Why Does My Ex-Boyfriend Keep Contacting Me Even When He Likes Another Girl?

Last updated on April 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

The situation I would like to assume is that you and your ex-boyfriend have broken up and he had his eyes on another girl already. In this article, we will explore the reasons why he may potentially contact you when he likes another girl. There could be a lot of different reasons for it that you may or may not realize.

In this article, I have thought really hard and rounded up with several reasons for why your ex-boyfriend keeps contacting you even when he likes another girl. What you need to know about it is that some of these reasons are beneficial for you if you plan to get him back and vice versa. So, without further ado, let us take an in-depth look at each reason.

  1. He Wants to Show Off

First of all, it is possible that your ex-boyfriend could be severely hurting inside because of the heartbreak after the breakup and it is one of some worst scenarios we need to know. Second, in general, men often have very strange reactions to breakups.

Some of them will shut themselves out from the world by building a boundary around them that stops anyone from getting in while the rest do the opposite thing by going into hardcore party mode and letting everyone in.

The latter is likely to fit your ex-boyfriend’s situation since he makes it obvious that he has his eyes on another girl. If it is really the case, he could still be concealing some serious hatred towards you for the breakup even if it was not necessarily your fault. He is willing to do anything to get even with you and it is by trying to show off and make you jealous of his new interest.

  1. He is Being Friendly

If you and your ex-boyfriend broke up because he was not giving you enough attention, of course, after the breakup happened, he would immediately move on to someone else. The fact that he is capable of moving on so fast might strike you a bit but you know you will survive given some time.

So, it is only natural that you decide to move on too and forget everything about your ex-boyfriend because it is a lost cause anyway. However, just when you think you are emotionally ready to turn the game and be free of your uneasy feelings for him, you constantly get a text from him out of the blue.

It may get you thinking: Is he trying to flirt with you again? Does he not like the new girl enough? Is he looking for reassurance from you? Does he experience the grass is greener syndrome? After some contemplation and fact-check, it turns out that some men just like being friendly with their ex-girlfriends with no hidden intentions other than being civil.

Keep in mind that the whole reason your ex-boyfriend keeps contacting you even when he likes another girl is just being friendly. Either he wants to keep the peace or maybe he is just a nice person by nature.

  1. He Wants to Sleep With You

In general, men are capable of doing anything when sex drive enters the equation. Sex makes them all a little crazy and often times, that crazy translates into the bad intention. For example, some of them are willing to cheat on their girlfriends or potential girlfriends with someone else just because sleeping with one woman is not enough.

Now, imagine you and your ex-boyfriend dated for quite a while and neither of you tried anything to keep the relationship fresh so you broke up. After that, you found out that he had his eyes on someone else already. However, somewhere along the way, you got a call or text from him and you noticed that he was being extremely flirty with you.

One thing you should know is that the flirting could evolve into something sexual. You have to be careful because this kind of situation is extremely tricky. At first, you may be a little alarmed since he starts seeing someone else but soon enough your own feelings will override your logic and you just feel happy to be looked as a sexual being again.

Plenty of things could be happening during this time. Maybe his new interest cannot satisfy his sexual needs properly or maybe he cannot help but constantly compare her to you in bed or maybe he is trying to ask you to be his friend with benefits.

Whatever the case, the fact that he keeps making attempts to flirt you even when he likes another girl is a major red flag. You need to be careful and set some boundaries.

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