Lovable Ways To Please An Aquarius Man

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Unlike other signs, Aquarius is not that hard to be understood. He is forever little kid inside who can be easily pleased by little thing. Having a shy Aquarius as a lover will take you to an adventure you never have before. But to keep the love always on fire, you need to know all the rightest ways to please an Aquarius man.

As Aquarius get bored easily, it sometimes requires more than a simple patience to keep up with him. But if you want to know, here are the ways to please an Aquarius man that you could never think about before.


1. Have An Adventurous Date

As said above, Aquarius man get bored easily. You need to keep him entertained so that he will be happy all the time. Instead of having a romantic dinner, he prefers to go to some adventurous date. Go cycling together or going to the sea, hiking in the mountain and other physical activities that is not common will make him pleased.

2. Give Him Surprise

Not just us girls, men also loved to be surprised. As well as the Aquarius guys that you love. He doesn't need big things to feel loved. Cook his favorite meal for the lunch, give him a free ticket to a baseball match, or just the simple Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Make Him Feel Special Over Text will be enough. He can't live a life that goes flat, and that's why he need some surprise to spice it up.

3. Please Him On Bed

please him on bed

Okay, one of the best ways to please an Aquarius man is by become a bad girl in the bedroom. As much as he loves adventure, the same things goes with the bedroom business. Show him all that you've got and he will be impressed by your move. You should also know that Aquarius man is full of energy that they barely get tired.

4. Mind His Heart

Not only easy to bored, but an Aquarius man is also a sensitive guy. Sometimes his heart are too vulnerable and it takes a great care to be handled. Show him that you are empathetic with his feeling and be understood. Most of time he only want to be heard so make sure that you are his best listener.

5. Be Honest With Him

Aquarius will lose it all to someone who is not afraid to be honest with him. And on the contrary, being someone that is not the real you could be the biggest turn off for him. Show him the real side of you so you will earn his respect. Faking yourself is surely not the ways on How to Get an Aquarius Guy Attention. He will truly loves you for who you really are.

6. Have Lots Of Fun With Him

Beside adventurous, it's more important to do something that make you have fun in it. Turn every little activities into something fun, just like how you try to entertain a little kid. Ask him to cook together and turn the whole process into a play. The result is not what's important but how much fun you get is the point.

7. Be Humorous

Everybody need laugh in their lives, and so does he. Keep him entertained and happy by making him laugh with your jokes. Be funny if you must and don't set the guard too high for him. Show him your silly side. If he has a big laugh thanks to you, then you have probably secure this Aquarius man for a lifetime.

How To Make Him Fall In Love With You Over Again

how to make him fall in love with you over again

Keeping a mysterious Aquarian guy beside you is a challenging thing. To keep him pleased, you need to know the right Ways to Attract Aquarius Man and make him fall in love with you over again:

  1. Don't be a boring person.
  2. Be patience with him, because Aquarius can be very selfish and stubborn.
  3. Engage in a new adventure together and feel the fun.
  4. Spread positive vibes around him.
  5. Be passionate about your life and things that makes you interested. 
  6. Give him his space with to have fun with his life.
  7. Be someone supportive for his dreams and goals in life.
  8. Have an intellectual talks. He clearly not into an empty headed girls.
  9. Don't ever complain in front of an Aquarius man.
  10. Show your affection to him.

Things You Shouldn't Say

If you want to please an Aquarius means you want to keep seeing the Signs an Aquarius Man is Falling for You. However you also need to know the red codes. Here are the list of Things Not to Say to an Aquarius man:

  1. Not letting him to do something, especially when it has issues with his dream.
  2. Restricting his freedom and creativity.
  3. Belittling his dreams and say that it doesn't matter to you at all.
  4. Not believing in his ability to do something.
  5. Force to accompany him when he wants to be alone.
  6. Make him to do something for a long period of time.
  7. Too much flirting till you look fake for him.
  8. Keeping all the secrets for yourself since it means you don't trust him enough.

So those are all the ways to please an Aquarius man that you can do. Keeping an Aquarius by your side as a lover will guarantee you a happiness forever. You just need to put up with him once a while when his stubbornness coming out.

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