How To Get A Scorpio Man Back After You Hurt Him So Bad

Last updated on April 4, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Some people are still in love with the ex boyfriend. Aside from so many reasons why, these people believe that their ex is the best person that can fit them perfectly. However, mistakes happened and the thing that we can do in order to go back with someone we love is by fixing the mistake.

Today, I would like to share with you about how to get a scorpio man back after you hurt him. This topic may be different from the previous topic of how to get back scorpio woman after break up.


What To Do To Get Scorpio Man Back

Rather than confusing here and there about how to get a scorpio man back after you hurt him, may some information below can you find to be useful.

1. Be A Better Version Of You

There was a mistake that made your relationship is broken. The best way to fix something is by proving that you are improving. Forget about what happened in the past, make it as a lesson and start learning to be a better version of yourself. There are some reasons why scorpio man hiding his feelings from you, and one of it can be that he wants to see you growing without you even realize it. So, try to be a better you.

2. Don't Look Back

don't look back

Everybody makes mistakes and it is okay. Knowing that you did a mistake in the past will allow yourself to learn something new. What is wrong during the process of trying to be a better version of you is keep looking back in the past. When you are able to contact your man back, and looking at the past, this can ruin everything.

Looking back to the past and mentioning about the mistake you did can show that you are not changing. So forget and forgive yourself and start to move on. There are some reasons why scorpio man doesn't care about you anymore. And to impress them, be smart and impress them with your patient.

3. Be An Outgoing Person

After you are able to be a better version of yourself, keep in mind that you need to think positively if you really want to go back to your man. Scorpio wants to be with someone who are able to help and support them in everything where it surely need more positive thinking and thoughts rather than the negative.

By keep having your positive thoughts you are able to control your emotion and not being controlled by your emotion. This is the type of woman that scorpio man wants.

Scorpio Love Tips

1. Don't Be In A Rush

Scorpio is a very picky person. He will evaluate everything before he decides to do something moreover after you made a mistake. Keep your mind open for some possible options and do not be in a rush to go back to him. Every action that you do in a rush without a great preparation will ruin every plan and goals.

Being in a rush also means that we indirectly force him to do something. And you do know that scorpio hate being under an order that he does not like. Do not be a boss to them. They will hate you definitely. At this point you should know the reasons why are scorpios so sensitive.

2. Be An Understanding Person

be an understanding person

Scorpio man will say their opinion directly and just being honest with it. So it will be better if an argument happened between you and him, ask him nicely about his opinion on something. Forcing him to accept your opinion will only create a new distance between you and him. You need to understand that being with scorpio also need patience and understanding.

3. Do Not Lie To Him

Some people will lie on something in order to impress someone, especially their crush. But, this trick will not work on scorpio. Scorpio appreciates honesty and surely he wants their partner to be a good fit for them which will always be there to support and not to lie to them.

I hope the information I gave you about how to get a scorpio man back after you hurt him can give you something to be learnt. You also need to know about the signs your ex boyfriend stops loving you, so you will not chase something without a real result. Besides, you also need to respect yourself by being able to walk away and try to be the best version of yourself.

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