This Is What To Do When Your Ex Boyfriend Tries To Make You Jealous (14 Effective Ways)

Last updated on July 3, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Is your ex-boyfriend trying to make you jealous? 

Are you wondering why he's doing this and how you're supposed to react? 

Whether you want him back or not, this is a weird situation to be in. Thankfully, this guide will help you understand what to do when you're in it.

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With that said, let's now take a look at my list of tips for what to do when your ex-boyfriend tries to make you jealous.


Here Are What To Do When Your Ex Boyfriend Tries To Make You Jealous

here are what to do when your ex boyfriend tries to make you jealous

One day, you break up with your boyfriend because you think there is no way to get hold of this relationship any longer. Every day seems normal and you've been trying hard to move on from the past. However, your ex boyfriend looks like want to annoy you by tries some cheap doing to make you jealous. You can deny that little love left from the broke up relationship still there and you avoid to not feel jealous.

To help you out from this matter, here are what to do when your ex boyfriend tries to make you jealous.

1. Ignore Him

The first step you need to take if you better stop care about him. By that means, you should ignore what he does and what he says to you. We all know it isn't easy but ignoring him is the best option you can take.

2. Act Normal

You should act as normal as possible. Never show him what you feel even though you might get jealous by his doing.

3. Stop Responding To Him

What to do when your ex boyfriend tries to make you jealous? Maybe because you give him space to do so. You can start by slowly stop responding to his text.

4. Do No Contact

Or you can do no contact at all. You may want to stick with him by being friends. However, being a friend with an ex is only a myth because you never really can't undo your feeling towards them.

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5. Learn His Intention

Actually, they won't just do that out of blue. You should learn his intention but most of the ex boyfriend that tries to make his ex jealous is because they want to let them suffer. Also, they want to see if you still care for them or not. So don't buy it!

6. Try To Make Him Jealous As Well

Instead of drowning to that jealousy, why don't you try to make him jealous as well? Even though you don't want it, it is a good move you can take to push him away from your life.

7. Never Give What He Wants

never give what he wants

This is what to do when your ex boyfriend tries to make you jealous. He wants to enjoy your reaction when he tells you that he has a new girlfriend. Just don't give what he wants, ever! You can try to respond to it casually.

8. Explain To Him About What You Feel

If you still have feeling toward them, maybe it is the right time to explain to him what you feel. He might understand--or never really care. Your choice, babe.

9. Stick To The Plan

What to do when your ex boyfriend tries to make you jealous? If you already decided to move on, then don't mind his action. Let him do whatever he wants to do including finding a way to make you jealous. Just focus on your own happiness. You can start by doing this What to Do with Your Ex Boyfriend’s Hoodie and Other Stuffs

10. Tell Him He Is Annoying

Tell him directly that he is annoying and you don't care about him anymore. It will make him back off from you and set you completely free.

Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Tries To Make You Jealous

After knowing what to do when your ex boyfriend tries to make you jealous, you need to pay attention to these signs. So, here are signs your ex boyfriend tries to make you jealous. Or you can check this Signs Your Ex Boyfriend is Trying to Make You Jealous to know more about it.

1. Tells You About His Happiness

Maybe after a couple months, your ex begins to contact you again. It starts with a simple hello and he asks about what is going on with your life. If he wants to make you jealous he would commence to tell you about how happy he is with his life now especially after the breakup.

2. Wants To Make You Regret

Why he tries to make you jealous? Maybe he wants to make you regret by breaking up with him. That is why never show that you actually care.

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3. Updates On Social Media About His Life With The New Girl

This is one of the signs if your ex wants to make you jealous. He will keep updating his daily activity with his new girlfriend. Probably you want to unfollow him on social media or you shouldn't take a look.

4. Acts Like He Needs Your Opinion

He calls you like he needs your opinion about his new girlfriend. This is actually some kind of a way that he wants to show you he already has a girlfriend now.

5. He Is Still Clinging On To You

He is still clinging on to you

Or maybe you are not the only one that still has a bit of love. He still attaches to you that is why he tries to make you jealous so you will notice that.

More Tips To Deal Ex Boyfriend That Tries To Make You Jealous

Here are more tips to deal ex boyfriend that tries to make you jealous.

1. Do Something To Distract Your Feeling

You may surely feel a bit jealous about what he did. However, never show it to him so to handle it you should do something to distract that jealousy until its completely gone.

2. Find Fun Activity

Do something fun or find a new activity that you would enjoy. It gives you more experience yet you can avoid feel insecure. Learn this to anticipate Why Do Guys Ask for Your Number and Never Text You if you meet a new friend in your new activity.

3. Don't Stalk His Social Media

Never stalk his social media if you don't want to feel jealousy.

4. Focus On Your Happiness

Stay focus on your happiness. Remember that both of you broke up for a certain reason so you should move on already.

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