings for her, in your imagination, you’ll begin to replace her with the picture of another girl. You'll create your happiness with a random girl you may or may not know. That's a sign you don't want to be with her anymore.

22. Your encouragement to her is to find a better boyfriend

When you love a woman, you'll assure her you'll do your best to be better. You'll do everything you can to prove how willing you are to change yourself positively to make your relationship with her work.

But, it's a sign of no love if you find yourself telling your girlfriend she deserves to be with other men. You encourage her to keep talking to other guys and you ask to confirm if she could find one. That's a way to know you no longer want to be with you.

23. You start avoiding everything about her

Love makes you want to be involved in everything concerning your girlfriend. Whether she invites you in or not, you'll ask her questions to know where you can offer her help. And you'll follow up and fix things she spoils behind her quietly.

You know the expiration date of your relationship is approaching when you want to break off from hearing anything that has to do with your partner. You'll avoid discussions where her name is mentioned. You could even refuse to fix things she'll make use of.

24. There’s no inspiration to be intimate with her

Intimacy is a major thing in relationships. It's what most people use to measure the success of their relationship. A good relationship is one where the two partners never get tired of trying out new sexual things with each other.

But, when you're not in love anymore, you become picky about the intimate things to try. You may enjoy sex, but it never going to be the same as it used to be when you were in love with her. And you'll find yourself exhibiting weird behaviors during that period.

25. Anything she says will seem senseless

When you still have strong feelings for a woman, you would listen and try to work on any idea she suggests. You would try to see the sense in everything she says. If there's none, you'd laugh and take it as a joke.

As the love reduces, you begin to pay less attention to anything she says. Even when you know she's making so much sense, you'll choose to ignore it and do it your way. This is one of all signs that show you're not interested in your relationship anymore.

26. You get tired of correcting her

As a nice guy, you would correct your partner's mistakes. You'll take your time to tackle them step by step and give her possible solutions to them. You could even integrate it with romance so she learns faster.

The opposite thing happens when you're tired of your partner. You'd get fed up with her mistakes even when it's obvious she's trying her best to correct them. You'll find yourself longing for her to leave your space so you can take a break from her a bit.

27. Expressing yourself to her would be a problem

expressing yourself to her would be a problem

You would do anything you can to express yourself when you love a woman. You could use poems, songs, body language, or messages to let her know how you feel about a particular situation.

On the contrary, you do the opposite when you're tired of her. You would put little or no effort to open up to her. Even when she guesses, you'd not feel the desire to confirm if she's right or not. If you're in this situation, it could be that you're tired of your relationship.

28. You pile up issues

In a good relationship, you would take it as your duty to point out any issue you observe between you and your woman. You wouldn't mind doing it all the time, whether it's minor or not. You would want to solve it to be on the safe side of things.

When you don't want to be in a relationship with the current woman anymore, you'll find it unnecessary to discuss issues with her. Even when it is, you'll be reluctant to, because you're not motivated to say the words the way they appear in your heart.

29. There's no emotional connection

Every good relationship has a strong emotional connection. You'll feel the urge to be with your girlfriend whether there's anything important to do or not. She's the only person you can spend time with without any complaint.

But, if you don't feel the urge to make her happy, compromise, or do things to make your relationship successful, it's one of the signs you're not interested in her anymore. You may not know how tired you are immediately, but it will click in little or no time.

30. Your messages to her will become neutral

You could use all the cute and sweet words to address your girlfriend over text when you love her. That's because you want her to know how special she is to you. You want her to smile and respond immediately when she sees it.

On the other hand, the messages become neutral when you have no love for her anymore. You'll text her as you would do to any of your friends or a random person. That's one of the signs you don't want your relationship anymore.

31. Secrets will begin to pile up

When you're in love with a woman, there's always that excitement to tell her everything about yourself. And when there's nothing to say, you create them from nowhere or say some irrelevant things that are not necessary to be said.

The opposite happens when you're uninterested in your relationship. You'll feel it's not necessary to tell your girlfriend many things including the most important ones. If you're feeling this way, it's a sign you want out of your relationship.

32. Your need for personal space will increase

In successful relationships, the two partners give each other little personal space. This is to make each person in the relationship maintain their love. You, as a guy, would observe that you can stay a full day without missing your girlfriend.

You crave more personal space when you're tired of your relationship with a particular woman. That's when you start suggesting fun activities for her to do with her friends, family members, and other loved ones without including yourself. If you're experiencing this, you could be fed up with your woman.

33. Both of you and your girlfriend will start having opposing ideas

One thing a successful relationship is when the two partners can agree to the same ideas when they both have different perspectives. It shows their willingness to maintain love, peace, and harmony. 

You'll find yourself doing the direct opposite when you're tired of your relationship. You'll unconsciously become selfish, not minding compromising a bit to let her in. This is when you should know that you don't love your girlfriend anymore.

34. You don't care about creating memories with her anymore

Playing video games, going on random dates, taking photos together, and making nice plans are some good ways to enjoy a relationship you're still interested in. This is how most good relationships go. The zeal to have fun while creating memories will come.

But, when you're no longer interested in your relationship, you lose inspiration to create more memories. Even when your partner encourages you to, you'll bring up many reasons and excuses why you shouldn't. That's a clear sign you need to rethink your relationship.

35. You start hurting her consciously and unconsciously

You wouldn't want to do anything to hurt your girlfriend when you love her so much. Even when she messes up, you'll try your best to apologize just to manage your relationship with her. You'd be careful of the words you use to talk to her and watch her reaction to them.

On the other hand, when a relationship is losing its spark, you'll no longer be interested in how she feels. You'll be careless with your actions, not minding or even caring to watch and listen to her expression. You'll even get more upset when she tries to complain.

36. Emotional cheating with another person could develop

emotional cheating with another person could develop

One of the differences between loving someone and getting tired of her is emotional cheating. You'll have no interest in talking to any lady who's not in a relationship with you. Even when you see cute girls, thoughts of your partner will make the most of you.

But, when you're tired of your relationship with her, you find yourself being interested in another woman. The new woman or women will suddenly start becoming more interesting to you. This is the point where many relationships break off.

37. You would delay responding to her messages

One truth about a good relationship is that you never get tired of responding to your partner's messages. You could even build up your romance that way, unconsciously, with a few face-to-face meetings. 

But when you're tired of your current relationship, you could go as far as muting her special notification sound because of how upset you are when she messages you. When relationships start going in this direction, it's most likely to break soon. The exception comes when both partners agree to strengthen it together.

38. When you see her loved ones, you'll avoid talking to them

Starting a good relationship could force you to talk to a lady's family just to make things smooth and right. You'd want to build a strong foundation with them so you can have a perfect relationship with a woman.

The opposite happens when you're not in love with the same woman anymore. You'd avoid anything that has to do with her family. If anyone comes up with a growth idea and it has to do with any of her family members, you'll turn it down.

39. You'll start complaining about her to friends

The more you respect your relationship, the more you'll tell people about it. You'll want them to know how happy you are to be with your woman. You can't help talking about her strengths and how good she makes you feel whenever you're together.

Venting about your girlfriend to your friends or random people is a red flag in your relationship. It means you're becoming fed up with her whether she's too nice to you or not. It shows you're tired of your woman even if you may refuse to accept that.


How do you know if you don’t love your girlfriend anymore?

When you stop loving your girlfriend, you don't feel any emotional connection with her. Whether you hug, hold hands, kiss, or cuddle, you’ll feel nothing special. Whenever you see her or come across anything about her, you'll be uninterested with no zeal to pay attention to it. These show you don't love your girlfriend anymore.

How do you know when you're not in love anymore?

When you're not in love with someone anymore, you tend to be fine when you don't hear from them for a day or more. You get tired of their presence whenever they're around. You get tired of their corrections and suggestions to your problems. And you'll find yourself always complaining about them.

Why do I feel like I don't want to be with my girlfriend?

You could be bored of your activities together. That goes a long way to disconnect couples who are in love. Also, it could be because she's too easy to please, making the mystery fade away in no time. On the other hand, she may display some attitude, and you need some time to rest from it.

How do I know if I should break up with my girlfriend?

If you're not feeling good, you both have insecurities or are jealous of one another, it may be time for you to break up. If you also feel like you're going through emotional stress with your girlfriend or you're both going in different directions, it may be time to break up with her.

Can love fade away and come back?

Yes, love can fade away and come back with the same person. The good thing about it is that it becomes better, stronger, and more romantic when you both get back together. That could happen if you’ve both improved your attitude and become better people. So, love can fade away and come back.

In Conclusion 

If you're not feeling good about your relationship, you can watch out for some of the 39 signs I've mentioned, and try to find possible and positive solutions to them. Did this article help you? If it did, please feel free to drop a comment and share it with your friends.

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