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Madrid is the city of luxury and fine art. It is filled with elegant parks, astonishing european architecture, all fit for a romantic trip for two. Now, the missing part is your partner. Could your partner be hidden somewhere in Madrid too?

Dating culture is different everywhere. In Madrid there are some cultures that are not common but it could easily get you into the heart of your chosen target. To have a romantic and loving partner in Madrid, check out these dating culture in Madrid:

  1. Fulfill your promises

Maybe we tend to ignore the promises we make to our date because we do not think that it is important. In Madrid, we are demanded to fulfill our promises even if it’s only about the time. If you promise to arrive at 6, you better be there at 6.

  1. Gender roles

In a lot of liberal country, gender roles in dating are not quite defined. But in Madrid, guys are meant to act like guys which is protective, masculine and strong. Whereas a woman is feminine and soft.

  1. Where to meet someone new

In Madrid, the night life is lively and busy. So if you want to meet someone new, head down to the bar and bring a couple of friends. Chances are there are a lot of people there wanting to meet someone new too.

  1. Making it clear

Madrid people are usually pretty serious about their relationship. So before you make any new move, make it clear if you want a serious relationship, a fling or a one night stand. Most people would not get offended when you choose what type of relationship you want.

  1. Communicating

Madrid people love to communicate straight away to know if the man/woman is a match with themselves. Because of that, when you meet someone new make sure to have their contact straight away and hand him/her your contact. By having their contact you can start looking out for the signs that a girl likes you through texting.

  1. Being protective

Since madrid people take their relationship seriously, they are usually very protective of their partner. They will set some rules for their partner like calling them three times a day or something else. Play by their rules and the relationship will be just fine.

  1. More clingy

It is common to have a clingy partner in Madrid because that’s just how they usually are. So if you have someone that seems to always ask for your attention and want your affection, just know that it is the dating culture in Madrid.

  1. Showing affection in public

In some part of the world, showing our affection in public might make us embarrased but not in Madrid. Showing affection in public is perfectly fine and even suggested if you want a happier and more loving partner.

  1. Taking it slow

Most people in Madrid will want to have a stronger connection with their partner before they move on to another phase of their relationship. So they will spend a lot of time being friends and getting to know each other. Just look out for the Signs That She Friendzoned You

  1. Know the language

Even if it’s not really necessary, knowing a bit of their language also helps. This will make you have more choices of partner because sometimes the natives don’t want to date those who cannot speak their language.

  1. Let loose

Madrid people would like their partner to be loose, fun and charming. If you are too tense or if you are not confident enough to show your true self, you would lose all the charm and you will stop seeing the Signs That Someone is In Love With You


More tips on dating someone form Madrid

  1. dress yourself up – classy and presentable is the kind of partner that madrid people are looking for so try to dress to impress your chosen partner.
  2. Always be ready – the people in this city usually like to make last minute plans. Because of that you always need to be alert and ready for an upcoming date.
  3. Love your partner’s family – family is a big part of a madrid people’s life so if you want to go into a deeper, more serious relationship, you need to win the heart of the family
  4. Hang out with their friends – friends are also a big part in madrid people’s life and you need to make a great impression to them.
  5. Let your man take the lead – ladies, men in madrid will appreciate it if he could be dominant and this could make your relationship more exciting.
  6. Be adventurous – being adventurous helps because most of your date will be little adventures
  7. Be romantic – in a city of romance, you need to give your partner some romance because madrid people are known to be very romantic.
  8. Don’t be too crazy – do not be high maintenance and complex, not many people in Madrid will want someone like you
  9. Flirt – flirting goes a long way when trying ot get someone in Madrid. Know the Things to Say to Flirt
  10. Take your time – usually, people in Madrid do not like being rushed in their date. So just know that it’s going to be a long date indeed.

Signs that you have a date in Madrid

  1. Constant communication – if madrid people want to be in a relationship, they won’t be shy to communicate with you through every platform straight away. Expect a lot of incoming texts if they are truly interested to you.
  2. Being their priority – one of the (signs unconditional) and the dating culture in madrid is that they will do whatever they can to make you happy once you have their heart. If they like you, they will clear their schedule for you
  3. One romance to another – you will be in constant state of romance if someone from madrid is in love with you because they are naturally very romantic!

know the dating culture in Madrid and you'd have a great couple!

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